The return of Sunset Shimmer.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sunset Shimmer returns from the human world and finds that Celestia has replaced her. She gets angry and goes to the Crystal Empire and meets King Sombra. Because Sombra hates Celestia and promised to help Sunset get her revenge, Sunset helps Sombra fight Celestia's new student.

It was a quiet day in Canterlot. Princess Celestia was teaching her student, Twilight Sparkle about the Crystal Empire.

As Celestia was talking about how the evil king Sombra had enslaved the Crystal ponies, in the castle library, a mirror came back to life as a mare came out of it.

This mare was a unicorn. She had yellow fur, and her mane was red and yellow.

She was Princess Celestia's former student, Sunset Shimmer. Sunset walked out of the library looking for Celestia.

She saw Celestia in her throne room and was about to go in, but when she saw the other pony there, she stopped in her tracks.

Celestia was explaining something to the pony in front of her, and they talked as if they were very close, which meant that...Celestia had replaced her!

Sunset couldn't believe that. But she had to. It was the plain ugly truth. Celestia had replaced her with somepony else.

And the glass windows showed that mare and five others with the elements of harmony, defeating Nightmare Moon.

Sunset full of anger ran far from Canterlot. When she got tired of running, she teleported herself to the Crystal Empire so that she would be far from Celestia.

But when she got there, the place looked nothing like what she had seen in her books before she went to the human world.

It had black crystals everywhere, and the ponies were chained and were busy mining.

And there was the castle. Sunset walked into the castle and into the throne room and saw a pony who had a red curved horn, battle armor, a crown and a cape.

His eyes glowed with dark magic. The unicorn was busy reading a book. Once he was done, he threw it. And then he saw Sunset.

They both asked at the same time, "Who are you?"

Sunset introduced herself, "I'm Sunset Shimmer. I used to be Celestia's student a couple of years ago, but when she didn't make me a princess I went to another world. Who are you?"

The unicorn said, "You used to be Celestia's student? Has she sent you here?"

Sunset said, "She didn't send me. She doesn't even know that I'm back in Equestria. If she sends anypony, it'll be the one she replaced me with. Now, could you tell me who you are?"

"Because you might have some information, I'll tell you. I'm King Sombra, the rightful ruler of the Crystal Empire."

"Did a battle happen here or something?", asked Sunset. "In my books about the Crystal Empire, it said that Princess Amore was the ruler."

"Amore didn't give me what I wanted when I wanted it, so I took it by force.", said Sombra.

"That's a good idea.", commented Sunset.

"Of course it is," smirked Sombra, "Because I came up with it."

Sunset asked, "So you hate Celestia too?"

"Of course I do.", replied Sombra. 

Sunset questioned, "Why do you hate her?"

"Once I got what was mine, the traitor Radiant Hope ran to Celestia and told her to banish me. But of course, I won over Celestia and banished her and her sister from my Empire."

"And what happened to Radiant Hope?"

"When she came with the two sisters, I locked her in a cell, and after banishing the princesses, I hanged her."

Sunset was about to ask another question but was interrupted by somepony coming. It was that mare and a dragon.

The mare froze after seeing Sombra and tried to attack him. She asked, "Where is the Crystal Heart?"

King Sombra said, "Do you think that I would tell you? Celestia sent you, didn't she?"

"Yes she did.", was the mare's reply. She confidently said, "I'm going to defeat you!"

Sunset's anger grew after seeing the mare who had replaced her and using a spell of her invention blasted Twilight Sparkle and her dragon out of the window.

King Sombra asked her, "You got rid of  her?"

"Of course I did!", said Sunset. "She's the one that Celestia replaced me with."

"So, you're against Celestia?"

"If you could defeat both the princesses, then I'm on your side!"

"Then do this. You need to get the Crystal Heart before the mare can."

"Where is it?"

"At the top of the crystal tower. You'll be able to know which one since you hate Celestia."

"Ok. Wait a second. What will I get in return for saving your Crystal?", asked Sunset.

"I'll help you get revenge on Celestia.", said Sombra.

"Alright then, it's a deal.", agreed Sunset.

Sunset ran to the crystal tower, but she didn't know that somepony was following her until she reached the top.

Once she saw the Crystal Heart and was about to take it, Twilight jumped in front of her and grabbed the heart.

Sunset fired a spell at Twilight and took the crystal back. Twilight screamed, "No! I'm going to fail my test!"

"Then fail it, I don't care.", replied Sunset.

Twilight asked, "Why are you doing this, Sunset Shimmer?"

"You know my name?", Sunset asked surprised.

Twilight replied, "Celestia told me about you. She said that you were her best student until-"

Twilight was cut off as Sunset angrily said, "Until she replaced me! I hate you, whatever your name is."

"My name's Twilight Sparkle."

"Well then, Twilgiht Sparkle, know htis. I HATE you. And I HATE Celestia. Tell that to her."

Saying that Sunset blasted Twilight and spike out of the crystal empire.

She then took the crystal heart to Sombra and gave it to him. He put it on a table and said, "Stand back."

"What are you going to do?", SUnset asked worriedly.

Sombra said, "You need not worry. Just watch."

Sombra's horn glowed and the crystal heart turned black. Sunset asked, "You changed its color?"

"Wrong.", said Sombra. "I've turned it into a weapon of my own. It will stop the empire from being turned into a frozen wasteland, but it will be powered by something else."

"By hatred and fear?", asked Sunset.

"Correct.", said Sombra. "You know, you aren't so bad for somepony who used to be a student of Celestia's."

Sunset smiled, "And you aren't so bad for a pony who did what they wanted when they wanted."

Authors note: And here it is, the ending! I had an idea of Sunset Shimmer coming back from the human world, to reclaim her place as Celestia's student, but finding that she was replaced. And then getting angry and meeting Sombra. This is a one-shot. PS: Does anypony here ship King Sombra and Sunset Shimmer? I do.

Submitted: November 03, 2021

© Copyright 2022 kingsombrathetyrantruler. All rights reserved.

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