Mutual Creativity

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The relationship between a man and a woman. Construed by the divine, in order to reach delight. Such synchrony as a pair, yet there seems to be a scarcity to spare.

When did we begin to misunderstand the divine power held between this union? Two distinct beings who are meant to water each other now destroy one another. Not many seem to understand the sense of divine matrimony. 

The beauty of having two souls intertwine and become into one. As a man to be enveloped by the warmth of his woman. Wrapping his senses with her sweet essence.As a woman to be filled by the strength of her man. Ignited from within by his furious fires. 

As per beloved, this is were the natural balance lies. Two individuals, that although different help each other thrive. Feeding the unique power within one another. How gorgeous it is when they come to heal.

Coming together, they become divine. Reaching through portals of the unknown. Creating a bundle of joy that is yet to be explored. How exhilarating even now unborn. 

Only they can stimulate such strength within their spiritual realms. As lovely as all love can be, no other will connect like these. How sad that no longer do they believe. Now many don't even see.

Submitted: November 03, 2021

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