Rick and Morty's, truth and some more

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a few idea's and some of what, you might not understand

everyone spoilers ahead

(((This is a summary of what I have come up with so far to do with ricks god journey)))

So rick goes to sub-mortiemier and realise his exoprs, a creature that feast on your void soul Making you smarter if you where to remove any or all feasting on your void soul

After rick has found devinity

He Sets up a fake estblish way to say he has found all

By using thought reading worms,

Where rick Uses it to hide truth of sub-moitermier and lies to us all about being a God

Saves us from his fake home town

, a place Rick made up

a world where time don't exist and and all worlds collide where death plagued there intire integrity of the world

And rick bands time travel,

with cause

Then he acts as if he is the true god until rick meets who is the true maker

The first born person alive

And destroy's the tortures devil alone with the help of morty by he side

Until, fanoms enemy's who locked them selves in another world came looking for fanom with a mass army gathered in time

(from within the envading armys time line)

Where ricks intire new world is held hostage by soilders

And Rick defeats all the immortal fighters of that world who where just looking for fanom to take alive
that's my script story's so far

Plus a few extra episode that are of the orgional setup of the rick and morty world

My God path of a story, starts at my post in order, from impurely and simple constricted, to see my God story

I have extra idea's and fixes not much floating around under poem's

And for story's, search scripts under my profile via booksie, and read in order,
(For ricks God story starting from impurely and simply constricted)

Ps. My Poems sum up the story just in case you don't understand them for they are contingency plan's as they are not ment to be found, until the rap up... plus my poem fix's!

(New info)

redirectional dyssocial sociopath 


rick was looking for all evil in his already existing world, and that way he built the worms Boom.gone drstrioed for you all to believe in

(((Earth is that universe ricks is actual from, and all its demtions)))

now All, believe rick is God, for rick took all and evryone else inventions and everyone else does not share

Making rick the strongest there is
And he is there saviour the savoiur of them all

and no one dare questions Ricks superiority, so far at all

((((If you want to make an on going seris, or somthing non cannon
rick has to reverts time, to normal before any one truley dies)))), where rick gives up chasing that goal to be god as he knows every one would die!

(((To bring it back collectivenrg serious)))

Time stops besides rick,

where he see's what is his own life try make a change to the time countuim from.the futre

But when rick ask where did you come from he says, this time i fucked up, and shoots himslef and a msg

"your turn,
I just changed time"

And what was once ricks past, has even changed to,

(((For rick visit the past the most and somthing strange is going on)))

(A creational idea by Ryan Horvat)

I just wanted to, see a fait Where I did not fall to an undead state,

sorry it took so long to become god for you all,

but now our times have come! And here are all inventions that ive gathered so far

( Morty)
and here a some, that weve studied so far!
The rest are about death, and I shall tell you no more

Submitted: November 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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