Passages That Signify Disorder

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Welcome to the inner-workings of my mind


I tell no one about the wreckage.

Instead, I express the lostness of my being in a journal.

As I navigate the world, I am shown not everyone lives in fragments.

The journal is thrown in a bonfire soon after.

How I watched my fear singe page by page




I decide to stop leaving my house.

Target is dangerous and full of people from town

We’re always rehearsing for our shows,

reciting the same lines each time

How are you? You look great!

I can’t tell if it’s the bags beneath my eyes

or the clinging dirty clothes

Clearly, I am ready for Vogue

I begin to count how many teeth they are lying through.

Call me if you need to talk!

We don’t have each other’s numbers


The 8th Step


Some days I am light as a feather,

I let my hands creep down the banister

They aren’t mine anymore

My feet make no sound

I release all my pieces to the universe

I do not exist

As the 8th step creaks,

I remember that I have to.



Coffins of Cobweb


I still fear basements and the spiders that reside.

Despite being reminded they won’t hurt me;

it doesn’t eradicate any of my dread. Disembodied in their silk coffins;

there lie the dead flies, a result of mistaking the white webs for solace.

I hope they never knew it.

When terror stands as a last memory,

those pincers are excruciating.


What She doesn’t Know


The therapist asks:

You know that your secrets will keep you sick, right?”

I am afraid to tell her of my inability

to manifest in any other way.



Just Fine

Sometimes I stop breathing,

There is a pain in my chest

You’re doing just fine!

The doctors proclaim

While my heart cries,

Tell them how it hurts



Submitted: November 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 3am-chaos. All rights reserved.

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This is a beautiful, powerful poem. I think in poetry we can say things that can never otherwise be expressed.

Thu, November 4th, 2021 6:11pm

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