Strangers at the Arcade

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Kendall decides to go out on a Wednesday night to a gaming bar, not sure what to expect. Desmond needs a break from traveling for work. Two strangers meet and sexual tensions rise.

Kendall wasn’t sure why she decided to go out on a Wednesday night but, since she already went through the trouble of getting her hair done and slapped on a little bit of make-up she figured grabbing a few drinks and playing a few games would be okay. She was more nervous than anything. Kendall spent the last six months working out and eating healthy but, wasn’t used to her new body yet. She loved it though. She loved how beautiful and sexy she now saw herself. She took one last look in the mirror before she left. When she got to Rubik’s Arcade Bar, Kendall went straight to the bar and ordered a drink. She wasn’t sure what the night had in store for her, but she needed some alcohol to take the edge off. She slammed down the specialty drink she ordered, called Tron, and ordered another. She noticed a man sitting on the other side of the bar watching her.Am I crazy or is that guy staring at me? She gave a slight smile and nervously looked away waiting for her next drink, which she also slammed down quickly. The bartender gave her a puzzled look as she brought her another drink. Kendall looked down at the drink, surprised. She didn’t remember ordering another one, Am I drunk already? she thought. The bartender asked is she wanted it and that it was from the man sitting on the other side of the bar. “Oh!”, Kendall exclaimed, “Sure, I’ll take it.” She grabbed the drink and went to sit next to the man who so graciously ordered it for her. “Thank you for the drink,” she said as she sat next to him, “My name’s Kendall.” “Desmond,” he responded. “I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful woman here. I hope you don’t mind my intrusion.” Kendall blushed and giggled, “Not at all. I don’t even know why I came out tonight, to be honest. But unexpected company can sometimes be the best company.” She gave him her best smile. He smiled back before taking a big swig of his beer which he used as an opportunity to check her out some more while she wasn’t looking. She finished the drink that Desmond bought her and started fumbling around in her purse for cash. Desmond asked, “Would you like to play some games with me, Ken? Do you mind if I call you that?” “You keep buying me drinks and you can call me whatever you like, D,” she replied with a wink and a giggle as she got off the barstool and walked toward the quarter machine.  


Desmond wasn’t sure what he was thinking. He just got into town and Rubik’s was the first place he went after checking in to his hotel. Being a long-time gamer and lover of beer, it seemed like the perfect place, especially since it was right around the corner from where he’s staying. He wasn’t sure when he’d get a call from work, but he figured they’d leave him alone until tomorrow night. He decided he’d have a few beers and play a few games before heading to his hotel. He was half-way through his second beer when he saw the sexiest woman he’d ever seen walk through the doors and sit at the bar. He didn’t realize how long he’d been staring at her until she looked up and gave him a nervous smile before quickly looking away. He grabbed the attention of the bartender and ordered the beautiful woman another drink. He was not only amazed at how gorgeous she was but how quickly she was slamming down her drinks. And he wasn’t particularly used to seeing women, such as her, at a place like that. He saw her grab her drink and start walking towards him. It’d been awhile since he was with a woman that he wasn’t sure he even knew how to talk to one anymore. Kendall, he thought to himself, what a beautiful name. I hope I don’t scare her away, he kept thinking. She has the cutest giggle and the most marvelous smile. I don’t know if I can play it cool long enough to keep her interested, he thought. I hope she doesn’t notice me looking at her while I drink my beer, because holy shitballs I’m going crazy for this girl. If no one else was around, I’d take her right here. “Would you like to play some games with me, Ken? Do you mind if I call you that?, he asked. He finished his beer as he watched her walk away. He wanted to feel her body up against his more than anything. I have to play my cards right, he thought. He quickly followed her to the quarter machine. 


Oh my God, did I just say that? Did I just call him ‘D’? What if he doesn’t like that? He asked me about my name preference. I don’t even think I answered his first question. He must think I’m an idiot. I wonder if he stared at my ass when I walked away. I hope it looks good. Ugh, of course it does, I worked hard to make my ass look this good. Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she started to put a $10 bill into the quarter machine when she heard Desmond say, “Wait up, Ken.” She almost melted when she heard his voice say her name. Wow, she thought. She’s not sure how long it’s been since a man said her name the way he did. And the way he looked at her, too. The machine already latched onto her money and the coins came rattling out by the time Desmond reached her. “I guess I’m too late,” he said. “Or, you’re just in time,” she replied. Kendall bent over to get the coins out of the machine and strategically pointed her ass in his direction. Being that she was a little tipsy, she stumbled slightly, but Desmond was standing close enough to grab her hips and stabilize her. She slowly came up, her hands full of quarters, and when she turned around she was basically in his arms. He was shorter in stature than she was, but she really liked that about him. He was this strong, handsome man full of mystery. She giggled as she tried to hand the quarters to Desmond. “I don’t have pockets,” she said. He grabbed the quarters and placed two separate handfuls in each of his front pant pockets. “Thank you,” she softly said as she stared intently into his eyes. “What do you want to play first,” he asked with a huge smile.  


By the time Desmond reached the quarter machine it was too late for him to offer up cash to pay for games. Kendall sure did have a way of teasing him in the best ways though. His first reaction was to press himself into her as she bent over and pointed her ass directly at his crotch. He was glad to be standing so close when she started to stumble over. I wonder if she’s had too many, too quick. I did just watch her down three of those Tron drinks. Wow, she has an amazing figure. I want to hold onto these hips all night!! Down, boy, down, he thought as he grabbed the quarters from her and shoved them into his pockets. He wanted nothing more than to strip her down and ravage her as she looked into his eyes, their faces only inches away, their bodies slightly pressed against each other. He knew without a doubt that he needed to sober her up a bit before taking things any further. I think she wants me, too! Let’s play some arcade games, doll, and then I’ll take you to my hotel for the best game of all. 


Kendall grabbed Desmond’s wrist and led him to the Pac-Man machine. She stood in front of the Ms. Pac-Man as she waited for him to fish out the quarters from his pockets. He handed her a couple of quarters as he put a few in his machine. Kendall proposed that while they’re playing arcade games that they also play a game of Hot Potato simultaneously. He probably doesn’t know what that is. “It’s just a questions game. I ask you a question and you must answer honestly and quickly. Then you ask me a question, can’t be the same one, and I must answer honestly and quickly. What do you say?” she askedever so slightly slurring. “Sure,” he said, “Guess that makes it my turn. Kendall smiled bigger than she can ever remember smiling before. She bit her lower lip to keep from smiling too big. I don’t want to scare this guy away. He seems perfect. I feel like he wants me, but I think he’s being gentlemanly since I’m wasted. Wow! I need to play my cards right. Please take me home tonight! Ugh, I sound desperate. I’m glad he can’t hear my thoughts.  


Suddenly Desmond was being pulled by his wrist. Where is she taking me? he thought. Actually, I don’t care. Desmond had the biggest smile on his face. He can’t remember the last time he smiled like this. I like Pac-Man. Good choice. “Let me get us some quarters,” he said, “Is this one your favorite?” “No, but I do love it!” she replied. She then preceded to talk about Hot Potato. What’s that, he wondered. Oh! That sounds fun. What will my first question be? He started to play Stage 1 of Pac-Man but glanced over just in time to see Kendall smiling then biting her lip. Wow! I’ll be the luckiest man in the universe if she gives me a shot. “What’s your favorite flower?” he asked. 


Kendall and Desmond continued to play Hot Potato as they jumped from machine to machine, playing game after game. Kendall had switched to water to sober up while Desmond had one more beer. They were all out of quarters, so they found a nice corner booth where they could finish their drinks and chat a bit. “That was fun!” Kendall said, “Thanks!” I should be thanking you, he thought. But, “Gaming with a beautiful lady was the best thing I could do with my night,” is what he said instead. They smiled at each other. Kendall was getting nervous. She didn’t want the night to end here. “Do you live around here, D?”, she asked as she stirred the ice around in her glass, slightly leaning forward so he could see her ample breasts. She watched his gaze move from her eyes to her chest as he leaned in closer to her. “My hotel room is right around the corner. I’m traveling for work,” he replied as he switched his gaze back to her eyes. “Oh. What do you do for work?”, she asked. “It’s mine turn,” he reminded her. Oh yes, we’re still playing, she thought. “Ask away,” she said as she gestured her hand accordingly. Please ask me back to your room! He leaned in slowly, keeping his eyes locked on hers. He then took his hand and brushed the hair behind her ear, leaned in more and whispered to her, “How would the sexiest woman alive feel about accompanying me to my hotel room?” Now, in the past, Kendall might have said something smart-ass like “I don’t know, you should ask her”, but she felt sexy and this man made her feel sexy and she wanted him in a bad way. She put her hand on his neck and leaned in closer to his ear, which happened to already be close, and said, “She’d say, “Lead the way.”. Without thinking they both got out of the booth and headed for the door. Kendall offered to drive since she knew he walked there from his hotel. He gave her directions as she drove them down the street and around the corner. 


He had her pull around the back of the building to the entrance closest to his room. When they walked inside Desmond went straight to the door on the right. As he began to put the keycard in Kendall grabbed his arm. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” she confessed. As he turned to face her she quickly pushed him against the door with her hands on his chest. Moving them up to his neck as she began kissing him. Oh wow, she’s so sexy! And she’s kissing me! He put his arms around her waist and let his hands travel down to grab her ass. I’m not gonna last two seconds with this goddess, he thought as he felt his pants get tighter. Oh wow, I can kiss him all night. Mmmm, he’s an ass grabber. And I think he likes it. I can feel him pressed up against me. I can’t wait any longer! She grabbed the keycard from his hand and unlocked the door. She walked in before him swaying her hips from side to side as she felt him watching her. She put her purse on the nearest table and walked over to the chair sitting in the corner. It was a nice comfy lounge chair. The perfect spot, she thought. I’m glad I didn’t wear anything underneath this dress. Desmond walked up to her and found that out for himself as he slid both of his hands up the outside of her legs, pushing her dress up past her hips. Then his hands began to travel down to her ass again. She had her arms around his neck as they kissed, and she allowed him to explore. He gave her ass a nice squeeze. She took one of her hands and allowed it to travel down his body as he continued squeezing her and kissing her. She found his belt buckle and quickly undid it. She unbuttoned his pants and had him sitting on the chair faster than he could think. His pants had fallen to the floor and he was left in his boxers. She straddled his legs and stood over him as his hands began to caress their way up her legs. As soon as his hands were up her dress she grabbed them and pulled them over his head as she straddled his lap now. Feeling his rock-hard cock through his briefs she began to slowly gyrate as she kissed his neck and licked his earlobes. He put his hands on her hips, sliding his hands underneath her dress. He loved feeling her move that way. He continued moving his hands up her sides to her waist and finally to her ribs. He heard her let out a moan as his fingers slowly grazed her breasts. She felt his cock move a bit when she moaned. I think he likes that, she thought. Oh wow, I want her to make that sound again! he thought. Kendall slowly began to untie the string to the front of her bodice on her dress. She stopped gyrating, so Desmond would pay attention to what was happening. He moved his hands down to her hips as he watched her untie the front of her dress. She pulled open her dress as much as she could and allowed her tits to come out and play. Desmond immediately grabbed them and began sucking on one and then the other. She has the most magnificent tits. Her nipples are pierced, too. And she tastes so sweet. Kendall could feel his excitement and quickly stood back up. She leaned over and put her hands between his knees and push his legs apart. She knelt in front of him and began lightly scratching and caressing his thighs. Desmond laid his head back and let out a soft moan. Kendall then began to stroke his cock from the outside of his briefs. After finding the flap, she slipped her hand into his shorts and pulled out his thick, throbbing cock. Seeing it for the first time, she gripped him tightly and kissed the head softly and slowly. She stroked him a few times with her tight grip as she continued kissing the head. She saw a small pearl of cum appear and quickly lapped it up with a long stroke of her tongue. Then she took his entirety into her mouth and sucked hard and pulled her head up. She grabbed him with her hand and began to stroke as she bobbed up and down on his head. Twirling her tongue around and occasionally twirling her hand around his head and then she would continue stroking. His moans pleased her and made her wet. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hands and in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock, standing them both up. He put his arms around her and started pulling the zipper down on the back of her dress. She helped him get her dress off and as soon as it hit the floor he threw her onto the bed. He stood and stared for a moment stroking his cock and biting his lip. He climbed onto the bed, threw her legs over his shoulders and buried his face between her legs. He sucked and licked her clit as she moaned. He felt lucky to be eating her sweet, pink cunt. When he looked up he saw Kendall playing with her tits, so he began to finger her tight pussy. Slowly at first, but then gradually increasing speed. She started to scream as he licked her clit and fingered her pussy as quick as he could. He knew as soon as she came, and he pulled his finger out and began licking up all her juices. She screamed and panted. She pushed him off and sat him back in the chair. She straddled his legs facing away from him and slowly squatted down, sitting just above his cock. She grabbed him and guided him slowly into her wet pussy as she glided down onto him. He pulled her hair as she bounced up and down on his cock. She started at a slow pace, allowing them to completely feel each other for the first time. Desmond grabbed her hips and pulled her onto him, making sure he was going as deep as he could. Desmond was leaning back and so he pulled Kendall onto his chest and began pumping his cock into her. His arms wrapped around her, grabbing and squeezing her breasts and stomach, her feet now resting up on his knees. He held onto her tight as he fucked her hard and fast. She was moaning and screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He felt her cum and her whole body quivered. Keeping a tight hold of her he got up and moved them to the bed. Her put her on all fours while remaining inside of her. She moved into the best position for him to continue fucking her. He started slowly thrusting his cock in and out of her as he occasionally spanked her. The left and then the right. He grabbed her hips and pushed himself deeper into her pussy. He watched as her pussy juices covered his cock and dripped down her leg. As he began to thrust harder he could hear it. Her moans and the smell of their sex, mixed with the lingering taste of her still in his mouth, sent him over the edge. Desmond began to moan loudly with each thrust faster, harder and, deeper than the last. Kendall could tell he was about to release his load inside of her and this excited her. There was a beautiful symphony of smells and sounds as they continued to please each other. Desmond leaned over Kendall and grabbed one of her tits as he kept one hand on her hip. His thrusts began to slow, and his moans got louder. Kendall’s body began to quiver and shake beneath him and then she felt his warm cum inside of her. He held her tighter as they both came. They rolled over beside each other and lay, looking each other in the eye and Kendall says, “Game over, D.” 

Submitted: November 05, 2021

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The Ghost-Bull

My gosh, what a naughty short-story!! I love it! Wow. I was not expecting all of this, but you gave the readers something to feel, mentally. I'm glad to be a fan of yours. This was wild, senorita. The way you had things getting wilder, gradually, was perfection.

Tue, November 9th, 2021 5:24pm

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