Past Life Memory # 2

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I have seen various scenes from this story most of my life, from a young age, I remembered this man. No idea who he is now.

Past Life Memory. #2


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





Middle East? - country unknown


This is composed very simply, because I am trying to watch the “Life Movie” and not write like Shakespeare. Let the record show!


This memory is OLD and the story consistent and it never plays out in movie form any differently. A good, solid Real Life - Past Life memory. I do not believe it was ever pre-scripted or composed as a Play.  I am unsure as to the ID of the Soul Partner, as I do not recognize him in any other Past Life Recall.


Yet, the memories are clear and I still feel tremendous love and power coming out of that Human man AND his Soul Mind.


I live in a tribal culture, a nomadic tribe, perhaps, in the Middle East.  My Mother’s people were ordinary, simple folk, each assigned their own tasks among the extended families. I would say it is a large, peaceful tribe. We had Chieftans or Leaders or Elders.


We lived in rustic tents, near a river or lake, bounded by a light stand of woods. We wore rather primitive home-made clothing, plain metal cookware, woven blankets, crude weapons. A good comparison would be very early Native Americans or any early tribal community.


One day some men came walking through our encampment. They wore dark, ankle-length clothing, robes, had long dark hair.


They asked to speak to our Elders and inquired as to whether we had some children 12 years old and up. They were traveling instructors and were interested in educating those who would grow up to educate others in the tribe as teachers.


We were gathered together. I know it is I, because if a Soul is ME, then I will see ME. In this case, a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old.


My teacher was clearly of Middle Eastern origin. Tall, robust, with long black hair, head wrap of some kind, long robes, beardless as were all the other Instructors.


He taught me Falconry and I was endlessly fascinated watching the Falcon fly and bring back game.  I was bedazzled by him and paid close attention to my other lessons.


One time he was showing me a new way to fish and I fell into the fast running river. I was trying to catch a gold or orange fish by reaching in and grabbing one, but did not know how to swim and was terrified when I fell in. He dove in after me and dragged me out, struggling and coughing and choking. I lay on the grassy edge of the river, upset. He was very calm and talked to me for a long time in an effort to explain what happened. I felt - looking back on this - that he was a spiritual teacher in that particular instance.


I followed him everywhere. I’m sure I was an annoyance.


When he was asleep in his tent, I crawled in there and lay behind him and smelled his long hair. I can still smell it. He was handsome to a young girl who had no real father-daughter relationship.  He woke up and realized I was there and I was smiling and curled up even more for the comfort and sense of protection. He smiled and fell back to sleep.



He was a confident man, patient and kind. He showed me a lot of items he had in his tent which I had never seen before. More pots and pans and implements than we had in ours. He had very sharp knives in leather scabbards, I remember that much. But our lessons had nothing to do with warfare.  Things were hanging from the sides of the tent. Personally I love Beduoin large tents, but they are far more organized and classy than ours were!


We were often gathered together and given instruction. I have to think more in detail to remember in what subjects we were taught.


I was utterly devastated one morning to learn they had packed up and were leaving. I could not believe he was leaving! Sobbing and hysterical I ran after them. They were already around a bend in the woods near the water. I was too tired after I reached that part of the land to continue. One of the men in dark robes came back to comfort me and explain that they had taught us all they felt was required for our education.  But I loved the Teacher I had and was crying continuously. I tried to follow the gentleman who was comforting me but he brought me back.

Because I was a young child, I can still feel the terrible realization that people you love can leave - and never return. I felt all was lost in my world, I collapsed inside myself. It was such a shock. We did not use words like Love. We did not have words like affection for one’s Teacher.  I mourned for a very, very long time.  My Mother did not understand and was not articulate. She did not care for that man and was apprehensive around the Teachers, as were all the people in that tribe. Most of my fellow members were frightened by them. Generally I suspect they allowed them to teach us because they did not understand what they wanted and hoped acquiescence would buy them time to figure out what to do about the situation. It would be typical of a small, ancient tribe to be wary of strangers, as in, anyone outside of their Tribal Unit.


I stayed with my Mother, helping her with the wash, the cooking, the garden.


I never forgot the Teacher.


Around the time I turned about 16 years of age. Some of our Men were rustling about and talking of an incoming group of unfamiliar men. They were scared and unprepared for any sort of disturbance, already leery due to the Teachers unexpected appearance before.


Our ground was mostly dirt and bare patches of grass. I wore a dun-colored home-sewn shirt or garment dress and sandals.  As the group grew closer and closer, I recognized who was in the lead of that tribe! I dropped my metal tray and ran across an entire field to see him! I Jumped up and down and tried to hop onto him. But he was laughing and his men were bewildered.  I explained who I was, so he could remember we were the tribe his people had come to teach years before.


He was much more dressed like a warrior this time. Clearly. An entire group of men followed him. I ran back to tell everyone who he was, as I was not sure about all the others with him.


They set up camp a little farther away this time. But that did not keep me from going over there and bothering him, which his “soldiers” did not appreciate.


My Mother was MOST displeased and mistrustful. I was her young daughter and my conduct was frowned upon. It was not allowed. I argued quietly and reminded her he was my Teacher back when I was young and our Elders had permitted us to be their students.


He grew affectionate toward me, which was my desire.  Since the Elders and the entire Tribe was fearful of such an unknown tribe of men, they feared to forbid me my visits to their camp. I sat with him and listened to all of his war stories.


Eventually he came to my Mother’s tent and asked if he could “marry” me. She was absolutely against it and told him NO. He told her he would do it, anyway, so she was terrified. Despite the fact our entire group of people wanted to outright tell him and his men to move on, they were afraid to do so. They hoped such an alliance might prove useful to our peaceful existence.


My Mother did NOT agree.


Yet, he “married” me anyway. I was beyond dreams ecstatic!  The next morning after our “marriage” he took the thin, woven matted sheet stained with my virgin blood out to two trees near my Mother’s tent and defiantly hung it UP.


I moved to his tent over in HIS camp and lived with him. It was not an easy life for anyone. VERY primitive and baseline ordinary for the times. He left at times and returned with some of the men.  I recall logs and a large fire always burning with a pot in the middle, into which I suspect I was putting whatever animal parts or potatoes or tasty tubers they brought me for food.


We had four children. I adored him and my eyes were always seeking out his location. What a classic Big man, little woman relationship.  I took care of him and the children, eventually he took our two boys hunting with him. I was a bit concerned that they would be trained as warriors. It was NOT my job to think about such matters.


One day another tribe was approaching, an aggressive one our tribe knew. My “husband” and his men pulled out and charged to meet them and fight their “troops”, so they would not destroy our two encampments.


I ran after them and my Mother watched the four children.


I was almost upon them when I saw a warrior had thrust a very spike-y looking knife into my partner’s chest. He simply fell backward, dead. I ran up and could not believe what I was seeing. His blue eyes were still wide open. Blood was leaking but not much as he was wearing some sort of leather “armor.” (Not sophisticated.)


My world ended. I simply had no language or concepts of a separation between me and him. I was a simple woman in a primitive environment. I did not simply love him - we depended on him for everything and I was very very attached to him. Some of his brothers ran over and tried to push me away. I was having none of it. I grabbed his own knife and stabbed myself and fell next to him. It was not painful. I wanted to. There could NOT be a world, a life, without him. What happened to him, must therefore happen to me.


I floated up - and was amazed, as I had hoped to die. There I was, lying on the ground, with him?  He was waiting for me on one of Heaven’s everlasting clouds, a look of sadness on his face.


“What have you done?” he asked me. I was still trying to process what had happened to HIM, never mind me. We had no spirituality which contained myths or stories about an afterworld or afterlife, per se.


““You should not have done that.  What about our children?” he said. Then he paused and said, “I’m glad you did” and we floated off! I STILL did not understand right away that we had died!


***** I remembered bits and pieces of this story throughout my life. Of course, I had no idea one could have Past Lives or even what all those stories and images meant.  They were “Inner Visions.”  However, the emotions have stayed with me all this time. It is the reason I did NOT want to be married to the same man all my life and was very depressed after I married my first husband. I saw life as a one-lane highway to death. Nothing new, nothing exciting, same old struggle for survival and then, after heart to heart bonding, he might die and I would be left alone. So I swore when I was in my late teens, “I’ll get married ten times to prove my utter disdain for the institution of marriage.”

Alas, someone with power over me and my life decided to waste me.  And yes, I know for a fact, create scenarios which left me alone and unattended at the end of my life.  Lots of “Source Light Lessons” are really sadistic and cruel to human beings.


I cannot identify that Soul. I wish he were here. I thought they were all about teaching me about bonding and love, that we incarnate to work on “relationships!?”




Submitted: November 05, 2021

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