Rick and Morty's, what about Rick's

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is, what ricks do when they get toghther to take on the new god, who?? Difinitive Ricks that who!

(New ep)
After rick emerges from sub-mortiemier

All the other Ricks are all jelious and don't care about difinitive rick and now head of to sub-moitermier

((Added)) Where there is now dimention area's too for the void soul collection))

Where ricks now, hear's from one of the gods of sub-moitermier

Who Battered and beatin

"Your to late, Rick already has all, and he won't share, his kingdom none of it at all"

(Ricks say)
Even when I see his face it reminds me of my failures,

A better me! One that saves all area's, and I didn't even know my state of grace, living in another world what a strange place...

I need to know the truth to his thinking this can't be, true but, I love him in way it's us, what am I thinking

rick's here's about the orb, of destiney from the sub-moitermier gods,

The source of conducted power, Of all known energy, it shall serve you proud

We've been guarding it for some time

And one of the ricks carry it on him,

(Difnitive rick)
I can't take on all ricks at once
To win this fight
I make, a countuied force, of us all moving as one single thought

((To towns people))

Now rick owns the town peoples will
Where Rick wins fight,

Retrives the orb,
And exorbs evry rick, now they all belong in one body!

And all town folk are happy

But as he was talking to morty
it was another of ricks plans, to countuie as god for them to be exited and happy!...

Ricks live in me and we are now one, 9383926364840201746 brains in one

(((Now rick owns the town folks brains,
and can make anything happen(((in future eps)))

for, now he can fight his battles using all and evrbody to move them to Where he wants to

I'm sorry I had to take your brains, I swear on my own Iife i won't do it ever again (not)

(Sub-moitermier gods)
That mother fucker, if ricks can't beat him we will see him,

or tell the truth about sub-moitermier

Then the sub-mortiemier gods, eneter to talk to Difnitive rick

But rick notices first on his radar and acts
With other people (using his mind control) quick

Getting them to follow to there keeper difinitive rick

But as they open the door, its a black hole of an endless fall!


Then towns folk shake and open there eye's and be as normal forgetting evrything they knew quick

Exoprs feast on what ever is known in the world and evry one's, exoprs on there void souls have doubled! For rick is of God making evryone smarter as he goes

This is for mind control of all ricks subjects, it doesn't make them as stronge as a force of 1 rick deviding, but hey I find it so fucken funny

Submitted: November 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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I have a new character comming soon!

Fri, November 5th, 2021 8:50am

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