Chapter 1: SCP-917

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SCP-The Untold Story
It was an ordinary day. I woke up brushed my teeth and had breakfast with my family. My bus had arrived so I went on in and immediately started chatting with my friend Adyan. We chatted a lot and we had arrived at school we went into our classrooms unfortunately me and Adyan were not in the same class but I did have other friends so I sat down with Aman. I said ''Dude today I feel like something is off, something just doesn't feel right''. Aman said ''Hasib it's probably just your imagination. Just pay attention in class we will talk later''. I had felt that something about today is not okay.

Later,  It was our lunch time and we sat down with Nabeel to have lunch. Nabeel Said ''Bro like do you feel something weird like are you getting chills like me too?'' I Said ''YEAH DUDE, I feel exactly like it. For some reason others don't have the feeling''. Then suddenly, Aman,Adyan and basically everyone were feeling the same thing including the teachers. And then WOOSH, The lights went out. The teachers tried comforting us by telling us that it was probably a power outage and it would come back any second.

We tried calming down and for a few minutes the power didn't come back on. Aman started talking about a foundation since the power was not gonna come back any minute. He said ''There's a foundation, They call themselves SCP it stands for Secure Contain Protect. They capture and contain paranormal and supernatural Creatures. They keep them in containment units and there's a rumor going around that SCP-917 had escaped from the facility''.
Personally I got scared about it but I knew it was fake so I tried my best not to believe it. An hour had passed... The power wasn't coming back on and The teachers couldn't teach because we could barely see anything. The only kind of light we had was the sunlight. Me and my friends were actually really happy because today was more like a holiday. We started to talk more about SCP and other scary and mysterious creatures until we heard a huge scream in the nearby hall. It sounded like it was of some teacher so the other students and teachers went to check it out but me and my friends stayed and continued talking.

Then suddenly we heard another scream and more and more it was of students and teachers. We got so scared we decided to hide under the cafeteria table. Then we saw a tall black figure which was roaming those halls. Me and my friends got so scared we didn't know what to do. After a few moments, The black figure started coming toward us. It stood there but we couldn't see its face. It continued standing there AND IT LOOKED UNDER THE TABLE. IT STARED AT US AND OUR HEART WAS BEATING FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. It stared at us and we immediately blacked out. Before I had blacked out I heard the figure say something which sounded like a monstrous voice it wasn't clear but when I heard closely it had said ''Sweet Dreams little ones''. I was confused and I had blacked out.
 My eyes slowly opened and closed but all I heard was a voice of a bunch of men and women they said ''Get that thing in the van and move it lets go go.What about these children another voice said take them with us we can't let the world know what they saw''. And I blacked out again. After a few hours I woke up in a different room. with my friends on a bunk bed and I was in a prisoner costume which had a number written on it which said ''917'' the rest of my friend's numbers were different. I woke my friends up and told them about how we were in some sort of prison. There was a CCTV camera on the corner of the room and there were 2 bunk beds with a toilet in another corner.
My friends started talking about that creature we saw meanwhile I was trying to figure out what to do and how to escape. They said that how it was the last thing we saw and we dissappeared from there to here. I told them that we were taken here by some guards in a white costume. Then it suddenly hit Aman That the creature was SCP-917 and we were taken by SCP and now we were in a SCP prison. I understood and I was going to decide how to escape. Soon after a voice from a speaker said ''All Prisoners head to the cafeteria immediately''

Soon after, The door of our prisoner cell had opened and we went and tried to find the cafeteria I was also looking for a key or something like that. We found other prisoners and they were older and younger than us. I saw a keycard on a nearby table and grabbed it and slid it into my pocket. We found the cafeteria table and sat down and we got mashed potatoes and some avacado juice to eat and drink. We saw some guards and they dressed White and with a mask on their heads so we couldn't see their faces. I saw a prisoner making a run for it and the guards called his number once But he continued running so the guards shot the man dead and took his body away. I was terrified and my friends were too. We quickly ate up and headed back to our cell.
We decided to sleep early because we all were going through panic attacks and headaches. We woke up the next morning and quickly headed out of our cell I told my friend about the keycard and they said that we should wait a little more so the guards might not get suspicious. We were called to eat breakfast by the number on our prisoner outfit. We ate quickly and went and searched for a nearby door. We found one and there was some kind of slot to enter the keycard in. I took the keycard and inserted it in the slot and the door opened.
The guards weren't looking at us so we ran as quickly as possible. There were CCTV cameras everywhere so we had to find a way to get past the security cameras without getting caught. We decided to move very slowly We then heard some voices saying ''Containment Unit B Has no more hold of the creature and we fear it might have escaped''. We then heard a gunshot so we ran quickly as possible and miraculously the cameras had not caught us. Suddenly the lights went out. We were getting very bad vibes.
We heard something creaking in the vents but decided to ignore it. We then heard a explotion in the hallways and some water running We also heard A LOT OF GUNSHOTS AND SCREAMS. At this moment we couldn't take it anymore. We had to get out of this place as soon as possible. On the way we were getting out we saw a lot of those containment units. We thought and Adyan said ''Dude we should probably light this place on fire because if we get out there is a chance these creatures could get out again''. We all agreed and we tried to find a matchbox and some fuel. The only way we could burn the entire place down was to light everything up and pour some fuel over one of us and they had to sacrifice themself for us to escape. We decided the person who would get sacrificed was Adyan we didn't want to lose him but it was the only way the rest of us to escape.
On the way we found a matchbox and grabbed it.Then we Found a dead body of a security guard there was blood everywhere and there was a Can of fuel next to her. We grabbed it and finally reached the exit. We knew it was time That Adyan had to part. Adyan said that ''Well Even If I don't survive what more could I possibly lose?'' We started crying but it was alright and we poured the fuel over the area near him and Poured it on him. And Adyan used the match box an threw it on the ground. We ran away as soon as possible feeling bad for those prisoners and guards but especially Adyan. Something worse I felt was Feeling bad for those creatures I prayed to god that they would be reborn again as a human and cried harder than ever before.
We then heard a huge explotion and the SCP Facility was in fire all of it We heard the creatures screaming,The prisoners screaming and the guards screaming. Adyan stood there walking in that fire and burning alive.There was a huge mountain and ahead of that was the city and there was home. We looked back at the facility one last time and ran back home. Few years have passed since that happened and Me,Nabeel and Aman are living together as roomates in a new apartment. Every Second I wish Adyan could be here. Some of those creatures might be still out there and could have escaped So Be AWARE. --Anonymous

Submitted: November 05, 2021

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