Kempera Trans-dimensional

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Pilot Veronica Williams returns to the Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station with her client, Kevin, where they meet up with her boyfriend who introduces them to a couple of trans-dimensional explorers from our time.

We had returned to the Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station after I had taken my client on a trip to Alcohol Prohibition Earth: a parallel world where alcohol was illegal in most countries. My client was an overweight middle-aged man named Kevin Jackson from Texas, America. He owned a big ranch with cattle.

The Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station had been built by Sine Cosine Tangent for NASA’s Multidimensional Astronomy Division, or NASA MDA for short, so that the astronomers could observe the multiverse and NASA could ferry tourists to trans-dimensional Space to observe the multiverse and go on tours of the many parallel universes in the multiverse. It had the emblems of the UN flag, NASA and Sine Cosine Tangent: featuring the Sine, Cosine and Tangent curves superimposed on each other painted on the side.

As we approached the Kempera, I grabbed the radio and said “This is Veronica Williams of the Black Falcon 4. I am now approaching the station and am about to dock” in my French accent.

“This is Kempera Trans-dimensional Space Station to Veronica Williams. You are cleared to dock. Over and out.”

“Roger that.” I put the radio back on the clip and said to Kevin “We are about to dock. Hold tight.”

I pushed the joystick forward, slowly approaching the docking station. The Black Falcons had been built by Sine Cosine Tangent with a 12 dimensional navigation system to cope with the extra dimensions plus time. Once we got close to the docking station, I guided the Black Falcon into the clamp with a click. The portal closed behind us, I switched off the engine and opened the cockpit. Kevin and I climbed out of the Black Falcon. I closed the cockpit by remote.

We walked through the airlock to the corridor where I met my boyfriend, Don Gilligan, with a couple that I had recognized from the photos on the internet. Can it be? It can’t be. They should be dead by now.

“Hi, honey,” I said flinging my arms around his shoulders, kissing him on the lips. “How was your day?”

“Good, good,” replied Don. He was a 32 year blonde man with a medium build from Queensland, Australia. “Look who came visiting our cafe from a hundred years ago.”

“Aren’t you those famous explorers who explored the multiverse a hundred years ago?” asked Kevin.

“Yes, I am,” replied the overweight man with the brown hair and beard. “I am Fred Watson and this is my girlfriend, Debra O’Brien. We’re from Columbus Warp in Auckland, New Zealand, 2021.”

“So you’re from the year 2021?” I said as we shook Fred and Debra’s hands.

“Yes,” replied Debra as she gave me a hug. “Halloween, 2021 I believe.”

We pulled back. Debra was a petite women with short brown curly hair and glasses. I said “Well, welcome to Halloween 2121. I’m Veronica Williams from Normandy, France. This is Kevin Jackson from Texas. I’ve just taken him on a tour of Alcohol Prohibition Earth.”

“Oh, yeah. Fred and I have been there too” replied Debra with a smile. “It was fun.”

“Let’s go to the Great Chef Restaurant,” said Don with his hands in his pockets. “It’s a great restaurant.”

“Great idea, young man” said Fred. We walked down the corridor into the central city with the dome up top so that we could look up at the multiverse with it’s various universes. The shops had been decorated for Halloween. People dressed in their Halloween costumes. “We did some illegal drinking in that universe. Debra and I went to a speakeasy and drank hand sanitizer with lemonade. We got awfully drunk. Then the cops raided us. We ran from the cops. Managed to escape in time.”

“Veronica and I did some illegal drinking too,” said Kevin “The pigs confiscated alcohol from us. We were let out of jail the next day with a warning. So, Fred, which universe did you recently visit?”

“They call their planet Cylindroid I believe.”

“Isn’t it that the universe where time runs backwards?” said Don.

“Exactly,” Fred lifted up his finger with a smile on his face. “The Cylandri believe that their universe is being dragged towards a big bang event. Which is pulling time in the reverse direction in that world. That’s why time runs backwards there.”

We turned left onto the pathway and up the steps into the Great Chef Restaurant. It had white plaster on the outside. On the inside the walls and ceilings were white with a maroon carpet and mahogany tables imported from Earth.

“The Cylindroid Universe has a unique shape to it,” I said with a smile “It’s beautiful.”

Everyone agreed. Cylindroid had a beautiful shape. Don walked up to the head waiter and said “Table for five.”

“Right this way, sir.”

The waiter led us towards the table. The diners enjoying their meals, drinking their wine. We sat down at the table. The waiter left as we started reading through the menus. We ordered our meals. Fred had gotten himself chicken stew, Debra had curried beef, Don had grilled fish, Kevin ordered steak and I had spaghetti bolognese. Fred spoke about the adventures he and Debra went on as they explored the parallel worlds.

“When we were on Undemocratic Earth,” said Fred “Debra and I witnessed an illegal abortion in Chicago. Some goody too shoes called the police on us. We tried getting away but the police arrested us. The undemocratic Donald Trump tortured me and raped Debra. The Multiverse Council sent someone to break us out of jail.”

“I read about that,” said Don, popping some fish into his mouth “The undemocratic version of Donald Trump is described as a cross between Adolf Hitler and Joan Ferguson from Wentworth.”

“That is a quite accurate description of him,” said Debra giggling as she placed some curry in her mouth. “In the Earth Without Fire Brigades, some Jewish teenager burnt down the Columbus Warp Base with our Columbus Warp in it. We had no way of getting home. Fred hunted down the boy and beat the crap out of him.”

“I don’t blame him,” replied Kevin “I would beat the shit out of someone if they destroyed my Cadillac hover car. You must have been angry.”

“I was furious. Just because I hanged out with Fire Brigade Free Jacinda Adern after she criticised Israel. That was our ride home!”

Once we had finished our dinner, we ordered pudding. Fred had fruit and custard, Debra had chocolate soufflé, Don had New York cheese cake, Kevin had red velvet cake and I had ice cream sundae.

“I once took a young Jamaican man to the Earth Without Justice,” I said “It was a few years ago.”

“You did what!” yelled Fred. “There is a very good reason why we red flagged that world. I even warned NASA, Sine Cosine Tangent and the UN against Earth Without Justice!”

“We had some very bad experience in that universe,” said Debra “We had an altercation with a neighbour after Justice Free Michael‘s tree grew over his back yard. We had gotten away just in time.”

After we had dinner we ordered some coffee, since we live outside space and time, there is nothing to push the second law of thermodynamics which can apparently only go forwards in time, but it can’t push back against time.

“Kevin, you notice how the milk is not mixing with the coffee,” I said. Kevin nodded. “Where outside of time. Nothing is pushing the milk to mix with water. After the Big Bang, our universe started expanding in time and space. And it’s this expansion through time which is pushing time in the forward direction. The second law of thermodynamics can not push against time. It is the only law of physics that can’t go against time. That is what Professor Al Kempera explained in 2069.”

“Al Kempera was the greatest physicist in the 21st century,” explained Don to Fred and Debra. “This Trans-dimensional space station was named after him.”

“Interesting,” said Fred gulping down his coffee.

“There is a viewing deck on the top,” I said “Perhaps we go look out at the multiverse?”

“Great idea” said Fred with a grin on his face.


Once we had paid our checks, we left the Great Chef’s Restaurant and went down the city centre, climbing onto the bus to the western end of Kempera. Once we got off the bus, we walked into the lobby and took a lift to the top floor of the viewing deck. We walked up to the window that stretched from the floor to the ceiling, looking out at the universes that populated the universe.

“That’s the Cylindroid Universe over there,” said Fred pointing out the window “See?”

“Yes. It’s beautiful” I replied.

Don placed his left arm round my waist as we looked out at the Cylindroid. The Cylindroid was a dark purple colour. It was shaped like a cone that was being pulled into a giant vortex as it spun in the anticlockwise direction. Time was being pulled towards this vortex, thereby causing time to go in reverse. Hence a reverse time universe.

“Bloody amazing,” said Kevin “Isn’t that the Xudu universe to the right?”

“Yeah. I’ve never been to Xudu before” said Don.

“You never took Don to Xudu?” asked Debra. I shook my head.

“You should go to Xudu, Don,” said Fred with a grin on his face “You’ll love it. The Xuds exist in a form of consciousness. As you go to Xudu you will find yourself existing in pure consciousness. It’s extraordinary.”

“I’ll take you to Xudu this coming Saturday, Hun” I said smiling at Don.

“I’d like that” replied Don with a smile.

Don kissed me on the lips, sticking his tongue into my mouth. After a while we pulled back. Don turned to the others and said “Veronica and I should be heading home. It’s getting late.”

The others said their good night’s and we left them to it.

Submitted: November 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 simon arthur. All rights reserved.

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