The Commander Trilogy #1 Shadow and Gold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A once normal teenage girl trapped with the new leadership of the surviving remains of Earth? What could go wrong? But what sort of evil lies beneath the surface?

Eighteen-year-old Faith Collins watched the murder of her parents, witnessed the destruction of her home, and many others. Now given the role of commander to the orphaned survivors. She must bleed to protect each one of them. However, what she doesn’t know is there’s more hiding below the surface, then she would’ve ever thought to imagine.

Table of Contents


In the shimmering light of purple dawn, the rabbits came regularly, making themselves a hearty meal for hunters and starving warriors. Th... Read Chapter

Chapter One

He eased into her body at first, then made love to her hungrily in the middle of the grass, dirt, covered forest paths. Relentlessly pu... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

 Just because the sun is in slumber, doesn't mean the darkness will be peaceful. The wind still blows, roars, from the woods, as the... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

When she opened her eyes the sun was already awake. Awake and directly overhead from the window, nearest right of where she lay on the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

My mind was like a thousand pieces of shattered glass, impossible to make whole again. The spider screamed, a long pericing high pitche... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Alone in her chambers at the age of sixteen, she allowed herself tears. The stored tears continued to flow and the sobs wracked her bod... Read Chapter

Chapter SIx

She was no longer tired - no longer concerned about Alias as she turned the corner, her body vanishing into the contents of the room. She... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

The night air smelled of honeysuckle and pulsed with the sound of crickets. Though all Faith could hear was the sheer madness, circling... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

In the beat of sunshine the air is warm. A particularly pleasantness with the invigorating freshness of September morning wind. Valerian... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

I use to shudder at the thought of what a wonderful world this could be, but with everything that has happened, I"m not so sure anymore... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. T... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

*Valdin's Pov* ''That was so foolish! So foolish! I've never seen something so stupid, so reckless in my entire existence as a goddes... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

The scent of sweetness and starlight nightfall tickled between her cheeks, pressing its self against her nose as it mixed with a second ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

''It's strange how easy it was, once we tried, to just spend time being broken together.'' -Rasmenia Massoud, Tied Within.  Fa... Read Chapter

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