Diamonds and Demons Trilogy #1 Ruin and RIsing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Eighteen year old Lena Gold, was just a normal teenage girl, like everyone else, however, her world is turned upside down when she falls in love with a demon, of the Kareo bloodline, a line of powerful demons, who've remained number one, for centuries. Though when he breaks her heart, and she is forced to move past everything, she learns that the darkness surrounding her, has been pretty busy during their time apart.
With the help of a few friends, she unmistakably opens up doors, she now wishes were never opened, when she learns the impossible truth behind her mortal heritage.

Table of Contents

That's not my Name

Chapter One That's not my Name  (Keith's Prologue)  His face was gloomy, and his lips compressed. He was gloomy and hot... Read Chapter

A Father like You, who needs Enemies

Chapter Two A Father like you, who needs Enemies (Keith's Prologue)  ... Read Chapter

Letting Go

Chapter Three Letting Go *Before* (Lena's Prologue) His hand slipped down to hers and captured it.  His hand captured he... Read Chapter

Lena and the Retuz

Chapter Four Lena and the Retuz (Lena's Prologue) Icy blue eyes belonging to the wind blinked slowly at me. As if they were in so... Read Chapter

Truth and Friendships

Chapter Five Truth and Friendships (Lena's Prologue) The night light connected with my face, more than once that entire night. As... Read Chapter


Chapter Six Siblings (Keith's Prologue) ‘’Still thinking about her?’’ breathed a voice, sharper than iron.’’ What pa... Read Chapter

Silver Rain

Chapter Seven Silver Rain (Lena's Prologue) Cleo’s party ended a few minutes past midnight, and I’d barely spoke two words to her... Read Chapter


Chapter Eight Romance (Lena's Prologue) On a night like this, she could think of little else she wanted but a cup of Papa's ... Read Chapter

Awaiting you

Chapter Nine Awaiting you (Lena's Prologue) The dinning hall was piled and piled with so many amazing scents, and smells, my nos... Read Chapter

The devil Inside

Chapter Ten The Devil Inside (Lena's Prologue) She stayed in her place on the bed, unsure how to process the mental strain she felt, ... Read Chapter

Hell Daughter

Chapter Eleven Hell Daughter (Lena's Prologue)  I don't want to abuse what's been given to me but I'm half sick w... Read Chapter


Dear Cleo,  The leader of the realm of darkness, he is known as the Black god, a creature made of pure evil, blood, and poi... Read Chapter


She cried herself to sleep that awful, unfortunate night, wishing she had died, in the attack. Wishing she had died, instead of being lef... Read Chapter

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