The Raven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Arkos

Mother and Father left him to die. Earth rejected him. Faith brought the trouble. Blood is his natural scent.

The twin planet called Glow became his new home. His second chance. His second chance at happiness. However, the hurt doesn’t want to give him a break. His faith in the world dies, taking away that second chance, when he is banished from his new home and thrown back to Earth. However he didn't return one hundred percent alone. The Assassin, Wolf. Has traveled behind him, with one murderous agenda. One word.
With the help of some new friends, can Colt survive his return to Earth? Or will he fall victim to the sharp teeth of the white haired wolf chasing him in the dark shadows.

Table of Contents


''You can't do this!'' He shouted. '' I belong on Glow just like everyone else! I shouldn't be forced to leave, this wasn'... Read Chapter

Sleeping beauty or Red riding Hood

Dawson stared at me with the angriest eyes I'd ever seen on him. His expression was soft as was his face, pale and white, lifeless, and ... Read Chapter

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Everything that had once made her human, on the inside, and outside, had been ripped from away from her in seconds. Blair wasn't sure if ... Read Chapter

Safe and Protected

''Mortal, stand back!'' Blair's eyes blinked heavily, as her pale face was sent questioning. Questioning what was happening in front of ... Read Chapter


"You had time to call the police. Why didn't you? You had time to stop the bleeding, you had time to save that child's life? But instead,... Read Chapter

Red Riding Briar

Blair got herself up and out of bed, moments before the alarm told her too. She'd woken up early again. that morning, just like she had ... Read Chapter


Glow dipped the old cloth in the buckle of soothing, yet cold water, as he did this, his fingertips stroked the top surface of the water,... Read Chapter


Colt drifted in and out of sleep, as he awoke, startled each and every single time, his body dozed off, and slouched sideways, his shou... Read Chapter


Klaus possessed a full head of snow - white hair, and carried himself rather well, he was a handsome young man, with rare snow - white ... Read Chapter

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