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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

After an explosion sinks a cruise, five teenagers find themselves stranded on an island. They soon find themselves struggling to survive.

Feofan Wright, the oldest of the kids, is the only one who knows the true danger of their situation. One of the kids, Kazuki Bolen, is a vessel of an eldritch being. If he dies, the being will be freed upon the world. It's up to her to prevent that. Its her purpose.

The conspiracy of the cruise explosion begins to unravel. Threats of all shapes and sizes are appearing from the woodworks. Feofan will have to do whatever it takes to protect Kazuki. But, if they manage to survive, will Kazuki see Feofan the same way ever again?

Table of Contents

First Attempt

The rolling waves washed over Feofan as she drug herself further up onto the beach. Her limbs were sore from the effort. With a groan, sh... Read Chapter


Someone was crying. “Calm down,” Someone said. “We need to start a fire.” Feofan blinked. She was blinded by bright s... Read Chapter

Internal Ally

Don’t speak, you’ll only raise suspicion amongst your peers. You should be able to project your thoughts to me. Feofan shared a l... Read Chapter


“Kazuki. Do you understand?” The five of them were standing at the edge of the beach.   “Why me?” “It doesn’t ma... Read Chapter

Night and Day, Again

Aubert was the first. The creature passed over him, absorbing his body into it. “Shit!” Don’t look at it! “Kazuki, lo... Read Chapter

I Won't Let You

Nicole and Feofan traveled slowly. Feofan wanted to run but found herself tiring easily. And Nicole could only hobble so fast. The du... Read Chapter

This Time

Nicole loathed Feofan’s idea. “I won't let you!” She spat, grabbing Feofan’s arm. “I’m fast!” Feofan insisted. “T... Read Chapter

His Suffering

What do we do?” Finees asked. “I don’t know,” Feofan admitted. The two of them shifted through the bush as the group grew clo... Read Chapter


Feofan was in pain. Every breath was agonizing. It was a chilly morning. Nicole and Finees left to find Aubert’s body. Feofan kept ... Read Chapter

Our Eternity

There was a tap on Feofan’s living room window. The walls seemed to shudder in response. Lucas’ blotched out face appeared on the oth... Read Chapter


A part of Feofan was happy it came to this. She was glad she had a good reason to hunt Abigail down. Nicole was skeptical. “We shou... Read Chapter


Feofan and Abigail were on Ruth’s homemade gun range. Ruth was sitting in a folding chair. A young Feofan was holding a hand gu... Read Chapter


Feofan’s heart was in her throat. She dashed out onto the beach, spotting the boat immediately and running towards it. The boat was... Read Chapter

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