Death Undone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Written by: The Girl in Pink Shorts

It was quiet.


It was calm.


But it was cold.


Oh so cold. 


Suddenly, it wasn’t so quiet. A sound filled the air. The sound of a bird. Then two birds. Soon came three. Next was the sound of the light breeze, brushing up against every surface and every item.  And finally, came the sound of the calm waters. The soft splashing could be heard coming from all directions, rocking the boat where young Giselle lay. Slowly, her eyes started to shift open. The dim light of the dawn filled her blurry vision, as other parts of her body began to move. They began to twitch. She felt her body rocking back and forth slowly, for the boat she was on was moving with the water. 


Wait a second…








Giselle’s eyes snapped open, as a gasp was released from her mouth. She sat up with a start, feeling the boat rock more vigorously as she did so.  Gripping the side of the boat to steady herself, she looked about her surroundings. Her eyebrows furrowed. Glancing left and right, up and down, everywhere. At first, she hadn’t recognized her surroundings.  Until memories from the night before had started flooding her mind. Though very vague, she could piece together bits and pieces of what had happened.


She was praying, in the very same boat, she sat. As she was coming back to the docks, she felt the boat rock. Looking over to the docks, there stood a figure, too dark to identify. As soon as she stood up in the boat, she felt a hard push to her shoulders. The only thing she could remember after that was a soaking struggle, wet and cold. Afterward, her vision had gone dark. She had felt herself slowly slipping away.


She had died.


But if that was true, then why was she here now?


Giselle gripped her head, her eyes filled with tears as a whirlwind of emotions came upon her. 








While thoughts and emotions swirled about her mind, a forgein feeling on her shoulder snapped her from her temporary trance. Turning her head to her left, she spotted a small sparrow perched on her shoulder. The bird looked back at her, as she stared at it.  Then all of a sudden it spoke. 


“I’m glad you have awakened, Giselle.”


Giselle jumped and landed in the back of the boat as it shook with rage.


“You are not supposed to be talking” Said Giselle, “You're a bird  you should not be talking, it’s  impossible.” 


“I have come to give you a set of rules,” Said the bird “If you want to live I would suggest that you listen to me.”.


“First, You must always keep this Crucifix with you at all times. ' Said the bird as he scooted her the small fragile object. 


“Next you must keep just one of these candles lit at all times. If one is to extinguish, your life will follow soon.  So I suggest you be careful while in this boat, my dear.”  Said the bird. 


”I wish you luck, I pray that you follow the rules and live your best life. Good day, Giselle!” Were the last words the bird spoke before taking flight,  getting farther and farther until it was out of sight.


The Cool Morning breeze blew and her hair and body position shifted to protect herself from the cool breeze that had overcome her.

What an odd bird thought Giselle as she shifted her position. Then she heard a splash in the water and then everything was black. 



Submitted: November 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 The Girl in Pink Shorts. All rights reserved.

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