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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

From without, it seems no more than a rather cheap castle designed by a rather bad architect; but step within, and you will find yourself transformed in ways unexpected and unwanted. Evan, a commonplace minstrel in secondhand shoes, stumbles by chance and fancy into the middle of a cursed quest and a doomed romance; with only luck on his side, he must hunt down a grim sorcerer and return things to their rightful place.

Table of Contents

a brief prologue

Those who would, through might or main, Stay the fate which I proclaim, Shall within that fate remain, Though not in the state they... Read Chapter

The Castle

He came down the road in secondhand shoes on the second day of March. He was singing a song which he planned to write in earnest, whene... Read Chapter

The Curse

“It began two years ago tomorrow,” said Princess Juliana. “He came to the castle, all alone, with his tattered robes and his dark... Read Chapter

The Departure

The morning came early, polishing the sky to a dazzling shine long before the sun, apologetic and yawning, rose from behind the castle.... Read Chapter


The first sunrise outside the castle was a startling magenta and streaked with lavender clouds. When Evan woke and sat up, the texture ... Read Chapter


The second sunrise was a mere glow behind a low-lying wash of cloud that had begun to creep across the sky from the southeast. The trav... Read Chapter


The next day there was no sunrise. The sun broke over the horizon without bothering to summon the sweeping splendor of violet and gold.... Read Chapter


The sun was up and shining when the travelers woke. The sky it lit was pale blue, and looked much more like winter then spring. Evan st... Read Chapter


Evan woke to a sound like an avalanche of iron; a screeching, grinding, rumbling noise that shook him awake, bits of grass in his hair.... Read Chapter

The Prison

Evan opened his eyes. He was lying on a stone floor, staring at a stone ceiling, with torchlight flickering dull and orange across his ... Read Chapter

The Escape

Villeforte kept a scrupulously respectful grip on the princess’s sleeve as they made their way downward into the dungeon. The passage... Read Chapter

Death and Life

The silver sapling clattered to the floor, and Sir Maximilion sank to his knees behind it, jaw loose and eyes glassy. Lord Grimthorpe s... Read Chapter

a brief epilogue

The old man lay back and watched the sun rising.  He was lying in a bed richly furnished, propped on velvet pillows and bathed i... Read Chapter

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