No exit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Trapped in a place with no light, a person is trying to find an exit. Except there isn't one



My voice echoes as I lift my head. I’m laying on my hip, my right arm under my head. The place is dark and cold, and I have no memory of how I got there. Slowly, I get up. I stretch my arms above my head, then to either side. Nothing. No walls, no ceiling. Where the fuck am I?

I turn around, desperately feeling for my pockets. If there’s a person in this world who’s super-glued to their cellphone, it’s me. But my mobile is nowhere to be found. I kneel back down, hectically searching for it on the ground. Is this cobble-stone pavement? Why would anyone make that in a damn cave? I get up again, realizing this might not be a cave after all. This might not be anything similar to a cave. As far as I know, it can be a goddamn dungeon.

Either way, I need to move. It’d be a lot easier if there was a wall to hold on to, but there’s no point in whining. Step by step, I start walking, but I soon realize I have no idea where I’m going. What if this takes me even further? What if the exit is nearby, and all I’ve got to do is . . .


I run. Scratch that, I literally sprint towards where the voices are coming from. Good news ? I found the wall. I actually collided with it. Shit, my head hurts. Bad news ? the voices are coming from behind the wall. As in, the other side of it.


I bang against the wall, as hard as I can, screaming my lungs out. Are they . . . laughing? What the hell is going on? Can they even hear me? It would make sense, as I can certainly hear them. And they’re getting closer . . . Closer . . .


They suddenly start moving away, but I can still hear them. I place my ear on the wall, following their voices. I trip against a step, then carefully continue climbing the stairs. My heart is racing. I want to get out of here! If only they could hear me, I would stand a chance.

My head bangs against the ceiling. It seems I’ve reached the end of the stairwell, or whatever this is. I’m cornered from all sides and have nowhere to go. Not even back. I start sweating. How is it possible that I can’t go back? I just came from there! I must be missing a step, literally!

I kneel and start crawling. The walls are even closer now. So are the voices. It’s like . . . they’re inside the walls! It can’t be, it’s not possible. I bang my fist against the wall again.


Thudding footsteps make my eyes swell with tears. Thank God, they heard me. In the distance, a vague light appears. The green of it makes me cringe, but I still start crawling towards it. Around me, everything changes. The cobble-stone pavement turns to broken glass. From the walls, gigantic thorns appear. The ceiling crashes on top of me; heavy bricks fall on my back. Way above my head, a grey-blue river appears. The waves howl at me, and inside them, I recognize the shapes of human skulls. I recognize those voices from the walls. They weren’t laughing, they were screaming. Calling for help.

I scream too, realizing where I’m at. This place has no exit. Even if it did, the key master is the Devil himself.

Submitted: November 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 B.K. Ntouris. All rights reserved.

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