Colored Uniforms

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

flux was a calm town of quiet workers. my family runs a small market while my father is a police officer. the town goes from calm to chaotic in one year. tr and fuso created havoc in the town he used to know. the constant turf war of the tr and the fuso has changed the town and changes need to be made. my father gave it a chance. now its mine.


Colored Uniforms




Written by Ivan Zarate


Chapter One
I Don’t Like My Town


Normally, people start off their stories by being like, “Oh hello, I’m blah blah blah and I had a rough life. It all started….” Yeah no. I don’t really see anyone reading this but I'm not introducing myself, if you are reading you most likely know me.

Getting to the point, this is my final diary. If I stopped, they most likely caught on. Jacob probably ratted me out. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him. Jacob was one of my best friends from middle school. His dad was important so he was a bit spoiled but also kind of nice. I actually met him as he defended me from a random kid that was trying to get into a fight. I guess he already had a reputation because the moment he stood up for me, the other kid backed down. I didn’t know why before but that was mainly because I didn’t know too much about the stuff that happened outside.

Moving on, Jacob wasn’t my only friend. I also had two more. Summer was a random girl I met in a class. I had to do a project with her so I dealt with that and we became friends. My other friend was Albequre. I never knew how to say his name so I always called him Al. I don’t remember how I met him. Was it in a class? Or was it during lunch? Nevertheless, we became friends and one of my best buds. 

I lived in an out-of-reach town called Flux in Nevada, USA. It was named after a miner that found gold. It’s really dumb, I know but nothing I can do about it. 

It was a calm town. Nothing happened around these parts. Everything was low. Everything was cheap. One of the only things I liked about this place was how I could go to the gas station and buy a lot of candy, chips, and other things for like 3 bucks. Rodrick was really nice. Rodrick was the part-time kid that worked there. He really didn’t care about how much he sold since he always gave me free stuff (If you didn’t catch the hint, that’s how I would walk out with tons of stuff). 

Stuff changed right around the time I entered middle school. People started to flood the town. It grew but not as much as other places like Los Angeles or Chicago. But as soon as new people started to come, bad people came too. Crimes just skyrocketed. The crimes also skyrocketed as they went from petty theft to big stuff. 

Around the winter is when everything went down.

In October, two gangs had been formed and were going on robbing sprees. These two gangs would be the start of the United States of America’s biggest problem, even bigger than the Taliban and ISIS. They started small as they would rob people in the middle of the street and then leave. This grew wilder as they then started to rob cars and stores to try to outclass each other. One gang was the Tomb Raiders, a biker gang that popped out of nowhere. The other one was the Fures Societatis or Thieves of Society. This outclassing of both gangs continued to escalate until the first big event happened. 

On November 3, four representatives of Tomb Raiders walked into a local gas station and held a robbery. Because of actions against Fures Societatis or FUSO, the members shot and assassinated the cashier on the spot. That fateful day, Rodrick lost his life. His death was one of the reasons I’m motivated to become a police officer. 

For two months before Rodrick’s death, police officers had been trying to stop this rivalry between gangs. They started lightly by patrolling and arresting gang members if they committed a crime. After some time of seeing no improvement, they began to arrest them on the spot and held them guilty for enough time where they could make up some reasoning. It got too far after the gas station incident as officers were later given orders to engage all gang members, whether they be Tomb Raiders or FUSO. Commonly, after this many lives were lost and laws were placed for town residents’ safety and police officers’ advantage as anyone breaking the law can be immediate jailing. 

During all of these actions, I was young and in elementary school so I was too innocent to understand. 

My family is a calm family that has a small food market as our income. My mom and big brother work there. Ms. Ana or my brother’s girlfriend also works there. My dad was a police officer. He actually assisted on many operations against the gangs. 

All that activity went on for most of my infancy. My family worked. I studied. My sister studied. My only friend left the town because of the gangs. This childhood friend is irrelevant but he was nice. Eduardo Ruiz was my first friend. I met him in elementary school. We just became friends. We had many fun moments together as children but that all changed when he left. 5th grade is the time when you move from elementary school to middle school. He left me as his family was scared of what Flux had become. I honestly don’t judge them, this town was scary. 

But who knew that middle school wasn’t just a continuation of normal school? I didn’t. And I found out the hard way.







Chapter 2
Ugh, Middle School


My middle school was Flux Preparatory Junior Academy. I don’t know why anyone would name a school that but I was stuck there. I mean stuck there as there isn’t another middle school in town. This town only had one elementary school, one middle school, two high schools, and a K-12 Specialty Preparatory Academy or in other words, a K-12 drop any leftover students here school. Most trouble makers end up there. I was lucky to end up in Flux Middle (Flux Preparatory Junior Academy for those that might forget). 

I met my 3 best friends in the first month. As you may recall, yes I was bullied in the first month of school. Look however you may imagine me, how intimidating can a scrawny 12-year-old Mexican look? Not too much. So continuing, I met Jacob in the first month and Summer and Al soon after. 

“This was the beginning of a great friendship”, we thought. And that wasn’t wrong until it started. 

One year after the gas station incident, the gangs resurged and created even more havoc. This time the gangs resorted to drivebys against each other. The streets became warzones. Tomb Raiders Vs. FUSO and then there were the police. They also join in the fight as they saw it as an opportunity to eliminate both threats. As they brought bloodshed, they also brought their idealogy. The FUSO had a unique ideology as they wanted to make Flux into a separate country from the USA and then grow out as they would conquer, just like the Romans. The Romans were the FUSO’s ideal society and wished to rebuild it. The Tomb Raiders wanted to make Flux a covert operation station for any country that was willing to pay up. The TR or Tomb Raiders were only money-driven and brought an ideology of wealth and support from other nations to the town. This all seemed dumb and outlandish at first but it changed as the methods of the gangs did. The gas station incident was the first step towards the beliefs of the ideologies. By August, most of the town was on either 3 sides, FUSO’s, the TR’s, or the police’s as they wanted to create peace for the USA. 

I found this all out in middle school.

I know what you’re going to say, “Isn’t that too adulty for some middle schoolers?” Trust me when I say yes but that didn’t change anything. Kids started to choose sides. Soon even places like schools were divided. I want to believe that it's what those gangs wanted. I want to believe that the gangs wanted the town to choose a side and make the other sides surrender. I wanted to believe that but it didn’t really seem like that. 

Riots. Murders. Robberies. Drivebys. Bombings. All started to happen constantly. Citizens, gangsters, and police officers. At constant gunfire. People would stay home because either they didn’t want to get shot or because they were out of bullets. It got to the point where the gangs were supplying their followers. The town was total chaos. The laws that were placed before were no aid anymore. To some degree, the town seemed lost to local warfare.






Chapter 3
The Damn Government


I want to touch on a topic you might have in mind. Where in the hell is the US Government at a time like this?

Easy answer, the White House, sipping on tea.

The US government had known of the issues in Flux. They started off by sending a bit of income so the town could pay more police officers. This solved the problem for about a week or two. Then it was the same issue. During the time that they sent money, it was a minor dilemma as it was just starting and the gangs were just robbing. The US Government took further steps once the crimes became bigger and bigger like store robberies and car robbings. For this issue, they had nearby towns send officers. This by itself made the police force three times as large as it grew to 200 officers from a mere 60-80 officers. This again was only a temporary solution. Then the Gas Station Incident happened. The government saw this and saw the need to send more assistance. In a mere 3 days. SWAT was in every corner. This was able to calm the issue for almost a year.

But as you can see, the FUSO and TR used this to grow and create their famous ideologies. This is when the Fures Societatis made its roman empire ideology and the Tomb Raiders there support from other counties ideology. As soon as this happened, the major events happened. Riots. Murders. Robberies. Drivebys. Bombings. Confrontations. The US Government didn’t know what to do about this. It took all of August, or Bloody August as the locals called it, for the government to think of a solution. 

Bloody August was later made a holiday just like 911 and Pearl Harbor because of its bloodshed and negativity.
After they saw that stuff calmed down, the SWAT that was previously placed there was taken back. As issues rearose, the SWAT and FBI were replaced there. Because of this, the streets were constant confrontations and gunfights. This bloodshed continued for a good amount of time. 

During all this time, I was still going to school like nothing was happening. I had to deal with six classes, six different types of homework to deal with. The issue I had with continuing school during all the bloodshed was that it was eventually gonna lead to the school. I could already see shootings at school happening. 

Because the gangs remained there, many gangsters had kids and they when to school here like they always lived there. Soon, we had middle schoolers acting like gangsters. This caused many fights between kids as they sided with the beliefs of their parents. Even the school was forced to pick a side and that caused a couple of riots and the sad assassination of the principal, 2 teachers, and 4 security staff. As a governmental establishment, it’s forced to side with the police and that was the cause of the deaths of the school staff. 

I was forced to choose a side too. As well as my 3 friends. I, because of my determination and my dad being a cop, chose to side with the government. I want to believe the bullets my dad put into many gangsters were for the safety of the country. Summer was influenced by her parents as her parents are a bit rich and they believe that money is everything. Because of that, Summer sided with the Tomb Raiders. Al chose to also believe in the US Government as his father is a US Navy Veteran and a current FBI agent. He wishes to become a worthy man like his father. Something he once told me was that his mother was actually killed in of the multiple bombings by Tomb Raiders. Finally was Jacob. Just like me and Al, Jacob was pretty much forced into siding with his father because of his father’s job. His dad was a higher up in FUSO. Yes, Jacob was the son of a mob boss. We really looked past this it was normal at school but to think that the son of a mob boss would be friends with the sons of US officials.

Ignoring all the siding issues at my middle school, this siding issue caused a couple more events. The next event was the Upland High School Massacre.






Chapter 4
The Countdown to Disaster


To be continued.

Submitted: November 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ivan H Zarate. All rights reserved.

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