The Legacy 5 - Sirens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Legacy team go to an uninhabited island off the Scottish coast when strange noises are heard which is causing boats to explode. Once there they find someone they weren't expecting and have to find a way to escape with a delicate cargo.



“You look terrible,” Nick said as Cai stepped into the dining room of the refurbished 17th century manor house where they lived.

Everyone turned round and glanced at Cai.  He did look terrible.  Cai’s shoulder length black hair was loose, and he hadn’t shaved this morning.

“I didn’t get much sleep last night,” Cai admitted as he sat down at the table.

“Happening again?” Lily asked, with a slight smile.

Cai nodded.

“Want some breakfast?” Garion asked.

“No.  I don’t think I could face it right now.”

“What about some coffee instead?” Lilly asked.  She stood and stepped over to the coffee machine to get Cai a drink.

“You really do look terrible,” Nick said, also smiling.

“How long does this go on for?” Cai asked.

“Until the baby’s born,” Nick explained.

“And when will that be?”

“You’ll know,” Nick assured him.

“Are you ready for a trip in the Sea King?” Jack asked as he entered the dining room.

“You’re letting me fly again?” Nick asked, quite surprised.

“Yes.  The Sea King has been repaired and I think I can trust you again after you flew the other helicopter.”

Nick stared at him.  Jack may be the manager of The Legacy Foundation, but Nick was the boss.  But they understood each other after all these years and knew how far they could push each other.

“Yes I know you few the helicopter.”  Then Jack saw Cai sitting at the table.  “Not feeling well again?” he asked.

Cai shook his head.

“He’ll be fine soon enough,” Garion added.

“What you got?” Nick asked, changing the subject.

“The three of you will be going, or should I say two?” Jack glanced at Cai.

“Cai’ll be fine in a few hours,” Nick assured him.  “As soon as the baby’s born.”

“It’s on its way?” Jack asked.

Garion nodded.  “This is the worst it’s been yet.  My guess is it’s because the baby’s coming soon.”

“Where are we going?” Nick asked.

“Scotland,” Jack informed them.

“Again?” Garion asked.  “We just came from there.”

“Didn’t like Scotland?”

“It was beautiful but cold.”

“It’s not always like that.  Now, to be exact, it’s a small island off the Scottish coast called Muck.  It’s near the Island of Eigg if I’ve pronounced that right.”

“It’s called what?” Dael asked, placing her cup down.

“Muck,” Jack repeated.  “I don’t know if that Scottish pronounce it that way but that’s how it’s spelt.”

“What’s on this island anyway?” Cai asked.

“I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure.”

“Sure about what?” Nick asked.

“This could be a trap set up by your brother.”

“Kurn?” Garion asked, suddenly becoming more interested.

“Go on,” Nick urged.

“Over the past few days the Legacy Foundation has been receiving coded messages over the internet.  They took some time to crack.”

“And you think they’re from Kurn?” Garion asked.

“I don’t think so, but I think it has something to do with Kurn.”


“What did they say?” Lily asked.

“Nothing specific.  Just words put together that doesn’t make sense half the time unless you really think about it.”

“One says Ash to Ashes, the number two and not the word ‘to’.”  Jack turned to Cai.  “You always used to call Ashley Ash a lot of the time.”  Jack looked down at the papers in his hands again.  “Then it goes on to say number two Ash coming soon.”

“That could mean the baby’s coming,” Dael added.  “Like Cai’s feeling now.”

“No shit!” Cai added.

They all stared at Cai for a moment.

“how’d you get the location?” Garion asked.

“The source of the message couldn’t be traced but whoever is sending them is using scrambler and a very good VPN.  That was another coded message.  It said ‘Scotland is very dirty at this time of year.  Especially the isles.”

“But who sent those messages?” Garion asked

“That’s the part I can’t work out,” Jack continued.

“What did it say?” Dael asked, rubbing her growing abdomen.

“It says ‘inside outside sunrise Jade.  Give freedom to Ashes.’”

“Sunrise Jade? Nick asked, getting to his feet.

“That’s what it says.”

“I’ve heard that name before,” Garion said.

“This isn’t a trap,” Nick said.  “Sunrise Jade is a code name for some Na’ens who disagree with my father’s way of leadership.  They’ve been trying to find a way to dethrone him.”

“But why are they contacting us?” Jack asked, “I still haven’t decoded the who message.”

“Sounds like they’re trying to say they’ll give us Ashley’s baby if we get there,” Garion said.

“Wait,” Jack interrupted.  “There’s been strange activity in that area recently.”

“What kind of strange activity?” Lily asked

“Strange noises.  Weird lights,” Jack explained.

“Now, wait a minute,” Dael said, getting to her feet slowly.  “Last time there were strange lights-“

“Dael,” Nick interrupted her, “this isn’t the same thing.  We already know Kurn is there or at least somewhere around there.”

“Maybe Kurn is establishing a ground force,” Garion suggested.  “He planned one, or at least Laagan did.”

“I hope not,” Nick said.  “There are two Motherships up there.  And one of them wants to invade.  My father only hasn’t done it ‘til now because of the Marubi.  Their Mothership is bigger.”

Cai suddenly began to sweat and shiver as his temperature began to rise.  Then, just as suddenly returned to normal.  He dropped his cup of coffee on his knee and wiped the sweat from his face.

“Makes a change to see men suffer when we’re giving birth as well,” Lily said with a smile on her face, not that Lilly had given birth before  but maybe some time in the future she would.

Cai glared at Lily for a moment.  “It’s gone!” Cai suddenly said as his flu-like symptoms vanished.

“Then, the baby has been born,” Nick said.  “You are a father.”

“And you are a grandfather,” Cai added with a smile.

“Don’t remind me,” Nick said.

“Go on, get out of here,” Jack said.  “The Sea King’s fuelled and ready to go.”

“Just got to change,” Cai said, indicating the wet patch on his jeans where he had spilt his coffee.

They boarded the sea King helicopter and  Garion piloted it to Glasgow after just passing his test, then Nick took over the controls until they came to the Coastguard base where the Sea King was refuelled once more.  They stayed the night at a small hotel close to the coastguard base, then continued again in the morning to the island, Garion in the pilot seat once more, a skill he had learned while still a slave but just didn’t have the qualifications before until now.

As the island came into view the Sea King suddenly began to shake. 

“What’s happening?” Cai asked, glancing nervously over at Garion.

“It’s just a little turbulence,” Garion assured him.  But he wasn’t so sure himself.

The Sea King was still for a moment then it began to shudder once more.

“Are you sure it’s just turbulence?” Cai asked, holding tightly to the seat he was strapped to.

An alarm suddenly began to sound on the instrument panel on front of Garion and he glanced at it with concern.

“Garion?” Nick asked.

“I think I need some help up here,” Garion said.

Nick unfastened his seat belt and took his headphones off, then made his way to the cockpit to give Garion a hand. Nick took hold of the joystick in front of him in the second pilot seat and tried to help Garion control the Sea King and stop her from plummeting into the unsettled sea below.

As the Sea King began to pass over the land  the turbulence that had been forcing them down suddenly subsided and Garion and Nick regained control.  They were able to land the Sea King safely, but only just.

“Are you alright back there?” Garion asked.

“Fine,” Cai answered.

Trinity barked his acknowledgement also.

Cai stood and opened the door to the Sea King, jumping out.  He took a deep breath of the chilly morning air.  It made him feel much better.  Cai may have been learning to fly but he hadn’t experienced anything like that before.

The island was very quiet.  Even for an uninhabited island.  There weren’t even any birds or seals but evidence that they had been living here once.  It didn’t seem natural.  It was spring.  This island should be teeming with life.  Maybe whatever Kurn was doing here had frightened them away.  Animals were smart and knew when to stay away from an area.

Cai began to walk towards the beach and glance out at the unsettled sea.  The wind had picked up a little and was blowing coldly against his unshaven face.  He shivered and pulled his drover coat tighter around him.  Cai turned as he heard someone approaching and saw Nick.

“What could’ve caused the Sea King to almost crash?” Cai asked.

“I don’t know,” Nick said.  “Maybe Kurn has something to do with it.  I just hope he hadn’t brought too much equipment with him if he is here.”

“Could Kurn have a tractor beam,” Cai asked.

“If that was a tractor beam,” Garion said, coming to join them, “we’d either have been unable to land ourselves or we would’ve crashed.”

“No,” Nick agreed.  “I think Kurn knows we are here and is up to something.”

“Want some coffee?” Garion asked.  “I’ve started to boil some water.”

Nick nodded and he began to walk back to the fire Garion had built.  Trinity ran ahead of them and sat down near the fire, enjoying the sudden warmth it gave.  Cai remained where he was for the time being, thinking of his new baby.  He didn’t even know what the baby was, and it was out there somewhere.  But where?


Kurn turned as a guard entered the room where he was having breakfast.  “What is it now?” he asked, taking a sip of his coffee.  He could soon get used to this earth drink.  It wasn’t that bad.

“This is very important, Highness, as you wouldn’t be disturbed otherwise.”

“It better be.”  Kurn placed his cup down and turned to him.

“A helicopter has landed on the island.”

“A helicopter?” Kurn asked, getting to his feet.  “How did that get passed the gravity field?”

“Unknown, Highness.  But it set off the alarms.”

“Great.  That’s all we need,” Kurn began.  “Islanders.”

“That’s not all, Highness,” the guard continued, almost afraid of what Kurn would do.  “I think you should see this.”  The guard handed a printout from one of the security cameras.

“Nicaal!” Kurn said when he saw whose face he was looking at.  “Does he know we are here, or has he come for some other reason?”

“Unknow, Highness.”

“Well, go find out.  Send out a drone.”

The guard bowed lightly, then left.

Kurn looked at the printout once more. Could he?  If he did there could only be one way he’d know that he was here.  Someone had told him.  There could be a traitor among his people.

The cup on the table suddenly slid across the glass surface and hit the wall opposite, smashing into tiny fragment.  He would find the person responsible for this.


“There’s nothing on the radar,” Garion said as he stared at the portable screens.

“That doesn’t mean Kurn isn’t here,” Nick said, stepping over to look for himself.  The screen was devoid of any activity.

“You think he could be below ground?” Cai asked.

“Why not?  He’s had plenty of time to build something and with equipment from the Mothership it wouldn’t have taken that long.  I’ve emailed Jack to see what else he can find out about his island.  He’ll email us back as soon as he can.  I couldn’t get through on Zoom.  Even the sat phone won’t work.”

Cai glanced up at the sky as he felt a spot of rain.  Typical April, he thought.  They should get the tents erected before it becomes worse, or they’d be spending the night in the Sea King.

Cai stepped back to the helicopter and picked up a large dome tent they were sharing.

“We’d better get this up,” he said.  “It’s starting to rain.”

Nick  and Garion nodded in agreement and came over to help, and between them the got the tent up just before it really started to pour it down.  Then, Nick remembered the radar.  It was still outside.  If it became damaged in the rain, they’d have just the radar in the helicopter.

Nick ran out of the tent through the rain to bring the radar unit in where it could be left switched on.

The dome tent  they were using had five separate sleeping compartments, enough for each and two spare, one of the spares for Trinity.  But knowing the German Shepherd he would probably sleep with one of them.  There was also enough room for them to place a table and chairs and the radar in the main section of the tent.

By the time dark had arrived it was still raining and Nick, Garion and Cai were becoming bored.  They were sitting at the table playing cards because there was nothing else to do.  At this rate they would never get anything done  While they were playing cards, they ate sandwiches and drank coffee.  They had to wait for the rain to stop before a decent satellite reading of the island could be obtained.  The weather was causing far too much interference.  All they could do was wait.  Even Trinity was becoming restless.

Nick stood and stepped over to the tent flap, staring out.  The persistent rain had slowed but was still pouring down.

“We’re not going to get anywhere if this rain doesn’t stop,” Nick said.

“I know,” Cai agreed.  “I don’t think  I can stand all this waiting around.”

Nick turned to the radar monitor to see if anything was visible.  Kurn might know they were here by ow.  But the monitor was clear apart from a slight snow caused by the interference from the rain hitting the dish outside.

“Once this rain stops,” Garion began.  “I think we should take the dingy out with the sonar and see if Kurn has a base under the sea.  He certainly isn’t on this island, but he could be below it.”

“I’m not  going out there,” Cai said, indicating the sea.  “You two can go.”  Cai stood and entered one of the sleeping compartments and closed the flap.

“What’s up with him?” Garion asked.

“It’s a long story,” Nick began.  “Remind me to tell you sometime. But let’s just say he doesn’t like the water.”


Nick woke and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.  It was still dark.  Nick glanced at his watch, switching on the back light to see the time.  It was 4.15 am.

Nick crawled out of his sleeping bag and went to have a look at the radar.  It was still black.  He turned away from the radar when he heard a voice in his head.  At first, he thought it was Cai calling him but when the voice came once more Nick knew who it was.  It was Kurn.  Nick hadn’t heard his brother’s voice in a long time, and it took him a moment to recognise it.

“Down on the beach,” Kurn told him.  “And come alone.”

Nick turned to Trinity as he lifted his head.  “Stay,” Nick told him an left the tent.  He thought about waking Cai and Garion but changed his mind.  He wouldn’t wake them just yet.  Kurn might just want to talk.  And Trinity would wake Cai and Garion soon enough should anything happen.

Nick picked up his torch and began to walk towards the beach.  At least it had stopped raining.  As Nick came closer to the beach, he saw three figures standing in the distance.  As Nick stepped onto the sodden sand, he saw that Kurn wasn’t among them.But Kurn had been very young when he had last seen him.  He would have changed a fair bit.

“Highness,” the lead guard said and all three bowed slightly.

“Where’s Kurn?” Nick asked.

“Waiting for you, Highness.”

“Where?” Nick asked again.

“He said not to tell you.  Just bring you to him.”

“What if I said no?” Nick asked.  He tried to read their minds to discover what they were up to, but their blocks were well and truly in place.  And from the look on their faces, they knew that’s what Nick was trying to do.

“Your brother insisted, Highness.”  The lead guard took out a stunner and stunned Nick before he had chance to avoid the beam.


Trinity raised his head when he heard something outside.  He picked up the scent of three others beside Nick as the gentle wind brought it towards the tent, a scent he didn’t like.  Trinity didn’t like what he sensed from them.

Trinity leaped to his paws and began to bark, his heckles standing on end. The German Shepherd began to scratch at the closed tent flap, trying to get out.

Cai opened his eyes and sat up once the barking had started.

“What’s all the barking about?” Garion asked as he climbed out of his sleeping bag.

Trinity continued to bark, sounding more frantic than ever.

Cai knew that Trinity sensed something he didn’t like.  The German Shepherd wouldn’t be barking for no reason.

“Wait a minute,” Cai urged as he made his way to the tent flap.  As soon as Cai unzipped the flap Trinity was out of there, bounding towards the beach.  That’s when Cai saw the flash from the stunner in the distance

“There’s someone on the beach,” Cai said.  “I saw a flash.”  Cai turned to Nick’s sleeping compartment, seeing it open, then suddenly realised what the flash probably was.

“Nick!” Cai called as he saw a figure lying on the sand.  One of the guards turned, aiming his stunner, and stunned them both before Garion could raise his stunner.


When Nick woke, he found himself lying on a sofa in a strange room.  H sat up and looked around him, trying to work out what this place was.

“You’re awake,” a voice said, seeing Nick move.

Nick turned and saw the Na’en.

“Like a drink?” the Na’en asked, holding  out a glass to him.

Nick made the glass fly out of his hand and sent it smashing against the wall.

“No?” the Na’en asked.  “I think I will through.”  He  picked up a second glass and poured himself a drink.  “It seems your telepathy has improved lately,” he continued.  “But you must learn to block much better than that.  I can read your every thought.  And a future leader must not let his people know what he thinks of them.”

“You want to know why you’ve been bought here.  Well, where shall I start?”

“Try the beginning,” Nick said.  “Kurn wants me dead, don’t try to tell me otherwise.  I know he does.  So, why am I alive?”

“Kurn thinks you might stand in his way if he tried to accomplish your father’s plans.  That’s why he wants you out of the way.”

“He wants the leadership for himself.  But in order to do that he not only has to kill me.  But Cai as well.”

“That it does.”  The Na’en took a sip of his drink.

“But that still doesn’t answer my question.”

“You and your son just happen to be there or was it the message someone sent to you?” The Na’en noticed the concerned look on Nick’s face at the mention of Cai.

“Oh, don’t worry about your son.  He and Garion were only stunned and left where they fell.”  He saw the look on Nick’s face when he mentioned Garion.  “And I see Garion found his way to you,” he added.  “Kurn was wondering where his best assassin disappeared to.”

“Half-brother,” Nick corrected.

“Yes, he is, isn’t it?”

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Kurn wants to see you,” the Na’en said, swirling the ice around in his glass.  “As soon as he found you were here. Oh, and you have a new granddaughter.”

“Where is Ashley?” Nick asked, watching the Na’en as he slowly walked around the room.

“Afraid she died in childbirth.”

“I bet you didn’t even get her to the hospital.”

“The baby is more important than the woman.  Anyway, Kurn’s daughter is fine.  And there are med-tech’s here.”

“She’s not Kurn’s daughter and you know it.”

“Maybe not.  But that’s what it will say on her birth certificate.  But I think you should worry about your own unborn child.  But Kurn has no need for her.  Not now we know it’s sex.  Kurn would have much preferred a boy.  Looks like he will have to rely on Cai’s daughter.”

“You leave Dael alone!” Nick said, stepping forward.  The Na’en gave Nick a gently push without lifting a finger.

“You’d be amazed by what we know about you and your family.  And if Kurn does decide he’d rather have a boy right now instead of waiting for Laagan to find him a pure-bred woman he wouldn’t have to look too far.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

The Na’en just smiled and raised his eyebrows.

“Who’s telling you all this?” Nick asked, starting to become concerned.

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” The Na’en put his glass down.  “Highness, I thought you were smarter than that.  You’ve been given enough clues.  Think about it.”  The Na’en tapped his head with his index finger.  “How do you think we found out about our second child in the first place?  And what sex it is?”

“Reese!” Nick finally said as it dawned on him.

The Na’en smiled.  He was catching on.


“We’ve got to do something” Cai said as he paced back and forth in front of the tent.  Trinity was standing in the tent where it was dry.  He didn’t want to get wet if he could help it.

Cai, Garion and Trinity had awoken not long after being stunned and couldn’t find Nick anywhere.  They had followed the tracks along the beach until they vanished, having been washed away by the sea.  Even Trinity had lost the scent once it had started to rain once more.

“And what are we supposed to do?” Garion asked.

“I don’t know,” Cai answered.  “Nick is gone,  and we’re stuck here.”

“We’re not stuck here,” Garion pointed out.  “I can fly us out of here”

“We’re not leaving,” Cai insisted, turning to him.  “Nick’s here somewhere and Kurn has him.”

“We don’t know where though,” Garion said. 

“Where else could he be?”

“Cai, there’s nothing else we can do.”

“Dael will go crazy if we go back without Nick.  Can’t you shapeshift or something and go search the island?”

“I already thought of that,” Garion said.

“Then why don’t you?”

“Okay,” Garion said with a nod.  “I will go and check the island out.”  Before he shapeshifted, Garion stepped over to the radar.  It was still clear.  It looked like Kurn had found old underground bunker on the island or had built one.  That’s why he couldn’t be found.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Garion said.  “I will be back as soon as I can.”

Cai nodded.  There was nowhere to go anyway.  He watched Garion shapeshift into a Golden Eagle and fly away to search the island, leaving Cai alone with just Trinity as company.

Cai had just lost his father to the Na’en.  Garion had no idea how he was feeling right now.  Not really but he could try and find where Kurn was holding him.  Maybe shapeshifting into the Eagle and searching the island was the best way to try and find him.  It could be the only way.

Cai had always  had a strange way of expressing his feelings.  Maybe it was perhaps a good idea to leave.  But Cai couldn’t leave.  Not yet.  Nick might find a way to escape and if they left and Nick did manage to escape he’d be stuck on the island.

Cai needed to e along for a while and Garion leaving to search was probably a good idea.  He was standing in the rain just outside the tent.  Maybe he should go back inside and dry off, get changed into something dry.

After around an hour Garion returned.  Cai turned to him when the Marubi returned to his normal self.

“Well?” Cai asked.

“Nothing,” Garion answered.  “Kurn must have a place well hidden.  I didn’t find it.”  As Garion  turned to the radar once more it suddenly blinked off.  The power cell had run out.  He switched it off and disconnected it.  He glanced out the tent flap at Cai still standing in the rain, feeling disappointed that he didn’t find Nick.  Or where Kurn was hiding.  Cai was staring out at the sea, not caring that he was becoming soaked to the skin.  Garion looked up at the sky as he felt the wind began to increase and the rain begun to stop.  He stepped over to the Sea King, taking the drained power cell with him and picked up another.  Setting the first one to recharge once more using the solar panels.

Cai finally stepped over to the tent and squeezed some of the rain from his shoulder-length hair.

“I’m sorry about Nick,” Garion said as Cai passed him.  Cai glanced at him for a moment.  “He’s not dead,” he said.  “Kurn has him.  I haven’t given up on him yet even if you have.  We wait.”  Cao turned to his sleeping compartment to get out of his wet clothes.

Garion took the camping cooker out at mid-afternoon and lit it.  They needed to eat even if they didn’t feel like it and something hot inside them would warm them up, especially Cai.  Getting wet must have made him a little cold at least.

Cai hoped Nick was alright.  He just wished he knew what was happening with him.  Kurn wanted his father dead.  He might not have said it to his face, but Nick read it in his mind.  But just Nick dead wouldn’t make Kurn happy.  Anyone of them could stop Kurn from becoming leader.  There had to be another reason for Nick being taken.  But that still didn’t mean Nick wouldn’t be killed.  Or for that matter, Cai as well.

Garion handed a coffee to Cai.  “We should call Jack,” he said.  “Tell him what’s happened.”

Cai shook his head.  “No, not yet.  He’ll only tell us to come home and we’re not leaving yet.  And I don’t want Dael to find out yet.  She’ll know something is wrong if we phone.  Even if we could get through to him.”

“Cai, we can’t stay here forever,” Garion added.  “Nick might not come back.  Kurn has him.  You know that.  And you know Kurn wants him dead, so Nick won’t stop him from whatever he’s planning.”

“If they kill Nick that won’t do Kurn any good because I’m next in line if Laagan sticks to things that way.  He’d be better off killing me first.”

“But what makes you think he won’t try?  I know Kurn.  He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  I think he could be even worse than Laagan.”


Nick sat on the sofa just staring at the wall.  The Na’en had left a couple of hours before, locking the door behind him.  He wasn’t about to let Nick leave or wander around the underground base.  Kurn’s orders.

Nick turned as he heard the door being unlocked and then opened to see Kurn enter.

“Wondered how long it would take for you to show your face,” Nick said.  It had been a long time since Nick had seen his younger brother.  Kurn had only been a teenager when he had last seen him.  He had changed in those years, but Nick still knew who he was.

As Kurn closed the door behind him he stepped forward and shapeshifter into someone else entirely.

“Sunrise Jade,” he said.  “I’m here to get you out.”

Nick stood and turned to him, surprised at seeing him.  “Does Kurn know who you are?” he asked.

“He might know now.  He knows there’s a traitor here.  Someone who contacted the Legacy Foundation.  It won’t take him long to figure out it’s me.  I can’t stay here any longer.”

“Then come back with me.”

“If we can get out of here, hopefully with your granddaughter.  How’d your shapeshifting?”

“It’s not that good,” Nick  admitted.  “I can just about change the colour of my skin.”  Nick stepped forward, glad to see a friendly face, one he hadn’t seen in a very long time.

“I’ll have to get us out of here the hard way.  Wait over there while I call l the guard.”  Jade pointed to behind the door as he changed back  into Kurn.

“Get ready to knock one out.  There’s just two of them right now.”

Nick nodded and  pressed himself against the wall, trying to blend in.  He just about managed it and seemed to disappear into the wall.

“Guards!” Jade called.

The door opened a moment later and two guards entered quickly.  Nick crept out from behind the door and placed his hand on one of the guards who collapsed almost immediately.  Jade did the same with the second guard.  Nick then returned his skin back to its normal colour.

“That’s a good trick you’ve got there,” Jade said, referring to Nick’s chameleon ability.

“It comes in handy sometimes.”  They both dragged the two guards away from the door to where they wouldn’t be seen when someone entered the room.

“Where’s Kurn?” Nick asked.

“He’s around somewhere,” Jade answered.  “He knows you are here.  I think he’s waiting for the right moment  to show himself.”  Jade turned to the door.  “Okay,” he began.  “Follow me and we’ll get your granddaughter.  If anyone asks, you’re under my guard.  I’ll  stay in this form.  That way no one will question me.”

“Unless we bump into Kurn himself.”

“Yes, there is that.”  Jade began to lead the way along the corridor and towards the room that was being used as a nursery for his granddaughter.

“What is your real name?” Nick asked as they walked.  “I can’t call you Jade all the time.”

“I will tell you my name when we get out of here.”

Nick nodded.  “How large is this place?” he asked.

“Big,” Jade told him.  “Kurn found an old World War two bunker and adapted it to suit his needs.But he doesn’t plan on staying here forever.  This is just temporary.”

“I didn’t think Kurn would stay here for long.  Not his style.”

Your brother has changed a great deal since you last saw him,” Jade continued.  “He wasn’t like this as a child.  He was more like you then.”

“I remember.  He was such a good child.  Too much of my father’s influence probably.”

“Sounds like they’ve discovered you’re escape,” Jade said as a siren began to sound.


“Niccal is heading for exit five,” the Na’en said as he saw a guard approaching.

The guard began to run away from the direction Jade and Nick were headed but the Na’en already knew  their true direction.  He stepped round the corner and saw Jade and Nick approaching.  When Nick saw the Na’en he was ready to throw him, but Jade sensed this and stopped him.

“Nick, wait,” Jade said, holding a hand out to stop him.  “This is Toovey.  He’s on our side.”

“Highness,” the Na’en said, bowing.

Jade returned to his true form as there was no use hiding any longer.

“Highness,” the Na’en said once more, “if you would like to follow me before the guards realise, I sent them the wrong way.”

As they began to make their way to the nursery the lights suddenly went out around them, leaving them in almost total darkness apart from a dim red light that was not easy on the eyes.

“They must realise where we are,” Toovey said.  “They are trying to make it harder for us to see where we are going.”

“They must realise darkness won’t work anymore,” Nick added.  “Kurn would know that.”

“But the red light will slow us down,” Jade added.  “Red light is not the easiest light to see in.  Even for us.”

Jade, Nick and Toovey stepped in front of a door and Toovey opened it with key card.  This room contained just one cot.  The lights were on here and Nick saw how it had been made into a nursery.  For a boy.  So, Kurn had hoped for a boy.  Nick stepped up to the cot and glanced inside.  The baby girl was awake, and she stared up at him.  She had the most beautiful eyes.  They were a very pale violet.  And human like.  Not Na’en.

“It’s a long time since  I  held a baby,” Nick said, as he bent down to pick her up.

“You’ll be getting the chance to hold your own soon.”

“Reese really did tell everything.  I’m going kill him when we get back.”

“I don’t think you will,” Jade said.  “You’re not a killer.”

“I have killed before,” Nick added.

“I know.  But never in hate.  It is not you.”

“I think we should leave, Highness,” Toovey said.  “The guards will come soon.”

“Won’t they be waiting for us at the exit?” Nick asked.

“At exit five,” Toovey explained.  “That’s where I told the guards you were headed.  We’re leaving by exit eight.  That should be far enough away.  And there’s not enough guards to cover every exit.”

Toovey began to lead the way out of the nursery and along the dark corridor.


Cai and Garion sat round the small fire Garion had built.  There still hadn’t been any sign of anything and there was no way Cai was going to leave.  No matter how much Garion tried to persuade him.  The tracker Nick was wearing hadn’t shown up on the laptop either, so it was either out of range or somewhere where the signal wasn’t getting through. 

Garion had tried to call Jack on the sat phone and again on the video link but hadn’t been able to get through on either for some reason.  Kurn must be blocking all signals.

Cai was sure Nick was still alive and that he’d find a way to get back to them.Garion agreed with Cai finally.  He thought Nick was still alive as well.  But if he didn’t show soon then they would have to fly home.  And deep down Cai knew that as well.

Garion reached into his pocket and took out a few salted peanuts, popping them into his mouth.  He had come quite addicted to the nuts since trying them out a few months ago.  He couldn’t get enough of them.  He stared into the flames, almost hypnotised by them.

Garion was becoming bored just sitting around waiting for something to happen.  He wasn’t used to so much inactivity.

Garion suddenly stood and stared ahead as if he had just seen something.

“What?” Cai asked, seeing the look on his face.

“Nick,” Garion said, looking in the distance.

“What about Nick?” Cai asked.

“He’s escaping.”

“How do you know?”

“He’s sending,” Garion explained.  “Can’t you sense it?”

“No.”  Cai stood and stared at his half-uncle.

“There’s someone helping him,” Garion continued.  “And he got… your daughter with him.”

“Daughter?” Cai asked.

Garion nodded, still staring in the distance.

“What about Ashley?” Cai asked.  He had almost been afraid to ask.

“He doesn’t say,” Garion answered.  “But he’s coming.”

Cai suddenly turned to face the sea.  “Hear that?” he asked.

“Hear what?” Garion asked.

“Just listen.  I can hear something.”

Garion turned his attention to the sea.  “Yeah.  I can hear it now.  Sounds like an engine.”

Cai began to walk towards the beach.  Garion joined him.

“Look out there,” Garion said, pointing to a small trawler about a quarter of a mile out to sea.  Suddenly, before either of them could react they heard a high-pitched buzzing.  It was so high that they had to cover their ears.  Even then it was painful to their ears.

Just before Cai passed out he saw the trawler explode, sending up a cloud of smoke and debris, and a ball of flames.  That was the last thing he remembered before he blacked out.


Nick placed some more wood on the fire and glanced down at Cai and Garion.  He had dragged them back to the campsite and by the fire as the tide had begun to go out.  Trinity had dragged them a little way but when Nick had returned the German Shepherd had led him to Cai and Garion.

The sun was beginning to set and if Nick hadn’t come when he had the tide might have swept them out to sea.  But Trinity had managed to stop that from happening.  But they had still become a little wet.

Cai’s daughter must be hungry by now.  It had been a long time since she had been fed.  There was no milk left for her here.  She had finished off the milk Nick had managed to bring with him.  But she had been so quiet.  Unlike Cai when he was a baby.

Nick glanced down at Cai as he began to wake, followed a moment later by Garion.

“How’d I get her?” Cai asked, then glanced up and saw his father.  “Nick!” he said.  “Where’d you come from?”

“It’s good to see you too,” Nick answered.

“How’d you get away?” Garion asked.

“Wouldn’t have done it without Jade and Toovey.  They were both killed helping me.”  Nick got to his feet.  “Cai,” he began.  “I have something for you.  Follow me.”  Nick began to walk towards the Sea King. Cai and Garion followed.

“My daughter,” Cai said when he saw the tiny baby.

“You received my message,” Nick observed.

“I did,” Garion explained.

“Where’s Ashley?” Cai asked.

“I’m sorry, Cai,” Nick began.  “Ashley died in childbirth.”

“She what?” Cai asked, glancing up.


“Are you sure?” Garion asked.

“Yes,” Nick answered.

Cai turned to his new baby daughter.  At least he had her.  “I’ll have to tell Ashley’s parents,” Cai suddenly said.  “And her sister.”

Nick turned and left the Sea King.  Garion joined him.  It was time to pack up and go home.  And he was sure this young lady needed some food.  And a nappy change at least.


Submitted: November 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sharon Fletchby. All rights reserved.

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