Scene From New Jersey

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A nice fall Sunday in rural New Jersey gave Sean the idea to walk to the little market for his beer before he hunkers down to watch football.

Now, Sean could have driven to the market. Being only two miles away, he would be back home in 15-20 minutes.

But, since it was a pleasant day, he decided to walk the two miles and back. "A good stretch of the legs." he thought.

Walking down the narrow two lane road with grey cloudy skies as a cover overhead. Not rain clouds. Just milky grey with hints of white and slate blue to go with the reds,yellows,browns,oranges and greens in the trees on either side of this country road.

The road was long and straight. But about halfway, there is a hill that is about two hundred feet in height and the road narrows a bit. So when cars pass each other, they must slow down. And, the sign marker is 10MPH were as the rest of the road is 35MPH.

Entering the market, Sean sees the cashier and gives her a wave as she is ringing up a customer with a child who is pleading for his mom to buy him a candy bar.

But....she won't.

As Sean looks over the selection of beer, mostly American beer. Two from Mexico and one from Canada and Japan, Sean goes with his go to beer, Coors Banquet Beer.

Picking up a bag of pretzels, he heads over towards the cashier to pay for his items.

After some small talk and exchange of currency, Sean leaves the small market and begins his walk home.

He gets to the part of the road where the hill is. But he is going downhill, so it will be easy. 

Or so he thought.

As he got about halfway down the hill, a large black pickup truck with duel exhaust and high off the ground gave a long HONK!!!!

Sean couldn't go any further to his right. He was up against the guardrail as it was.

The driver of the pickup got next to Sean and yelled, "Get off the road fuckin asshole!"

Sean just looked at him as the driver sped away.

Sean thought that was the end of that. 

It wasn't.

The pickup drove about 100ft and screeched to a stop leaving some burnt rubber on the pavement.

Sean kept walking thinking what is on this guy's mind.

The pickup went into reverse and stopped about 30ft in front of Sean.

Sean just stood there with his bag of Coors Banquet Beer and pretzels.

Out of the truck comes a very large muscular guy. A guy that size to match the truck he was driving. He was heading in Sean's direction at a determined pace.

"I didn't like the look you gave me as I drove by jerk! You got a problem or something!?"

Sean just stood there, his bag in his left hand.

The road rage driver continued towards Sean.

Sean didn't wait much longer.

He reached into the right pocket of his jacket and pulled out a .38.

The driver didn't have time to react.

Sean put a slug right between the eyes.

He went down like a sack of shit.

With his bag of Coors Banquet Beer and pretzels in his left hand, the smoking .38 in his right, Sean walks over to the driver who was on his back.

Sean looked at him. A hole in his head with blood coming out. Glassy look in his eyes. Slight chest movement letting Sean know he was still breathing.

"Can you hear me?" Sean asked as he gave the driver a slight nudge with his foot.

"All that time in the gym. All those hours and money to make you big. All those protein drinks you swallowed and steroids you probably injected, and yet you couldn't stop a bullet."

With that, Sean picks up his gun.


Three more bullets to the face.

Sean put his gun back in his jacket and began to walk home.

About 15 minutes later on the long stretch of road, Sean saw two sets of red and blue flashing lights. No sirens, just lights.

A county police car and a state trooper police car raced by him. This being a rural area, both county and state patrol this part of the road.

Sean watched them as they slowly became smaller in his vision.

Turning around, Sean headed home with his Coors Banquet Beer and pretzels to hunker down and watch football.



Submitted: November 07, 2021

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I once read a description of Kung Fu and Karate classes being filled with mild-mannered clerks practising for the one day in their life they'd meet a big bad guy.

Who'd whack them in the face.

Mon, November 8th, 2021 5:09pm


It only takes one.

Mon, November 8th, 2021 9:22am

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