Chapter 68: Chapter 68

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C/W: This chapter is the steamiest it has ever gotten so far in this story. Nothing extremely explicit. Just a warning for those who might not be expecting it and might be uncomfortable.


Hawks walked into the bar, feeling the stress of the day fall off of him like it was being washed away by a waterfall. He didn’t find it suspicious that both of his boyfriends were on the couch. He didn’t even find it suspicious that they were on opposite ends, even though he had never seen that before. In the back of his mind, if he had thought about it at all, he just assumed that it was his turn to be the center of attention, so they moved apart for him to have the middle. The middle seat was still vacant when he returned from the bathroom after having changed into his loungewear for the evening, stretching his arms over his head and spreading his wings out as he padded barefoot across the floor to join the villains on the couch.


Oh, it was his turn to be the center of attention, all right.


“Boyfriend’s here, gotta go!” Shigaraki spoke into the headset before backing out of the game.


“You don’t have to stop on my account. I suck at these things, but it’s fun to watch you two,” Hawks said as he meandered closer, letting himself plop down in between his soulmate and his boyfriend.


Dabi reached out and turned the console completely off, followed by the television.


This was new. The news or a random soap opera? Sure. But the duo never ended their gaming sessions early just because Hawks arrived, not when the increasingly familiar gamertag P05itiv3R3v0lt was hovering above one of the characters on the screen.


“Keigo, baby,” Dabi drawled as he turned his attention straight onto Hawks, stalking forward like a predator stalking its prey.


Hawks inhaled sharply at the butterflies slamming around the sides of his stomach and shifted sideways on the couch so that Dabi was approaching him straight-on, turning his back in Shigaraki’s direction. When Dabi neared closer, Shigaraki’s hands were there, pulling Hawks backwards to lean against his chest, legs already on either side to accommodate Hawks’s frame as Dabi closed in. Hawks allowed his wings to drop and rest comfortably, slotted between himself and Shigaraki without smothering him.


It was amazing to see Dabi and Shigaraki so in sync, but when they used it against Hawks like this, he could die a happy man. Hawks figured that if they ever found out what he had been planning to do for the Hero Commission, that this would be the best way to die: Trapped between the two men who he had fallen hard for. One, his soulmate given to him by fate itself, the other, a genuine man who follows his own strict moral code who has made him feel so valued and protected.


Hawks felt Shigaraki entangle his fingers into his hair, scratching deliciously at his scalp as Dabi leaned in to steal a kiss, the familiar cold metal of the staples a welcome comfort. Dabi pulled away too quickly, but then immediately started trailing kisses down Hawks’s jaw, moving down to spread kisses along his neck.


Hawks breathing picked up as he relaxed further, leaning back into Shigaraki’s chest, head lolling backwards onto Shigaraki’s shoulder as Dabi’s warm hands slid up under Hawks’s shirt, tracing delicate, shiver-inducing patterns on Hawks’s stomach, right above the hemline of his shorts.


Hawks let out a sigh as Dabi’s hands warmed up further; he had never felt so relaxed and wound-up at the same time. He wasn’t in a rush, though, and neither of the villains sandwiching him seemed to be, either. Moving slowly, taking their time.


So, Hawks was surprised when Dabi’s hands continued to heat up until they were no longer just warm. It wasn’t enough to burn him, but they felt hot and searing against his skin.


He forced his eyes to refocus and looked down at Dabi, who was smiling up at him maliciously.


“You’ve been keeping secrets, pretty bird,” he whispered.


Hawks tensed up, ready to sit up and possibly beg for his life, but the grip in his hair tightened and pulled his head back to rest firmly in the crook of Shigaraki’s shoulder, temple right against the side of Shigaraki’s jaw. Powdery blue hair brushed against Hawks’s forehead and cheekbone as he tried to control his heavy breathing. He looked sideways at Shigaraki from the corner of his eye, a malicious smiling gracing his face to match Dabi’s as red eyes stared straight through his eyes and into his soul.


Hawks felt a cold rush through his head as his blood rushed to his extremities, preparing him to fight or flee, but all Hawks could do was freeze. There was nowhere to run with Dabi in front of him and Shigaraki right behind. There was no will to fight, not against them, and not when he knew that this would happen eventually, inevitably.


“Relax,” Shigaraki commanded, even as one hand tightened in Hawks’s hair to keep him in place and the other slowly, gently glided against Hawks’s skin to rest on his throat that was completely exposed from the angle of resting his head back against Shigaraki. “We’re just going to talk.”


There was no pressure behind his hand, no promise or even a hint of cutting his airway off, but with a quirk like Shigaraki’s, a threat was present all the same. Shigaraki hummed as he felt the quick pulse just below Hawks’s skin. He hummed again, eyes rolling back when Hawks spoke, and he felt the vibrations of his voice through his skin. Dabi smiled up at Shigaraki, knowingly, before redirecting his icy blue gaze back on Hawks.


“I’ll tell you anything you want to know,” Hawks had said.


“We know you will, Keigo,” Dabi responded, his voice gravelly with lust, threat, or anticipation, Hawks wasn’t sure. “But first, you need to relax.”


When he took a mental assessment of himself, Hawks realized that his elbows were drawn back, resting against Shigaraki’s hips as Shigaraki sat directly behind him, legs bent out on either side of Hawks, fully trapping him in as if his hands weren’t enough; however, that wasn’t completely of Shigaraki’s own doing. Hawks’s forearms were tucked tightly against his sides, and his hands were in tight fists around the fabric of Shigaraki’s pants, pulling in toward himself, keeping Shigaraki’s legs firmly around him.


It was kind of grounding, making Shigaraki surround him like that. But still, when Dabi reached out with warm hands to unfurl Hawks’s fists, Hawks let him. Warm hands got warmer as they rubbed and kneaded Hawks’s hands and forearms, helping him to follow the command that he relax, before moving up to his shoulders. Dabi’s hands stayed at a relaxing range, not rising again to the edge between very warm and too hot.


Hawks almost felt tired by the time Dabi had made his way up to rub out the knots and tension in his neck. He tried to ignore how he and Shigaraki would share a charged look over his shoulder when Dabi’s gentle fingers would caress the hand that Shigaraki still had resting against Hawks’s throat.


Shigaraki hummed once again when Hawks had fully relaxed, allowing his full weight to rest against Shigaraki, his head easily moving whichever direction Shigaraki’s fingers prodded as he released his grip on his hair and resumed to trace and scratch patterns onto his scalp.


“That’s a good, little hero,” Shigaraki drawled in Hawks’s ear. He was pleased when Hawks remained relaxed instead of tensing up again, and he nodded briefly at Dabi to get started.


Dabi slotted himself between Hawks’s legs. When Hawks started to tense up again, he fell quickly back into full relaxation as Dabi continued to use his warmed hands to caress Hawks’s sides under his shirt, sliding down over his hips, to the inside of his knees, and then back up again, warming his inner thighs through the fabric of his shorts with a slow, gentle glide of his hands.


Hawks had guessed for a while that these two men were too good for him. It was confirmed now, no doubt left in his mind about it. Despite being villains, at least they followed a code. It was a code set by themselves, sure, but not one that they just broke whenever they felt like it, not like how Hawks was told one thing by the Hero Commission, and then the next day told to ignore all the rules he was just told and do this other unethical thing instead. If it was for the greater good, then it was fine, right? It was fine to sacrifice his own morals if it meant saving people. It was fine to bend a few rules and fight dirty if the Hero Commission would come out on top.


Villains were irredeemable, is what they raised Hawks to believe. Yet, here these villains were, showing him immense mercy and grace in a time where he expected them to be cruel and unforgiving. Where he expected them to take great pleasure in his suffering, they eased him into total relaxation. Hawks knew that he didn’t deserve to die that way. He had fully accepted that they would slowly torture him if they ever found him out, and he knew that’s what he deserved: Nothing more and nothing less. But it was also the Hero Commission who put that fearful thought into his head, how if he were to ever be caught, the villains would do worse to him than what the Commission ever did, so he should be grateful that the Commission had gone through so much trouble to train him so well to reduce the chances of that ever happening.


But no. Hawks was going to die fully relaxed and comfortable. The only pain he’d feel is his heartbreak that he couldn’t have been good enough to choose a side and take action before it was too late, that he hurt these two misfits by shoving himself between them, where fate had no goddamn right to put him.


If he cried tears of regret, it wasn’t because he ended up where he was, it was because he came along and ruined a good thing while he was at it. He ruined everything he touched, so why was he stupid enough to believe that his soulmate might be the exception?


“Tell us what you know, Kei,” Dabi said softly, busying himself with tracing warm patterns on Hawks’s hip bones. “Fill us in, yeah?”


Hawks took a deep breath in and let it out; it didn’t even shudder. He kept his eyes closed as he talked, partly to continue to stay relaxed, and partly to not see the look of betrayal on their faces.


“The Hero Commission sent me here as a double agent, and I’ve been reporting back to them regularly.”


Dabi’s hands paused their calming circles for just a second before starting up again. Hawks kept his eyes closed, not wanting to see the killing blow when it comes.


“They sent me in to take you down from the inside, and they’ve been building plans with the information I’ve been sending back to them. When I told them that you were my soulmate, Dabi, I thought they would pull me out, bring me back, find a different way in, but they didn’t. They said it was a good thing, and you’d never see it coming. When I found out that you and Shigaraki were already together, I thought that might be my way out, but they said to use it against you two, to start making you fight and tear your loyalty and ranks apart from the inside.”


Shigaraki not only continued to scratch at Hawks’s scalp throughout his confession, but also started to trace delicate patterns across his neck, making the hand that seemed so threatening before feel so calming, caring, and maybe even loving. Occasionally, Shigaraki let his fingers wander up to caress Hawks’s jaw, brush at the sensitive skin behind his ears, before trailing back down to slide across his collar bones.


“What did they say when they found out that all three of us are together?” Dabi asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the peaceful, delicate balance of relaxation and harsh truth that Hawks had found.


“They don’t know,” Hawks said simply.


“Why not?” Shigaraki inquired, keeping his voice soft to match the mood of the other two.


“They didn’t ask. So, I didn’t tell them.”


Hawks felt Shigaraki’s jaw twitch against his temple. He wasn’t sure if it was agitation or maybe something like amusement. He didn’t understand how anything he did could affect someone as powerful as Shigaraki in any way.


“Omission of the facts. I’m sure they wouldn’t take kindly to that,” Shigaraki said matter-of-factly. “What’s their plan?”


“For me to act jealous and possessive, say that I changed my mind and want my soulmate for myself. Let you argue among yourselves and send the signal when everything turns to chaos for the Pros to swoop in and save the day.”


“And if that didn’t work?” Dabi asked. “If we were just like, ‘sure, whatever.’ What would happen then?”


“I’m supposed to kill you in your sleep.”


Dabi huffed out a short, quiet laugh. “When’s the deadline for my untimely demise?” Dabi asked, a teasing lilt in his voice.


“Last week,” Hawks breathed out, squeezing his eyes shut a little tighter at the anxiety of having a missed deadline and his handler breathing down his back. “I told them you’ve been having trouble sleeping, so I couldn’t get a good opportunity.”


“Oh,” Dabi drawled, “moving into flat-out lies, are we? I’ve never slept better, Kei. You know that,” he teased. “What did they say?”


“That if it doesn’t happen soon, I just need to take the risk anyway. That I’ll be a martyr, and future generations will learn all about me and what I’ve done for hero society.”


Hawks forced himself to relax further into Shigaraki’s hold as his fingers tensed over his neck, knowing that if Shigaraki was about to turn him into that martyr he spoke of, he deserved it.


“They were preparing you to die?” Shigaraki whispered, but the snarl in his voice was unmistakable.


“You both know as well as I do that I wouldn’t stand a chance against you two. Not even if I wanted to.”


“Maybe not on your own,” Dabi admitted. “But with Kaminari Denki, who can literally turn into lighting, on your side, I think the outcome would highly skew in your favor.”


Hawks opened his eyes then, and stopped breathing, staring straight ahead at the wooden planks of the ceiling.


Shigaraki forced his fingers to relax and trace swirling patterns again. He hummed. “Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble, birdy, but the Commission is not what we were talking about when we asked for information.”


Hawks made a move to sit up, but Shigaraki was prepared for that and tightened his grip against the blonde strands once again.


“Please, he doesn’t—” Hawks choked off his own argument before it could leave his lips. With how badly he wanted to protect Denki, he knew he couldn’t lie to Dabi and Shigaraki. Even if he could force the lie out, that Denki couldn’t actually do it, or that it would be a long time before he had control over it, they would see right through it, and it would make everything worse.


“We saw it in person. I can’t believe you didn’t tell us you were working on some crazy shit like that!” Dabi said, leaning back, but still continuing to rub his quirk-warmed hands up and down Hawks’s legs. He laughed. “It’s ground-breaking, really! I knew he had potential from the first time I met him, but lightning potential? You really have a keen eye for that kind of thing, don’t you?”


Hawks thought Dabi was being cruel, saying that he saw potential in Denki from the moment they had kidnapped him. Hawks might have had a better idea about that if Denki had been able to tell him literally anything about his time with the League. Maybe it would have helped Hawks prevent this exact moment from happening. And what the hell was Dabi thinking? Turning Hawks into some kind of talent recruitment specialist for the League? And that would only be a possibility if they decided to look past Hawks’s transgressions and betrayals, or at least let him earn the trust back instead of killing him right away. Did Hawks just jump out of the frying pan and into the fire?


Dabi wasn’t being cruel, though, because Denki’s capture from the training camp was not the first time they had met, and that isn’t what Dabi was talking about. Dabi watched Denki as Denki watched his peers climbing the ranks, constantly and consistently improving, getting better and better day by day, month by month, year by year, only for himself to feel stagnant. For Dabi’s own soulmate to be able to bring something out in Denki that no one else had seen was amazing, and a testament to the fact that fate got it right for once: Dabi and Hawks were meant to be together.


Fate only got a minimally passing score on that front, though, because Shigaraki definitely should have been included in the soulmate situation.


Dabi leaned forward again, capturing Hawks’s lips in a searing kiss. When Shigaraki finally activated his quirk, it was to rid Hawks of his shirt instead of his life.


As he lied in bed that night between two villains, Hawks wondered how much time he had left, now that he told the League of Villains about his continuing work for the Hero Public Safety Commission. With the League’s vested interest in Denki, though, Hawks didn’t feel grateful for the life he had left, what little of it there might have been left.

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