The man with the one Eye spectacle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Is someone expecting a story where you know the killer but you don't know how or what he did, then this is the correct story for you. With another robbery, Holmes is back with twists and spins. Read an enjoy.
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P.S. Sorry if there isn't any romance, I am 15yrs old.

The man with the One Eye Spectacle


It was midnight at its last stroke when Mr. Berry heard the sound for the third time in the same minute. It was a clanging sound with continuing rolling and metallic sounds. He knew something was off place and had to go and check.
“Who’s there?” He asked in a faint and feeble voice
“Who’s there?” He yelled this time.

Suddenly the sound increased in pace. Mr. Berry followed the sound and he reached the jewelry locker room. It wasn’t much of a grand room but it had one big locker to be messed with. It had shelves on either sides and a shocking sight was to see the locker was open and there was nothing inside!

Mr. Berry stood there astounded, not knowing whom to call or what to yell. But a moment later he saw something cross the corridor of his palace. He ran towards there and saw two people. One with a very generous and big hat and the other had nothing noticeable on. They started to run immediately with all the loot in the bag.

“Catch them, anyone please come” Berry yelled. But it was too late, they had overrun him and have got out through the back.

Back to 221B Bakers Street, Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be able to sleep any more peaceful than this in his entire life. With all his strength he had locked the pillow to death between his arms and his legs, poles apart. According to Holmes, he always makes his coffee and his keeps his home the same way, that similarly both of them doesn’t have sweet or sugar.

His alarm rang with a high pitched ringing as any alarm would do. Holmes suddenly woke up in a straight start like a military man and marched towards the alarm which had a note pasted to it reading “The worst alarm in the world”. Everyone knew that it wasn’t the worst but, not to hurt Holmes’ feeling everyone had to call it the worst.

By everyone here, I mean only one person. Stan Brandon, the only other person in the world who knew and understood Holmes. They were pals and they still are.

Holmes hopped into the half broken staircase and was ready in minutes. The TV was shouting about the ball at the Queen’s palace.
“It would be a life-saving favor if you would reduce the volume, brandy” Holmes shouted annoyed.
“Oh yes Holmes, just say that to your cat, I am in the kitchen, its that animal watching the TV”
“I told you to call him dragon, I prefer to call him by his name, and since when do cats watch TV Stan?”
“ I think today Holmes”

He gave a little smile and exhaled from his mouth, and called it a laugh. Before he couldn’t continue the argument, he heard the bell ring. He went to the door which was the messiest at the whole house dumped with all old case files. He went through all the dump tip-toeing and reached the door. He opened the door and saw the constable there.
“Sir, it-“
“Tell Mr. Berry I would be there for lunch or before, thanks” and he shut the door.
“I think you should be more patient Holmes, what if he has come here to tell there is going to be an earthquake?”
“No possibility Stan, and if he was here to tell anything else, he would’ve rung the bell again, By now at least.”

Holmes then cut off the conversation and went up to get dresses. Not to say anything about his dress, he always wore the same color and design. The shopkeeper himself ran out of stock for the particular design. Just three layers of all maroon patched with a little brown, the inner one as a shirt, the second as waistcoat, and the last as coat over all, and his hat was the oldest available one in any shop which has a little feather on the left.

Stan was waiting for him in the door step for him and they were off.
“let’s take a taxi or a bus” Suggested Stan
“The traffic of London says no, Brandy”
“But we have to be on time”
“That will happen. We will be early if we walk”

And the rest were overlapped by the traffic of London.

They were there at the residence of the Berry’s’ in a quarter of an hour.
The Palace itself was a competition to the factories of London. I was gigantic with all the things of the museum for decoration. As they entered the gate, they had to walk almost a quarter mile to get to the house. As they went in, they were welcomed by 2 dozen maids, a red carpet and the family.

To the surprise to Holmes none of them were in tears except for Mrs. Berry. Her eyes all red, indicating she had stressed her eyes in crying all night. As they welcomed Holmes, he started to look around. He noticed a few things, a little fight across coming in the house, the doorknob was twisted, indicating the robber had the guts to enter through the front gate itself.

 “Suspicious this is” whispered Holmes. And on his left he saw the paper with headlines saying about the Queen’s Ball and at the left corner of the first page was the robbery news. To his right was muddy and dirty carpet which showed the thieves had enough time dust off their boots at the entry.

Now Mr. Berry started talking in a very deep and commercial voice “thanks for coming Mr. Holmes, we expected the best of the best detectives to look into this and we couldn’t find one better than you.”
“Oh well I think I must introduce Stan Brandon, my partner, and no more time to was, we must move.” Said Holmes as he was welcomed.
“yes of course, this way” And he led the way.
Holmes started to enquire, “you said that you saw two people in the paper and wasn’t able to catch them, can you please elaborate?”
“Yes Mr. Holmes, but let me show the scene and guide through then”
“Sure” he said softly.

When they reached the locker room, they saw the police was already there, before Holmes went in, Mr. Berry stopped him there and whispered “Careful with the new Inspector, he seems too arrogant” and let go of him.

Holmes went in and seized the scene for himself. He pushed them all and stood at the middle.
Slowly he started turning around and seeing, He first started with the locker itself, he bent over to the key slot to see if it was meddled, or burnt. But there was nothing to show it was meddled, it looked like it was opened with the key.

Then he turned around and looked around at the shelves which had heavy and equally costly items there. He closely examined each one of them, The usual Horse-head, a rabbit, a half lion-monkey, and many more items. And at the end of the shelf at his right he saw a big pair of earrings, diamond they were and it was kept so that it would fall anytime.

“Which direction did they run Mr. Berry?” Holmes asked
“They went through your right Mr. Holmes.” He answered confusingly. “He felt a little guilty maybe and considered the diamond earrings at least.”
“No he did not” He answered cutting Berry off. “Seems like he left only this earring pair intentionally, he just left it in the corner and ran away, but why would anyone miss a diamond earring?” Holmes was confused.
Then he continued “The keyhole is not been meddled with, someone with the keys had done this, please can you tell what else happened then Mr. Berry?”
“Well they ran that way” He indicated
“Let’s move then” and he started walking. As they went through and took a right, he saw something to his left. There was a armor, a Knight’s armor, in whose breastplate’s end was a little piece of cloth.
“your knight in shining armor has been a great help Mr. Berry” He held up the cloth for everyone to see. But before he could examine it, the new inspector grabbed it from his hand.
“And why would you do that Inspector?” Asked Stan who was a spectator till now.
“Evidence shouldn’t be meddled with mere hands of people like his, might mislead the case due then” He replied
“You dare sa-“
“let them have Stan, it’ll be back soon to our hands.” Sherlock replied
The inspector soon then put it in the cover and wrote evidence on it. As they moved there soon to the back entrance, they saw some boot prints back there, and the measures were already recorded.
And that was it. Nothing was helping and to be derived from.
As they went in, Holmes saw someone, it was a maid, she ran away immediately as she saw them. The guards went behind her and bought her. She kept her hands behind her back and hung her head.
“Who is this out of all maids, Mr. Berry?” Holmes inquired.
“She is chief maid and she doesn’t like company” He replied
“Does she have a key or something to the locker?” he asked
“Well yes she does” he answered interestingly , “But why would she come today if she robbed yesterday Holmes?”
And that was a correct question, why would she come?

He gave a thought to that and saw around, and saw Jr, Berry. He was standing there, more like a statue. Nothing was expressed in his face. As he made eye contact with Holmes, he subtly turned around and started going in to the house. As he went to the stairs, he slipped and fell down. He quickly got up and went into the house.
Holmes then turned around and started talking, “Looks tough Mr. Berry, I want more time and the whole list must be prepared of all items missing.”
Then he turned away and went back into the house. He walked to Stan
“Something is wrong with the maid, Brandy”
“Yes I noticed too, maybe she is the one, after all, she just came to make sure no one is having a suspicion against her.”
“A good detective never assumes the victim first, he goes for the clues and then the guilty.”

And they both walked to the entrance. As they were about to move out, they saw Mr. Berry calling out for them. They walked to him and he said “One more person Mr. Holmes”
And he pointed to the guest house.
“He is the supervisor for everything, my business, maids, grocery and everything you name. His name is Gibbon Gilbert. Never comes out other than for work.”

“Pay him a visit Stan?”
“My pleasure, Holmes”

They went in and saw a grumpy old man there. Sitting and relaxing with some notes looking like financial calculations. They approached him and before they could start with the questions-
“I know something is wrong with the house, and I didn’t see anyone yesterday. You can come anytime for help, but please never come for questioning.”

And he got back to work.
“I think we got enough answers. Brandy, c’mon” He called and they left.
They went out and shook their head saying to Berry that it wasn’t Gibbon. Then Holmes had to talk to the inspector to give a brief for the report. He went near the stairs outside and started explaining.

As he was telling a theory of what had happened. He saw someone at the gate outside. A black coat till the knees, a large hat, with a golden watch in his hand connected to his waistcoat with a golden chain, and a one eye spectacle with a golden chain again connecting to his waistcoat.
The stranger was cleaning his spectacle while Holmes saw him. But as soon as he wore the glass, he found out he was spotted. Immediately he ran. Everyone started to chase him.
In the front went Stan and then the police, while at last Holmes decided to take a wagon instead.

He ran in a little maze manner, intending confusing, but was not able to overrun Stan who was one athlete of a man. Stan just jumped over him and got hold of his leg. But the stranger immediately removed his boots and went on with one leg with socks.

The police went behind him but he took a left and disappeared. Stan then got up. Holmes reached him and said “Two more clues partner, one, the shoe size, two, he lives towards the left.”
“How do you know Holmes? He could’ve gone that way to get home right?”
“Yes Brandy, but it’s a dead end and no more ways are connected there. And assuming if he went into someone else’s house, by now they would’ve shouted for help. So he lives there or his friend does.”
“Should we go and check now?”
“Well I think we must leave it to the police because we have a ball to attend at the Queen’s palace.”

They left to home and changed into coats of black and white. Stan made himself look like a bartender and Holmes looked like he was the chauffer for Her Highness herself. Both of them looked less British and more American, but the hat closed it all again to British.
The chose to take the taxi this time, and reached the Queen’s palace which was crowded like the whole world was there, and apparently it was there.

They had to wait half an hour more to even get into the ballroom. There they met several unknown people who greeted them. The Ballroom was decorated very grandly with all the materials ever found for decorations. Holmes found himself a spot in the first floor where was less crowd. He could see almost everyone who came in or went out. He saw his friends, the postmaster, his old friend’s grandma, his neighbor, and Stan’s friend’s wife’s grandmother too. And then came the Berry’s’. Mr. Berry was in confined traditional jacket, Mrs. Berry, who even had her jewels robbed looked the most exquisite.

She wore a white shining dress, for which surprisingly the earrings matched perfectly. She had not a worry in her face but full of joy for the ball. Holmes didn’t enjoy the ball but he did with the drinks. He tried all eatables and left home at last. He received the list of items which were robbed the last day. But he wasn’t steady enough to check and fell asleep.

The next day he had to wake up early enough to check all the items and confirm with the Berry’s’. He called them and crossed every item they say and it matched.
“Quite the work you’ve done, Holmes”
“Ah, I wasn’t expecting you this early, Brandy. But still make yourself useful get ready, we have places to go.”
“Where Holmes?”
“Did you forget the guy with the spectacle? Well I checked the size of the boot you grabbed and caught with the measures of the boot prints at Berry residence, Ta-Da, they matched. And the other boot print still remains a mystery.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean find the guy with the spectacle and the case is closed. Now get ready, there are only 8 houses in the dead end street. We have to check all of them.”

And they both got back into their normal daily wears and set off walking.
“Also I forgot Holmes, in 2 days Mrs. Berry and Jr. Berry are leaving for a relaxation trip.”
“Those people have enough money for that Stan, so don’t you bother”
“But I don’t know how you want to go to a relaxation trip on a boat to Asia when all your jewels are missing?”

This was the last line which implanted silence amongst the two until they reached the 12th street.
When they reached there, he had to knock on every door, like a beggar lost in the cold nights.
“Brandy, the floor is yours” and he stepped aside. Brandon knocked on the first door. After almost an approximate of 10 minutes, an old lady opened. The partners enquired all about the street and she got angry and chased them away with a stick.
The same was with the next two houses, but the difference was that the 2nd was a bull man and the 3rd was a young age wrestler.

Now Holmes was to knock the 4th and last door of the left. When he knocked, an old man opened. Inside was a very big hotel.
“Is this a Hotel sir?” Holmes asked
“No sonny, this is a church owned home, out for rent at cheaper rates, you want to book any sonny?”
“I am sorry sir no, but was there anyone with a black coat-“
“Oh yes son, that wretched man, always comes in dirty, running and all, all the laundry is dirty because of his one dirty sock. Wonder where his boot went.”
“It’s him” Stan said to Holmes
“Can we see the room sir, we are from the police” Holmes lied , partially.
“Sonny please arrest that guy, always ruining anything.”
“Yes I will, only if he would get caught, I will” Holmes whispered.

The old man guided them through the long hallway, and he went into the basement looking hallway again. All of it were green, everything around, covered in green color. Then there was the 2nd door, near the end of the hallway. The old man opened it for them and -
“ah Holmes it’s you, I was about to shoot you.” It was the new inspector.
“Glad not to see you inspector” Said Holmes
“Too late you are Holmes that we already examined the place.” He threw at him
“Never too late inspector, just on time always, so says my instinct. So before anything happens, can you tell what you found?’
“Nothing Holmes, we ourselves were too late.” He said in disappointment.

Holmes took a look around. There was nothing at all. Not even the regular furniture. Just the bed and the table near it.
“Look at this Sherry” Stan called
“Why prefer ‘Sherry’ when the inspector is around, Brandy?” Holmes asked annoyingly. But what Brandon showed took him one awe.
It was the difference in the carpet, some circles in the carpet looked compressed, the hairs weren’t looking us at it would always.
“This looks like some loot kept here was-“
He stopped when he saw another difference in the carpet, but it was the light this time, one little dot of light looked less denser, more lighter, more refracted, it was passing from a lens.
“taken right now” he completed
The refracted ray was coming from his lens, he was watching all the time now. Now Holmes turned right away and saw a hole, in that a lens and one eye.
“He’s watching, a eye hole and a secret one he built it and was watching all the time, go, go, go” Holmes yelled.

Everyone rushed out and got out of the dungeon, to the road where he was running away with the loot, and yet again this time, he got away easily.

“Nevermind Holmes we know where to go” Stan said
“And where do you propose, Brandy?”
“He should’ve given all details to the church sherry so it’s all there” and he was right. Someone must provide enough information to get accommodation in church houses/lodges.
But it was too late. From now Sherlock was a mere spectator, the police took it from there.

He just went behind all of them and saw them go into the dusty files of the church.
“Quite the magic here is that, it only appears dusty, but the files inside are good as new”

And they got the name, Miranda Jones, it was the maid. The chief maid.

Now the police worked like a machine. They ran off to her home and her sons were there, they claimed nothing was there, but the police found it out the loot, the boots the second son wore a golden spectacle, and the torn piece of cloth fit in her dress. As they came out of the dandelion garden with all whitish paints over their dress, they were taken to custody.
The trial in the court was unnecessary considering all the evidence was against them. And by evening all the three of them were sent to prison.

Holmes felt incomplete, he felt outlasted from the case. Now all the cameras were towards the inspector, all the fame he was supposed to get.

He had to go one last time again to sign as their personal detective. He went to Mrs. Berry’s room and she welcomed him.
“come in Mr. Holmes, I was expecting you sooner or later.”
“Yes Mrs. Berry always up to expectations” he replied looking around the room.
“Nice room here Mrs. Berry, wine, books, night lamp with batteries not inserted. Nice night reader aren’t you?”
“Nice observation Holmes, but I think I only have enough time for your signature that I have to be at the docks tomorrow morning.”
“Sure milady” and he signed the papers

He flipped through them to see details and collected his copy of the data and was about to leave, when he noticed something strange. After seeing that he immediately knew that the night was going to be one of the adventurous…

Next day at the docks, Mrs. Berry and Jr. Berry were ready to board the ship while they heard a big horn to their left. And everyone was shocked to see Holmes sitting on the carrier lifted by the crane. He turned to everyone and started speaking in a loud noise which normal people prefer calling shouting.
“Oh hello passengers, today you have the luck to witness the story telling competition here, the first competitor is” he dragged “me” he finished.
“Today’s story is about Mrs. Berry, and I am sure everyone will be surprised to hear it. Okay police you have the victim here, please do arrest her before she leaves.” Everyone was shocked. The police came in and arrested her, and the new inspector gave a nod to Holmes

“Now let’s make it clear for everyone, it was never the maid, it was her from the first. Yesterday, I saw something white on your coat while I was about to leave with my copy of the case. Then I remembered about the dandelions at the maid’s house. There I realized, why would you ever go there? And then it started making sense. It first became clear that you intentionally kept the earrings behind because you had to be presentable in the Queen’s ball. And you took some time to dust off the mud from your shoes which supported the fact it was you because no other normal thief would take some time to clean shoes at their entry. As I came out I matched your boots with the footprints and they matched perfectly, but I needed evidence not theory.”

Everyone was quite not even a gasp or agreeing yes. So Curious. Now Stan continued-
“Then sherry called me” everyone laughed a little while Sherlock gave an angry stare “and asked me to come fast. I reached there and we went to Gibbon’s home. We asked him if he could recall seeing the dress in the laundry ever at all in the recent days, and thanks to his memory power he remembered exactly when, the day next to the robbery, and one of the employee asked if he should throw away the dress because it was torn.”
Now Holmes took from here-
“Now this said she was the one who stole from the house. Next off we went to the church because I felt suspicious, because that the other day, only the file we saw looked good as new-“
“Because it of course was new” Stan interrupted
“we saw the date when the maid moved in and it was one day before we tracked the man with the golden spectacle down. And surprise, surprise, surprise, the old owner was Mrs. Berry herself. She intentionally changed it to the maid to frame her. And when I got back home, I cross checked and verified all the values recorded in this case to ensure nothing is wrong so that it can be provided as proof and I saw the list of stolen and the list of the retrieved, and found out that everything was there other than one diamond necklace, for which you claimed insurance last night. And where is the necklace?” Holmes asked mockingly “Ah, what a mystery, what is that on your neck Mrs. Berry?” He asked comically, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the diamond necklace which she wore right there.”

She had no choice and nowhere to run, Mr. Berry was furious and the police were to arrest her, they held her and collected the necklace and submitted as evidence again. Now it was game over, the real thief found out and it’s the end of the story. But is it the end?

Now Stan and Holmes got down and went to the police again and said
“Did we forget something else Stan?” He asked dramatically
“Oh yes Holmes, what about the second footprint , the second guy Holmes what of him?”

Mr. Berry and everyone turned back to listen again.

Now Holmes took out a paper and handed it over to Jr. Berry.
“The answer is there, just read it our Jr.” He said. But Jr. just stood there staring at the paper trying to figure out what was written in there.
Now Holmes took out a lens from his coat and held it in front of his right eye, now he read out aloud, “Jr. Berry. No way, you have no proof” he yelled.
“Give me some time to show what I got, son, then you proceed yelling. The first day I saw you stumble over the stairs, and I knew something was wrong with your sight, but then in between the case, I went to the highest quality specs maker shop called High-see, and asked for the customer information of people who had bought the model with a golden chain. And I found 2 people, I went to both of the houses and in yours only I found the same golden spectacle-one-eye, and the black coat with that. But I had to confirm, because the other guy could’ve dumped all the stuff at your house and framed you, so I went to Gibbon and checked the accounts and this type was bought for the house 3 times, One- for yourself Jr. Berry, Two- to frame the maid’s son, Three- for the other person.”
Everyone looked confused and started murmuring, but Stan continued-
“I know you’re thinking ‘why should they buy the lens for the third person themselves?’ that is because the third person is Mr. Berry himself. I got confused there only. But I assumed the heights and compared the places where the stranger was spotted and Mr. Berry was with us when the stranger was spotted 2 times.”
Everyone started applauding and whooping for Holmes and Stan and another case was solved, the police arrested them, and the partners went back to 221B Bakers Street.

“Well Stan, what do you think? Are you thinking about thanking me for the applause?”
“I think yes Holmes, I did nothing but you bought me into the frame. It was all your assumptions and theories and evidences, but you told people that I helped too. It is quite the brain and intelligence you got. Thanks Holmes.”
Holmes just gave a pleasant smile and nodded at him.

Now that the case is complete the pair has only one more job left, after all this confusion, clean up the house and the walls which now has evidence all around, scribbled and messed up with and over.

Quietly Holmes got back to bed and folded his arms around the pillow and in minutes he slept and swifted back into his peaceful sleep again.
Although he heard all the noises under and the furniture falling, he just slept a peaceful sleep while Stan Brandon shouted-

“Sherlock Holmes, Help Me”



Submitted: November 08, 2021

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