Clothed In Peace

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic


This wretched woman's time had come

To reconcile her sins and pains

Her own blood had become her cage

As spirit dripped from her sweet frame


She yearned to reach out and adore

To exorcize her scarlet foe

And find a rare and blessed relief

That only this man could bestow


Her breath in gasps, her heart aflame

She gently negotiates the crowd

Until she spies salvation's form

His garment whiter than the clouds


With secret prayer she extends her hand

And gently grasps his flowing gown

Desperate that he does not

Notice her and turn around


For this moment she has lived

Enduring lonesome misery

Till hope appeared in prophet form

And a promise that could set her free


But as she knelt with hand gripped tight

The garment's owner sensed her touch

And turned to gaze upon her plight

And stooped and smiled and raised her up


His face ablaze with love and joy

Her spirit soared and her heart did swell

As he praised her courage and her faith

And told her they had made her well


The Christ had conquered blood and pain

And other times the sightless eyes

Had calmed the storm and eased the rain

And even death his will despised


He taught patience and mercy true

To trust in God to set things right

And forgive those who learn to hate

And cease from anger and it's fight


He made no riches, nor praises sought

But humbled he at others feet

Rejected men's sad power games

And thus selfishness did defeat


Today this world proclaims his name

And sings his praises publicly

Two billion followers know his words

And call us “Christianity”


Yet, if this world's “Christian” lands

Are grasping Jesus' garment tight

Then why is peace so far away

And nations ready or the fight?


For not prince of politics is Jesus Lord

or king of fury thus unleashed

But for grace and God's own glory

Is he the blessed “Prince of Peace”

Submitted: November 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Moomin. All rights reserved.

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