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 It's been two weeks since I kicked Trey out and he hasn’t called, sent gifts or tried to come by. The kids miss him and keep asking when their dad is coming back. The truth is I don’t know. My mom is saying take him back, husband should have a mistress or two and my friends are saying to leave him he is just gonna get worse. I think my mom is wrong. My dad cheats on my mom daily and he still does. He has side kids and I could see that it hurts my mom. I don’t want me or my kids to go through that ever. So there is only one choice. I’m getting a divorce and no one is changing my mind. Not even two seconds after I made up my mind to get a divorce I got a call. My friends send me some girls' instagram and tell me to look at her page. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. It's the girl from the party and according to her instagram her triplets are here and she is getting married. That is not what's so shocking, it's who she is marrying, Trey. How can they get married when me and Trey are still married. This made me feel even better about my choice. He doesn't have time to see his kids, but he is marrying some tramp he met who knows where. This is gonna break my kids. Especially the girls they loved waking him up by jumping on him and saying “Do you love me daddy?” What about TJ, I see how kids turn out with no father in their life and that's not what I want for my kids. I think I’m having second thoughts about this whole thing. Should I fight for my husband and family or should I walk away and take my kids?

Submitted: November 08, 2021

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