Chapter 4: Promise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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with bread crumbs. He loved animals and wanted to protect them. He would sit by Chris's farm talking to the animals although they weren't responding.

After spending five minutes feeding the crumbs to the pigeons he got up and made his way home. He could hear the cries of a dog crying and that was enough to alarm him to run to help the dog.

Coming around the corner there a boy was beating the dog. He pushed away the boy and help the dog.

The dog was badly injures. Phoenix rush home to his mother,Marcella for her to help the dog.

He could never understand why mankind abuse animal,while they did some much for them. Horses carrying them from one place to another and the dogs that protect them.

After reaching home he watched his mother tend to the injured dog injuries.

After his mother was finished he went outside and rest the dog on the lish green grass.

"I promise I'll protect you and try change life for the animals."

Phoenix had always saw life on a different perspective from others

Ms.Brown an old woman was passing by and heard his promise. What Phoenix said brought a smile to her face. She had lived a long life and saw all brutality animals went through. She was happy there was somebody that still cared for animals.

"And you shall keep your promise."

She repeated those words of the spell and by tomorrow he would be a horse.

He could only help the animals if he knew their pain, experience and suffering and their perspective of life.

She continued on her walk satisfied and happy.

That night Phoenix went to his bed,dreaming about a future where animals weren't abused,happy and treated as an equal.

As the sun rose,instead of waking up in his bed Phoenix was on the farm as an horse. He could hear a animals talking.

Although it was hard to believe he was an horse he knew this was a chance he had gotten to help change the animals future but he couldn't do it without their help.

With a smile he went on to mingle with the other animals.


"Someone will work twice as harder if they think they are doing it for themselves."

"Everyone is equal"





Submitted: November 09, 2021

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