Rick and Morty's, the unguided one

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When rick makes a mistake he need some insurance and his plans have always served him well, but this time for rick has he gone to far

I come to find this one, not a suitable piece of work, but it's ok...

((At first we a have a view of the smiths house then))

((Rick is working on a machine in his open garage where he is working on some sort of device that he turns on an alarm sounds))

((Whop whoop whoop alarm))

shit what the fuck, shit no,

(((and turns it off quickly,)))

Few... Lucky 2 seconds longer and any one could of got the drop on me,

But only a rick could of got the drop on me as of right then mmmmm

((Rick checks out wall device))

((Behined a secret panel discised as an ordinary piece of wall))


(Computer Woman's voice)

Hello Rick, what would you care for today

Scanning the local area, for disruption of known cosmic radiation distubances or any chanages in the known futre of an variation 9f events, a ratio of outcome highnsight mathematics...


((Woman's computer voice))

Processing scan

Scanning universe A




Well least I know no one fucks with a rick

Burp!!!!!((( the burp, eco's into close by outer space)))

Then not to far into space

sounds of pocket warp holes, opening and space ships coming out



Alot, of these ship's


and there are alot of these mystrious black helmet men on board, one of these ships

that we are now pearing into as we arive at, controling sation

and there is a severed head of (one of the ricks!!!)

It is Being hooked up to a machine, controlling the machinery of the ship

And in The rest of the ship, everyone is wearing these black mask that have tubes comming out of them,

One opens its helemet and its an assimilated rick!


Warranp wararap (alarm)

Get fucked, shit

What the fuck

(((Whoop whoop, alarm)))

No..... shit
There somthing enter our atmosphere

Wtf, shit get fucked, invadours, no, what the fuck, how did they get past, the quartine line pass,

No... I have a 3 minute, time lasp until they get here what the fuck
There only one explanation

could it be a rick?

Its To late to know, I need a lacky
But there's only one way to do this, I need someone who I can trust,

and make these invadours believe it's me,

And kill him instead

, i can't believe I'm actual going to do this

((Rick comes out a portal gun portal hole and see's dufus Rick))

C1 24

((the kind dumber picked on rick??))

(Strange dufus rick)
Yeah! C 51 (( The Real rick ??))

Tell me what you think of my world (c 24??) you rember Jerry,
you can have him as a buddy and morty too, its all yours my world take it brother

it yours

(Strange rick)

Yes All and everthing, my already indedeted, charms evrything I've come by

all ive done that is worthy, all of mine, its yours

(Strange Rick)
You mean it Rick, the boundries of every event even that what is of us

Like, setting up your own personal self image,

Yes like myself image
Like What ever, any ways its all yours

(Strange rick)
Thx rick I won't, let you down!

I'll make you even greater

And I'll fuck anything up, that fucks around, with a rick sanchez,

I'll make you proud

..... ((((strange rick hugs Rick))

((and rick, acts all scrwimsh as this hug is proceeding))

 ((as he is looking away and arms raising to show discomfort))


((Any way here it is its yours))

((Rick hands over a portal gun use's a separate portal gun and leaves))

((Strange rick looks at portal gun))

((Now out he comes a portal holein the Smith house))

(((Now strange rick walks around ricks house)))

(Now strange rick even opens the secret facility to ricks lair)

((And, comes, up and, eneters ricks, database computer network))

And says, as a password,
Kkhmmmm " filthy snatch cleaner??"

((Woman's computer voice)))
Password excpted

((((and strange Rick smiles)))

And now he enters ricks machine data base under,

the rudermental, and typical designs, of the true mental image, Rick Daniel Sanchez

known under universe A


((Now Normal Rick sanchez is in a hide away))

Invadours why, are they here

But It's all good

i have my lacky to take the fall,it's not the end

I'm gunna fuck you up invadors...

try put me into submission

you must be out of your mind, no one fucks with the known best the dominant

rick snachez!

(((Strange Rick pushes a button))



Rick's Eyes Widen up
And now there are Smiles on ricks sanchez face,

And now definitive rick just walks away,
And uses his portal gun to see strange Rick

And now definitive rick says to strange rick

Hey brother, you are the better man

(Strange Rick)
Yes brother, no one ever suspects me,the fall guy,

You all use me, as your lacky, the fall guy to truley take what ever punishment you deserve 


they all join me, rick 

it's to late,  I'll get all ricks one rule and this place will be mine with an army under my control, I will rightful take my palce,

Of ruler of this world, and the hole alien race


Yes I've been here all the time



Now rick and Rick are in a space ship that we where pearing into before


(Strange Rick)

This is it Here we are, this is my chambers

(Animated rick)
Rick please come an be assimilated

(Strange rick)

((Rick gets taken away by simulated ricks))

((And goes through a serious of test,))

Sir we have his brain scan his mental capacity is better than, c 35

He will make a great leader, for our life measures

shall I take his life and make him our new leader

(((As he looks at the severed rick head that in control of the ship already)))

(Strange rick)


ahahahahahahah.... yes!

((Rick severed head gets removed by machine))

((Than gets transfered))

((To the machine, where the old rick head gets thrown in the trash bin))
((And gives co-ordanints to a new destination))

(Strange rick)
So now, here we go

,south West quadren of the North east dergre 13, level 32 of

Demtion 17636817 B

((Warp drive))


((Through a portal hole))

(Strange rick)
So why are we here c51?? (Real ricks severed head)

(Real Rick)
This is your chance to take all lands, evey dimetion starts from this begging, so c24 attack, this is diemtion 17636817 and dominate it's planet jupito

,there is a holy city, where they have infiltrated every land making peace, for there own kind, but they never made war making them weak, in attck

there tecnolgy will have knowlge of all, and the setup, to infiltrate and guide evry dimention

In any land

(Da da da! Dramatic)

(Strange rick)

Comence the attck

(((Strange ricks army moves in)))

(((And takes over city and infact it does have guiding tools)))


(Assimilated rick)

Sir we found the guiding tools

Make a request and send it nation wide,

(Assimilated rick 2)

Throughout all dimetion sir

(Strange rick)

I know,


Never not give into a rick sanchez! ahahahaahahahaahah!!!

((Strange rick pushes a button as he just have the directions to follow and the uplink that guides your lifes is now destined to change the mind all life living in every dimensions))


Zoom zoom zoom!

The nation of every planets eyes all blink at the same time

Now set forth to democracy I 18 of whiteilltop, there I will start my campaign of the world, as it is the prime demtional UN breading ground

((And strange Rick take over land as a prime dimensional leader infulawentual polition postion))

(((At one of the highest known plantitual sytem kingdoms))

(((In any dimetion))

((Welcomed on entry))

((Then strange rick takes the podem addressing a crowd))

(Strange rick)
KkHhhhmmmm declaration 1,.hmmmhhmhm.. I..

((Then boom all of a sudden more ricks, out of know Where apear out of thin air Normal ricks take fight))

((And there is Fighting galore,))

((Then the gathered ricks move in quick and take strange rick))

((and beat his armys))

(A rick)
Thank you (c13 the actual real rick sanchez)

(Difinitive rick)
No problem, I told you, that it was strange rick c24

That he Was always behined the diapences, of ricks sanchez's across all dimetions

It was the only thing in known existance that made any sence at all, there is no God or tormentors it just all bull shit for people to believe in

It just left strange rick (c 24)

(A rick)
and now we have the passage of all hearts, the guiding will of evry dimention 

What shall we do with it,

I don't know
But I want all it can give!

But I mean me, just one rick sanchez alone but we must stop this fighting between us, rick's killing rick's, isent cool

Serious where's not mortys we figure things out

((Nodding of heads of ricks))

only if we join our heads and stick togther to the end we will become all that a Rick Sanchez could be,

Not this, dufus, What do you say

((They all start shacking hands))

((And then we cut to a gilatine scene ))

Chop! off goes strange ricks head


(All ricks)



(((1 weeks earlier))

((Rick is making a rick head and attaches it to a body this one is flesh and bone))

whats this rick,

I thought you said you where over de-coys

you know how you said, sometimes you actual wonder if you are one

How about you learn to mind your own business, morty

Countless times, reform time killer

Ahahahahahahaha crying


Ass hole


Did you get any of that

Submitted: November 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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