I Broke A Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Republished for context. The beginning.
Thank you CigarGuy1 and Gentle Warrior for your previous comments.

I Broke A Man

September 1, 2021 5:00 am


I broke a man

I broke his heart

Just by asking 

“When did this love start?”


I broke a man

I didn’t even try

He confessed he loved me

And I asked him why


It’s my fault I know 


At the wrong times 

I said too much

At the right times

I said too little 


I broke a man

A face unknown 

A man I’d never seen

Consider this 

And reason please

Is asking why

Really all that mean?


I could have lied

Said there was someone else

Or claimed to be engaged 

Or Said I was of minor age


Nonetheless I didn’t 

I wasn’t going to lie

I found it reasonable 

To simply ask him why


I had been absent 

For quite some time

In all that time we hadn’t talked


The conversation 

Replaying in my mind

After the 45th time

I finally find

I said too much

But not enough 


He said he’d love me always

How can that possibly be?

I don’t truly know him

He doesn’t truly know me


But “always” seek a reason 

“Always” wants try

“Always” wouldn’t say goodbye 

When someone else asks why


Nonetheless it’s still my fault 

For sending the wrong signals

Make clear your intent 

When on the internet 


Many things are important me

One of the biggest being clarity

The one thing that he 

Has neither given nor asked of me


This will loom in my mind

Wherever I go

I will always know 

I broke a man

And he’s out there 


Angered by the thought 

Of my “name”


I tried my best to discern 

My words I tried to soften 

He seemed so easily hurt

Only amplifying my concern


I told him his words where unnervingly romantic

I could have worded my reply

Much better than I did


If after all of this

He says nothing more

There’s nothing else

I can make up for


I broke a man’s heart

I must live with that

His confession of love 

Was unexpected 

My apology 

Was un-accepted 


I broke a man’s heart

He told me goodbye

When to his love confession 

I asked the question “Why?”


Submitted: November 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Prism Persona. All rights reserved.

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