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Excited about the new fallen snow Josie was lying down making a snow angel!  She closed her eyes and listened to the complete silence. She could feel the snowflakes touch one by one ever so softly on her nose, then down onto her cheeks. The snowflakes felt cold and wet, but good on her face.  She held out her tongue in an effort to capture a small taste of winter.

She opened her eyes to see gray sky spilling out white pieces of delicate ice.  Some were very fluffy, some were large, some were small, and some were very tiny.  But not one of them seemed to be like any other they were all so beautiful.

Josie sat still for a few moments watching the beautiful snowflakes. Soon she realized she was getting cold so she worked on her snow angel until she was satisfied that it looked good and then ran inside for some hot chocolate.


Submitted: November 10, 2021

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