I slowly become indifferent. The feelings of accomplishment fade away. What I crave is the adrenaline rush. I can’t feel the rush in me anymore when I achieve something. My hundred percent doesn’t excite me. Older I get the harder it gets. So, I started giving more than a hundred percent. If my abilities fall short, I hone my abilities and try again. What I am chasing is the moment. The moment all my futile efforts start showing results just like the dots being joined to get a beautiful picture. Often times this is the case. We don’t get anything initially, slowly but truly we will see the outcome. After accumulating our efforts for a long period. The bigger the goal the more time it takes and one fine day you realize that all your hard work has paid off. It will push you forward in your path. You will find out that you have greatly improved, and that moment is what people call a miracle. They feel that you suddenly jumped up by few scales. They think it’s a miracle. But is that a miracle to you? No, you deserved it. So, if something like this ever happened to you then remember all these feelings. Burn these feelings down to your bones. Remember the helplessness when your work didn’t yield results, remember the mocking’s and the depressing thoughts that told you to give up. But, giving up is losing something I want. So, I give it my all, if all of me isn’t enough then I improve and do it again. Again and again, until I succeed. All of it is for the moment of that miracle. Why? Because that moment gives me the rush, excitement, and sense of achievement we seek all our lives. Being weak is not a sign of incompetence. Being brave doesn’t mean having no fears. So, work on yourself as miracles continuously occur to the unyielding wills. It helps subliming the soul resulting in a great state of mind.

Submitted: November 10, 2021

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