Rick and Morty's, just passing through

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

With all due respect, the life of a dignfied man is power and Rick has found the way, and now he will go on a quest, a hunt to contain souls for ultimate victory

((Interdermetional netfix television))

(((Dramatic presentation man voice)))

Real life, witnessses television!!!
All the in-depth knowlge of what you might of thought was uknown, truth of the knowlge beyond your own

Real life footage!!!!..
So please beware...

This is Life witness television!!!!

(Presenting man voice)
Ghost, are very discreet on the spectrum and many people think they don't exist but it's as goes they do, exist,
and they just might be around a corner near by you, maybe even the dead soul of someone you love, or even those that are dead who hate you,

this is fact,

and these poltergeist just might be huating you

Though do not worry, 88% of all cases ghost will not harm you


In remote cases, they have been some of the most, terrifying accounts ever know to man, so please be advised the following footage is real, and these are infact ghost


((A man is sleeping in his bed, and get lifted and thrown around until he gets contorted with a horrific look on his face))

(Presenting man)
It's is best to stay away from An intie of hate, but if we do nothing who knows how long, they wait untill they kill,

countuing on without any remorse

((Zwzwzwzwzwzws static tv))

(((Woman brushing her teeth puts her head down, to spit out toothpaste and then her head gets smashed into the mirror several times)))

Then a ominse noise, then a camouflage swirl in the room flying away!

((Rick gets up from Watching tv))

Then goes to kitchen, and makes him slef toast, and when he, takes a bite he looks around to see all kitchen apliences floating....

This is somthing, mmmmmm

Rick, walks to the garage, and goes through box's and finds a crusafixs and holy water!

And a latin bible,

And bless the house

Emdodioea Santos mohs clile??

And then puts, glasses on, then we see a view from ricks vision

And there all these dieing ghost, crawling on the floor as rick gathers them up!
Rick, is working on somthing

Morty walks in and rick says

Jesues chisrt morty I should of become a ghost hunter my hole life, there's enough, souls just in our house alone, is able to charge the intire universe, for an intire day, just our house alone

you know what I could charge, for a battrie that last this long, do you under stand what all this means
it is my chance of mass domination

But first...
((Ghost buster add rip off just rick summer and morty))

Ow no, a fucken ghost man
Ow no. What are we going to do

Who we gonna dial

Call the burp! Ghost extractors

Where, ghosties are as good as ours

(((And picks up the bong up from the table and smokes the left over, smoke from the billy)))

And rick blows the smoke out towards the ghost and all dispaers from our intire view

Call the ghost extractors
bubble bubble, sounds of a bong being smoked and
The Ricks stoned face appears

Yeah man, ghost eradication, call us man

((Big high smile on ricks face))

((With number bellow))
((Rick and morty playing cards))

,yeah this is the ghost extractors, ok

((Summer hangs up phone))

We got one...

((Bell goes of and rick and morty,! Go down a fire pole)))

((And hope into a hurst!))

((Drive with jump suits on! And glasses and turn up to a museum))

Mmm So what we got here,

the moments arr hauted, ive seen them move please, can you help us and save this

I see what I can do!

((Rick and morty split up))

((Rick is blessing the place and morty, has glasses on with a dust buster))

((The monuments start to move... as rick and morty, now pull out photon guns))

((And fire there guns and destroy most monuments of the museum))
There's no need to thank us,

It's was our civil dutie

(((as the itire place is ruined and the curator, has a bewilded look on his face))
Summer ansrews the phone

Ghost extractors

((Bell goes off))
((Now we have an Exsist scene where there standing out the front of the house))

((They walk in the door))

Thank God your her she's just not her self

((Walking up stairs))

The dam bitch even pissed her pants

Don't worry mam, we have it all under control
Fuck me I'm the bitch of the devils, let me live in her, or you will see what I do about Diana

((Rick is pissed off))

((And Rick poors holy water down her throught,))

((And watches the acid burn))
((Back in the car))

((Chillin and driving))

((the mystery van is right next to them))

((And they look at each other, and Rick turns the siren on speeds off and they meet at the beach))

((And they watch the sun set, smoking a bong togther))

Rooby rooby doo!!!

Rick you've done so much how much longer do we, do this gig... Yo!

Morty, one more container worth just one more and I have enough to serve me well,

Just one more morty and we will climb to the top, of all, that where before us or will ever come
((They tun up to a machine spooky,))

((Everything spooky))

((And a friendly ghost apears,))

A person it's been so long, how about hug, friend, I show you my hole bedroom

((Rick and morty look at each other and nod,))

((Now, hold up a crucifixes))

((And Casper is put I to submission and bashed, by ghost batterns))

((and now they back in the car))
There you go morty, just what I need just enough to.....

Make a shit load of money, finaly escape the clutches of capitalism

No...Open, the gate of, midong


Yes midong!

It's is a realm situated between my belly button and, ball sack

contained somewhere in, nothingness space, a hidden land full of strange creatures

I discovered it when we where Scanning for, poltgiest and I stumbled onto midong with on my self and it's glorious but small almost unexistant atmosphere

Jesus rick your dong sounds pretty small Rick 

It's midong morty

Anways strap your self in, where about enter and cream midong

((Rick and morty hope into an orb car to journey to midong))

((Sparks of electricity flying everywhere))

((And now they are gone))
((Boom out they come, a portal hole strait into midong))

((This is a freakish looking hellish kinda looking place))

((With all sorts of monster))

So what we doing here rick

To be honest i thought it would be cool just to see midong bigger, that's about it, because before it was so small I couldn't make it out, but now we a here, and I know I must cleanse midong

((Rick and morty hop out vehicle))

Look for somthing useful, and morty, keep an eye out


((Morty decides to take a leaf cutting and Rick is taking a vile of liquid sample))

I found somthing morty consecrated ecto plasma, enough for a return journey back home, just in a single vile,

There more than I possible imagined

just in this one specimen sample alone I will be king!

((Boom! boom! boom, ((foot steps)))

((a giant monster))

Im picking somthing up on the scanner there are alot of life forms animating around that guy

((Rick points at monster))

((Rick and morty both put there glasses on
And now you see, millions of ghost flying around it))

((from the view of rick and mortys eyes through the glasses))

((Morty and rick fight of ghost
As the giant is getting closer))

There's to many of them

Morty you hold them off, and I'll plant a ecto plasma bomb, i need 1 minute you can do that for me morty please just hold them off

((Rick runs to his orb car, and poors the vile in, sample area, and now there 1 minute timer))

((Morty fights off ghosts and is near to death rick saves his life))

((and then timer goes off))

((Unleashes the ecto plasma bomb just in time))


((Eco's through out all of midong, leaving alot of ectoplasm))

((Falling from the sky, like a flood of rain))

((Then an omnise voice))

(Scary creature)
Who dare's fuck around with midong!

((Rick and morty look towards the creature))

(Scary creature)
Trespassing here, will be the end for youse as I will eneter fowrds into you, and its the last thing you see is midong!!!

((Morty getting inhibited,))

(Rick shrugged it off)

, I feel it deep inside me, midong give rise, I feel it's bubbling my blood, making me more, of a man


(Scary creature)
Morty I command you to kill Rick sanchez...

((Rick and morty, are having a fight rick doesn't fight stronge and almost dies))

((Until, rick plays, a lullaby song))

((It plays,))

((And morty rejects, some ectoplasm vomiting))

Morty, your back please morty wake up

(Scary creature)

Your going to pay, for that

((Rick turns on device and flys up too, evil entitie))

((And has a tough battle but wins))

((Ectoplasm every where))

And rick covered in ectoplasim and besides morty he is the only one there left in midong

((Rick sleeping))

Rick this is, the ghost of what to come,

You saved all form that, small existance that use to live on, in between your balls and belly button

But it is not over, for there is another existance called mivage

But it's portal gate ways are found on evry woman
I need you to eneter all of them to save our futures and our heavenly kingdoms

((Warp! Warp! Alarm))
((Droped cage, alarms go off and then vaporised))

((And rick wakes up and says))

midong it just never ends

Did you get any of that

It's a good show

Submitted: November 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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