Overview of time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


Events happen at times too fast and at times they seem to drag on forever. But, it is what is gotten from each event in time that proves the fruitfulness of such occurrence.

Well, it happened that a few days ago, not too long to be forgotten, I was told to prepare to see the one that was called by everyone 'Great.'

In my mind, I was like I had nothing to offer or receive from the person, so I had no reason to meet the person.

It never dawned on me that he was truly as he was called and that he would even pay me a visit cos I was like "why me?"

 At exactly 11:45 am on that Tuesday, I heard a knock. The knock that changed everything. That Tuesday was my only free day to do my house cleaning. But that knock...

"Come in!" My mouth said inadvertently.

"Happy is the man of this house."

It sounded unfamiliar. Such greeting in this neighbourhood?

Then it struck me hard; the awareness that 'Great' had truly come. I focused my gaze on the visitor and realised it was visitors. Many in fact!

A little peek outside and I knew I have met something I would never have imagined; over a thousand persons from my doorstep to the very end of the spacious land away from my house.

 I nearly passed out, but just had to do something kind.

"Do not bother about food and water, rather be ready to take the good I bring to you." His voice was charming. Much neater, clearer and louder than my very masculine voice.

 He finally sat the crowd down and began to teach what all know as the scriptures.

I then remembered that I've got something I can give him, so I ran off to my food factory in my house and began to make a little this and that.


The sound of something loud and familiar began to disturb my ears.

I went back to see what it was and the dust in the atmosphere was just wow.

My roof was been sawed. I was speechless from anger till the cutter was done. Done destroying my roof. The building costs a fortune.

Then a stretcher the size of a man was lowered. Oh, that's just so pitiful! The man on the stretcher could not move.

The Great simply spoke and the man was up. Of course, the black sheep amongst the crowd countered but, the Great anti-countered.

That day went on so well and when it was dusk, I smiled as everyone returned to their houses.

 The Great person is just so great, he told me in time that my kitchen would go on fire in minutes if not attended to. I had forgotten the food.

Oh what an eventful of event! A Great one in deeds indeed.

Submitted: November 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Excellent Theophilus. All rights reserved.

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Truly interesting perception of time, space, and their relationship to each other. An excellent exercise in perception. Purpose escapes when the pendulum marking time swings from supernatural to supremely natural. Thank you for sharing.

Wed, November 10th, 2021 1:43pm

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