Heartbreaker’s Solitaire Part 3: Depression & Anxiety

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Heartbreaker’s Solitaire- A mental labyrinth of self-punishment, in which I killed off all my aspirations of romance and love for becoming a heartbreaker. Best read in order.

Heartbreaker’s Solitaire Part 3-Depression & Anxiety

September 22, 2021


Miles between 

And an ocean away

What terrible things

Might befall us today


Reality is cruel

What does the future hold

If you were to meet your end

I would never be told


Warriors must go to war


What battles do you fight

Perhaps pirates by morning 

And invaders by night


Or should there be a bow

Raised deep within a shadow 

Should it ever pierce you through 

And in that hour 

The world is deprived of you

Just what am I supposed to do


I’ll be left by the Port 

Still unforgiven

Wondering without a clue


Or should your end be

By your own hands

Should you yourself 

Cancel all your future plans 

Who’s going to tell me


I’ll be left by the waters

Still unforgiven 

Wondering without a clue


When the papers unroll

When I see the death toll

I’ll cry for them all just the same

I’ll mourn and I’ll try

I’ll bargain and deny


But I will never know

For indeed I do not know 

Perhaps I will never know 

Your real name

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