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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A what-if of a time traveler.

My head is spinning after a minute's travel to the year I pick. I ended up in an empty room filled
with a lot of boxes, and it looks like someone is moving out. Someone came in so I hid under
the bed, I saw a woman's shoes coming inside the room. She knelt down and opened the
medium size box, she took something in it, a picture frame. I suddenly feel that I saw that picture
before but I can’t remember where. When the woman finally leaves, I jump into the window and
walk away from the house. I started to explore the surroundings, the structure of houses, the
flowing car, and the wind that felt so unreal. When I felt content I decided to go back to the
house because the portal would show up in an hour. On my way back, I remembered how me
and my friend laughed at things. The place where the road supposedly was now gone, I
remember that the road was our meet-up place every time we decided to unwind but now
there's no trace of it. I'm finally at the house where the portal will be showing up. When I stare
at it, it has similarities to my friend's house. I brush off the thoughts and find a way to get in. I
decided to go in the back door, when I’m finally near, the loud sound of breaking glass made me
stop. I peeked at the small window and saw an old woman and a middle-aged girl in a
wheelchair, my mouth dropped when I saw who she was. My one and only best friend.
Questions filled my mind. The old woman shouted at her, “If you just only listen to me then you
won’t be in that situation!” My best friend shouted back “Mom! She’s my friend and she did
nothing to me! She’s not the reason why I’m like this!’’. My tears started to fall down, hearing my
friends cry makes my heartache, but wait, friend? I’m her only friend. My heart suddenly beats
fast, no, please don’t tell me what I’m thinking is right. “Then who is the person you’re with that
night? Jessa let you cross the road knowing you're drunk! Wake yourself up!” I froze for a minute and couldn't
move. The question rumbled in my mind. “But still it isn’t her fault, she’s on a phone call when
that happens!” I can't understand the rest of their conversation. I walk into the backdoor straight into
the room with a portal. I will pretend I didn't hear anything from this, but surely it will haunt me,
with a heavy feeling I step onto the portal wishing what I heard wasn't real.

Submitted: November 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kkwimp. All rights reserved.

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