The Testimony

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

With many of struggles to face, Dee was troubled, depressed and out of hope. She thought that life was over for her. One day Dee decided on taking a trip to a far, distant place where she can be alone in her sorrows. What happens while she was there, is nothing but intriguing and cold.
As Dee and Frank made their way back to the beach where it all happened. Strange and bizarre things start occurring. Things they both were not ready for.
Would Frank be able to handle the details of what Dee had to tell him? Would she be able to explain to Frank exactly what happened out there? Would he believe her?

The Testimony
Upon my journey to the deep open waters, far away from the main land, there was a voice, a voice so strong and so mighty. A voice so deep, that the waves below the water seemingly began to swerve. My mind drifted afar as I looked on with tear driven emotion, my life was a blur. I somehow came across this place, after driving for miles seeking a far away destination, quiet with a sense of peacefulness. 
My world was quickly crumbling beneath my feet. I prayed asking God for something as strong as the wind to take me away from all this pain I feel around and inside of me. My life was no longer mines, it was a never ending endurance that caused me to be angry and taken apart, taken apart from my family, friends and the things I held close to my heart, mind and very being.
A feeling of want and fulfillment ran straight through me like a sharp object, all my of my joy was taken away by the  snap of a finger. My days was no longer fun, filled with love, inspiring or filled with any type of happiness. It somehow became dull, lethargic and insanely undermined by many as a few. The grace I seeked and needed was swept away from under my feet. I was strong once, yet I became timid. I was brave then, now I am weaken. 
Within a few moments I heard the sound of that voice again, calling out to me from deep below the waters. "You can find peace below here with me, leave those tears behind and follow me to the depths of happiness", it roared loudly. "I can't" I cried "it's way too deep." The voice continued to roar loudly, its calling on me to suppress my feelings within it's stomach. 
Waves began to swirl, the soaring of the ocean became louder and stronger. My nerves were shattered, I feared this would be the end for me. The blusterous voice yelled back at me as I stood there in fright, "come take a swim, everything will be fine, I am here to save you!" I somehow managed to let some of my fear go, while I stood there thinking this through. My emotions began to get the best of me, with many thoughts running through my mind.
I looked a short distance to the left of me and saw that there was no one in sight, I was alone and shaking. I suddenly burst into tears. "Please leave me! let me be." I yelled back. "I only wanted to take a journey, a short getaway where I can later return back to my loved ones. I would not do what you're asking of me." 
During all of this, deep inside me I can feel the warmth of the sun heating my blood from the outside in. It's giving me a need to cool off, but I will not allow that temptation to flood through my mind. I scolded myself vigorously. "You will not listen to that voice in your head, or that feeling in your body that will cause you to be dragged into the very depths of that water today." I got down on my knees and said. "Lord help me to overcome this feeling immediately, I know you can help me overcome. I got back to my feet and glared at the sun. 

"My family and friends are out there waiting for me." I thought too myself, while gently turning and pointing in the direction of the entrance.
As I was making my way towards the car, a light breeze flew by me, suddenly allowing my temperature to be normal again. I stood there in awe by this, I froze in that very spot. An uneasy feeling suddenly entered my body, "oh Lord, what is happening now?" I thought too myself again. I couldn't understand why these things were suddenly happening to me, I can hardly control my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and my emotions. It was unexplainable. Less than a minute or two later as I stood there,  I felt a quick, strong breeze leave from across the shoreline and swept right beneath my feet with the wind circling around my heels. 
"By gracious!" I yelled. "This could never be happening at the moment! nothing make sense." 
"Oh Lord, Oh Lord please I beg of you, now is not my time. I beg you forgiveness!, I do not wish to go." The breeze became stronger and thicker below my feet, it felt like I was standing on a soft, plush like mattress. It gathered itself around my ankles, gently sweeping me off my feet and into an elevated position. I was surprisingly floating in mid air, higher and higher I was taken. It all happened so quickly, it was clear that I was in a trance. A sudden calm entered my body, I was no longer afraid. The breeze like cloud gently took me over the roaring waters as I stood perfectly still throughout this.
It was a magical feeling, a feeling of splendour, of greatness, a shockingly joyous, miraculous endeavour that was so surreal. It felt nothing less than good, I felt safe, I felt all fears, all troubles, all anxiety and all the weight that were on my shoulder leave my body, I felt free. I was at ease, it was a feeling of complete relaxation. I closed my eyes and allowed the goodness of this moment take over my body, I couldn't imagine anything better than this, no one would ever believe this happened to me.
I was elevated for more than five minutes. "Thank you Lord" I said as I hovered over the center of the ocean, I was freed. I was then slowly taken back to the sand where I was gently placed on my feet again. No words was said, no voices were heard, nothing moved during this, there was only quiet and stillness all around me. Suddenly birds started chirping, the ocean was calmer and the voices in my head was all turned off. I was ready for the world. I out stretched my arms, front and up over my head, going as far up as I can reach. I bravely shouted, "see you talkative water, the good Lord took me over you and brought me back." Laughing loudly while making my way to the car. 
I let myself into the driver's seat and sat there for a while, recaping my thoughts. I was really free, I was genuinely healed by nature, the goodness, gracefulness and loving virtue of God. I closed my eyes and softly whispered "Thank you God, I am blessed." 

The rain began to pour as I made my way through the forested area. The drive was a long, but adventurous and calming one. I had achieved more than my goal today. I left to find myself, but I found more than enough, I found God. I turned on the radio, happy as I can be and sang while cruising along the lengthy road, my focus was unimaginable, I knew God was right there with me, probably in the passenger's seat right beside me. 

Every mile or so were trees laden with citrus fruit, huge amounts of flowers and exotic plants. The birds were heard chirping sweetly as I lightly took my window down, I guess they were singing us a tune, I shyly thought too myself. The rain had ceased and I was longing for some fresh air, the smell of asphalt was disturbingly horrific that I tried to hold my breath as breeze passed through the windows and my nostrils. 
As time passed by there was a terrifying gloom in the atmosphere that let's you know that you're all alone on this long and lonely road. The melody of the previous song was stuck in my head, I used this as a way to turn off that though and began humming the words softly to take my mind away from it. It was drawing closer to darkness when my phone rang; it was my best friend Frank on the other end. "Hello!" I answered with a joyous voice, I was ecstatic to hear from him. Frank was my long time, never to part best friend, we had the love like no other for each other, but didn't let that get in the way of our close friendship. We did everything together, but this time I wanted to be alone.
 "Where are you?" he yelled, "I'm on my way home," I hurriedly explained. "Your not back yet?" he responded. "Why are you on my case with this!? I told you I needed sometime alone, I'll call you when I get to the office tomorrow okay!"
An hour and fifteen minutes had passed when I pulled into the car parking lot of my upstairs apartment with a feeling of delight and satisfaction. "Home sweet home!" I yelled as I quickly exited the car. "It was going to be a long and quiet night, if I could get some sleep that is!". 
The miraculous episode replayed over and over again in my head as I slowly made my way up the stairs. "How was I ever going to explain this magical moment to Frank?" I whispered to myself, "would he even believe me!" It was all so surreal. "I myself still can't believe it happened", I wanted to tell my best friend this unbelieveable, remarkable story about how God swept me off my feet, literally. I couldn't wait, but I just won't find the enthusiasm to pick up the phone and yell it to him, I wanted to tell him face to face.
Tired, excited, drained, thrilled, happy and calm I went in for a hot shower still humming the words of that song in my head, but also trying to forget that moment where I could of made the wrong decision and wandered into the very depths of those terrifying waters. In just a quick and brief moment my life could of been over.  I was thankful to be alive, but that momentary moment was one I would never forget. I have to share this! I have to tell Frank about this! wait till he hear this story tomorrow at the office. 

Submitted: November 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Racquel Lucio. All rights reserved.

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