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Chapter I

The new world


I went to bed at 10 like usual but I felt more tired than ever, so when I hit the deck I passed out. I woke in a raging pain and started screaming. I felt as if hooks where hooking my back and arms and pulled me up. But sometimes the hooks ripped flesh away in chunks. Soon I was falling as if all the hooks had let go. And I passed out.

I woke up not knowing where I was and to add up my back was bleeding badly. As I tried to get up I squelched out my dinner.

And fell back to my knees. So I laid back down and observed my surrounding.

I was in a sort of forest surrounded by empty plains. As I was contemplating the beautiful sky I heard the talk of men. They where speaking a language I didn’t know.

So when they where close I started screaming as loud as I could muster. But it came out as a loud gargling. Suddenly the speaking stopped. I could sense the people coming closer to me.

  • Help Please i’m here. I said

The people jumped back when I got a glimpse at their faces. I wouldn’t have been able to describe them if I had to but I saw for sure a woman, a man and a goat man? The people helped me up or more tugged me along. Then out of nowhere they conjured a blindfold and put it on me. After a few minutes of tugging and tripping they granted me sight again, then let me go at the doorstep of a big brick house. The house looked more like a villa made of bricks. The bricks where put in vertically and carved so the lowest brick looked like a human or giant holding up the entire villa. Suddenly I got pushed from behind and I fell. 

Then I heard the sound of a door opening and I looked up. A woman was staring down on me. 

She had pale white skin almost like a ghost and her hair was a mix between black and red she was very slender and looked about 40 or 50.

Then she started speaking to the people that brought him back. Then I passed out again. it was sometime before I woke up. When I woke up I realized I was on his belly and bandages where on my back. And I didn’t feel sick anymore. Then somebody arrived behind me.

A little boy not as much as 4 and he started spinning around me screaming and woo-ping, plus he didn’t have any thing on him.

As I was getting accommodated to the bed the slender lady came and looked at the little boy, and then at me with an apologetic smile. She scolded the little boy. Then shooed him away to go put on some clothes. After that she came to my bedside and put a tray of food on the table. I didn’t feel hungry but when I gulped down the first spoon of soup I couldn’t stop, it was so delicious. When I was done the lady started to speak to him but I didn’t understand anything and tried to mimic it. I got that the lady got it and stopped speaking. She left and came back with a man. An elderly looking man.

He touched my forehead. Then the lady started speaking to me again and I understood this time.

  • How are you feeling. she asked.
  • Good, thank you for not just abandoning me at the doorstep. I responded.
  • Well if you need anything just tell me irma. the elderly man said
  • Thank you Vincent. she responded.
  • I have so many questions. Jack said

It was true when I had landed millions of questions popped into my head, like: 

Why was I here. Where was here. what happened. And then some more when I saw the goat man.

  • Who are you ? I decided to ask
  • I am irma. she responded 
  • how did I get here?
  • Thats for you to say. Well you can stay here as long as you want. she said
  • Thank you miss Irma.

As she continued to smile I got a bone chilling chill down my spine as if she was making me stay here for reasons I did not yet understand. Then the sensation left me as quickly as it came. Then she got up and left. She quickly added:

  • And if you remember anything tell me right away.

After that a young man almost as old as me came around the corner. The conversation went a bit like this:

  • Wassa dude.
  • Uh hello?
  • You good bro?
  • Yeah? ok?

The young man looked between 19-21 he had red hair and pale white skin he had black eyes as black as black can be his skin was asian or oceanic. And he had a faint smile tugging at the side of his mouth. 

  • Im Shane. he said. You?
  • Jack, Jack Dristen
  • Ooh nice you have a last name. What noble family do you come from. he asked.
  • hum what?
  • Well every noble family has a last name. Don’t you know that ?
  • no i actually didn’t know. You see i was only here for a day so I dont know how anything works. 
  • Really? Where do you even come from. 
  • Never mind that, where are we
  • Berthold house sector 3
  • Sector 3? 
  • Ye sector 3 there are 10 others.

This world became stranger and stranger the seconds passed.

I stayed in bed for two more days. After that I tried to get up but was suddenly dizzy. I sat down and cleared my head. Then went back up but more slowly this time. This world was crazy it gave me a headache. This time I was still a bit woozy but I was more stable. I started to walk around the house. 

  • Sup mate. 
  • Aah !
  • Chill man. Shane said
  • My god dont scare me like that please. 
  • Ok ok. By the way i was looking for you. Today is my big day. 
  • Big day ? 

The tone in Shane’s voice made it seem like world peace was finally here.

  • Ye its today that i get my power summoned. The ritual’s guild is coming here today. 

He looked at me and asked:

  • How old are you ?
  • Why you wanna know
  • Cuz maybe they could also do a ritual for you. You need to be at least 17 to do it. So how old are you
  • 23. What about you how old are you?
  • 19. Ok now that’s settled lets go find Irma

Shane took me outside to meet Irma.

Soon enough we arrived near a small horse and I spotted Irma. 

  • Jack. She greeted with a big smile. How are you feeling. 
  • A lot better thanks to all of you
  • Irma Irma ! Shane said. Jack is 23 years old he could do the ritual.
  • What an exciting idea. She said. Mr. Botar.
  • Yes my lady?
  • Add another ritual for this young man here
  • Sure his name?
  • Jack. Ok now it’s settled you’re gonna have to wait a few minutes.

A few minutes later she came and said:

  • Ok you can come now

I watched as Shane sat down in the middle of the complicated circle. Than Mr. Botar adjusted something in the circle and divine light shon down on Shane and a big warm sun appeared above his head.

  • Sun magic. said Mr. Botar.
  • Nice i can beam people now.
  • Now you Jack boy. He said.

As I was sitting in the circle I thought of what was left of my family. Though I don't know why. My mom had died in a car accident when I was 13 and my Dad was a drunk old prick.

Then light shon above in the sky once more. But this time the light was a metallic orange brown. And a clock appeared above my head. 

  • Irma ! Come here now ! 

The tone in his voice was excitement. 

  • What is it? 

But she stopped talking when she saw the clock above my head.

  • Could this be a new promotion. She said excitedly. 
  • This could very well be. Botar said.

I felt like a lab rat where the scientists where conducting a successful experiment. Then I felt a sudden surge of power as if I could control time itself.

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