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The new sensation I got was a blast at his nervous system. I could feel air on my skin and the microscopic cells in my mouth.

  • Jack. Said Irma. 
  • Yes?
  • I am sorry the guards had to put that blindfold over your head. You understand this location is secret and, sorry for bringing this topic up now. I tend to forget if i don’t say the moment it goes in my head.
  • Oh yeah them. I had almost forgotten about the goat man and his comrades.
  • OH ! I suddenly shouted
  • What is it? She asked

A screen had appeared in front of me:

Class: Time Fighter, unlocked.

Time fighter: A different kind of promotion that can stop time at will and unlock different skills than normal fighters.

Skill: pause

Pause ,skill,magical ,level 1: can stop time for 5 seconds can increase time the higher the level goes. Resets after 30 seconds

  • Well ? She asked again. What happened 
  • Can you not see it?
  • See what
  • She didn’t look as if she had lied.
  • No nothing.

She looked at me suspiciously but didn’t press the matter 

  • Well its time to go make dinner. Alright all of you inside. Chop chop.

There was a small party for Me and Shane.

After the party I went to bed but suddenly noticed a carriage outside that wasn’t there before the party. It looked official with a seal on the door and big leeches pulling the thing they were 6 feet tall and had horrible teeth. The carriage was big and was totally black then the leeches stopped and official looking people jumped out, literally jumped out. Three men started walking towards the Berthold sector 3. Two of them were carrying a small bird cage enough to fit a single person. They stopped in front of the door and Irma let them in.

  • Is he here. The lead man asked. 
  • Yes he is going to bed. 
  • Are we both talking about the guy who got the new promotion. 

Oh god They were coming for me. Should i wake Shane or not. 

  • Shane! I said in a hushed voice
  • Mhwhaet
  • Come now. They are coming for me.
  • Who?
  • No time to explain come with me. 

Whilst we were walking I felt like someone was looking at me. I never should have looked behind me. Behind me was Irma looking at me and Shane her head turned at an unnatural angle (90°). 

  • Where do you think you’re going. She said in a cold voice 

Before i could react webs shot up from the ground and tied us up. As they were shooting up I accidentally activated my ability. 

Pause: activated 20 seconds remaining, 19 seconds rem…

I instinctively started moving and put a chair in front of me and Shane and gave a left jab to Irma

2 seconds remaining, 1 second remaining, Pause deactivated.

Everything came back in a rush as the thick web/rope slammed the chairs and shot them into splinters. Meanwhile Irma was getting thrown to the side because of my jab. That skill was op.

  • When we get out of here you better have a good explanation 
  • Ok. I said in a quick tone. 
  • Then let’s go

I had no time to lose. We had to go they were coming for me. 

I don’t think I ever sprinted as fast. Suddenly the grown men, from the carriage, were in front of me. 

  • where do you think you’re going. The middle one said
  • Away. Shane said
  • You little piece of… 

He didn’t have time to continue as a small beam of light went in his eyes

  • AAAHG!! He screamed

Then I pushed him and he fell backwards we jumped over him and I accidentally stepped on his ribs. And ribs go *CRACK* when stepped on. He didn’t get back up. We continued running and from the corner of my eye the two other men just evaporated. 

  • What just happened 
  • I think he had duplicating magic but im not sure. Shane answered 

(The author apologies for no other explanation than magic)

  • Oh no you’re going nowhere. Irma appeared with eight legs. And a mandibule for a mouth. 
  • What the ef! I said but I didn’t say Ef.
  • Language young man. 
  • You’re a freaking spider what else can i say
  • Doesn’t matter cause you’re staying
  • That i dont think so said Shane. 

He activated his beam attack and aimed for her legs. But she dodged easily. I activated my ability but there was still 10 seconds left on cool down. Her huge body was blocking the door to freedom. Over the friendly day it had turned into a real crap-show. 

  • Why are you doing this Irma. Shane asked
  • Oh I dont know, money. She said that last word as if it was precious. Which it was. You kids are my test subjects. You see I grow you up for a specific reason, to find new promotions. Tho i wont explain the whole plot because im not like all the villains who reveal everything because they are overconfident. 
  • That was very specific. I said
  • You, Jack, would’ve made my fortune a new promotion had never been found for three years. 

(The author excuses himself again if it’s to cliché)

  • Momm…

Poor jimmy (little kid who ran around naked) never finished his phrase as a leg impaled him and she just opened her mouth wide and swallowed him whole. I felt insanely sick. 

  • you monster. What did he do to you. Shane asked in a shocked voice.
  • WHAT DID YOU CALL ME! She said in a raspy voice. 

My ability just got of cool down and I used it again. 

Everything stopped as she leaped towards me. It was only twenty seconds but i made the most of it. I jabbed at her abdomen, head torso, back and finished with a big hit on the stomach. As the 20 seconds ended. She did a quadruple backflip and she landed on her head with a crack. (Yes again crack). But she was still moving. 

  • We better get going I said to Shane who looked dumbfounded. 
  • What just happened. 
  • No time to explain lets go. 

As we ran I was really wondering what the ef was going on. We ran and ran and ran. After a few minutes we stopped to catch our breath. I looked back at Berthold sector 3. Then after we continued to walk but very fast. After walking for what felt hours. And I hoped the house was way back. I explained it all to Shane. And i mean everything. From my old world my landing here, the people who dragged me to the wretched woman, when the screen popped up in front of me, my ability and the discussion between the man and Irma. 

  • Well, Shane said after listening, you said the people found you looked like guards. So we should be careful. 

Luckily we didn’t run into them, but we landed near a huge town. And i didn’t know yet that it would be my HQ (HA you readers don’t know what I mean by that only I understand) for the next year


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