Chapter 3: Doveport

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter III



the town we arrived in was spectacular Insanely spectacular. It was all steam engines the houses were stacked on each other in weird angles but surprisingly it all stood the houses had all a brown metallic color and each house was about Ten feet tall, and some were fused together in an arch. Flying vehicles were everywhere some looked like blimps while others were merely wooden cases strapped on big balloons. But dominating the scene was a HUUGE clock about 1 mile tall and half as wide. The clock looked like to be made of bronze and the gears which were visible were turning some faster than others. The numbers on the clock were exactly like the numbers in my old world.

  • Damn. I spoke. Impressive.
  • That impressive, I think you mean downright stunning, Shane responded, never seen anything like it.
  • How about we go look. I proposed

As we walked down, I saw tons of things I hadn’t noticed at first, lots of cables, sewers. And the people there were lots of different kind of people, goat people as tall as a 12-year-old and horns protruding out of their skull, others were as tall as a big bookshelf with scaly skin and big sharp pointy fangs, lizard people, some were regular people with nothing particular, different color skin, and…

  • Come back here you thief!

A man screamed behind me

  • Run. Shane said.
  • What did you do Shane, I said exasperated.
  • Got us food

Which was true he was holding a big loaf of bread and a big role of sausage. The chef threw his butcher knife at an unnatural speed, and it sped towards me.

  • Oh god. I spoke.

Today I ran for my life again but this time a knife was speeding behind me instead of a crazy woman. We turned left but so did the knife.

  • Crap this is not good. Shane half shouted. Jack use your time stop thingy.
  • Ok I’ll try.

I activated my ability and the knife stopped in midair and I grabbed it with both of my hands and twisted it to point at the wall next to us.

When time came back the knife hurtled into the wall and stopped moving.

  • Ok we better get moving before the other guy comes.

We spotted a ladder and started climbing it. At the top was a colossal view of the whole city.

  • I love this place. Even though I might be saying this prematurely but it’s so beautiful and big, so many different people. Shane said in wonder. From here I feel like we are dominating the city.
  • Where do you even come from. I’m asking that because you don’t look like Jimmy or Irma or even Vincent. I ask.
  • Oh, hum I come from a city called Earthris it’s a huge city but where most of the population are thieves and criminals. I was about twelve when a noble came demanding taxes, and when he saw that my family didn’t have enough money he slaughtered, or the guards slaughtered my family, even my Draff. I had enough time to escape because I wasn’t home but, when I heard the scream of my dad I hid in the sewers. Where I lived on Rattors for a week drinking something you don’t want to know. And one day I say to myself “Shane get up and go to the sunlight go to a different city” when I went out of the sewers that’s when the guards caught me, cuz you see living without paying taxes is illegal. Messed up system if you ask me, pay to live.
  • Damn I, I didn’t know that wow and how did you meet Irma
  • Coming to that. So, when I got out of the sewers the guards arrested me and took me to prison where I stayed for a few days when I was announced I was going to Berthold sector 3. When I arrived there Irma was greeting me warmly but there was a fakeness to it. But now I’m here.
  • What’s a Draff and a Rattor?
  • A Draff has two ears very fluffy long snout black nose the fluff is brown and four paws.

Oh my god he was talking about a dog.

  • And the Rattor is small black sometimes brown also has fur and does lots of squeak noises.

Now a mouse oh thank good

  • Two heads and eight clawed fingers and scaly heads and eats human flesh or each other.

Nope not a mouse.

  • Well, what do we do now. I say as I take a big bite of bread, we can’t continue stealing stuff.
  • How about this, we start our tavern. Shane proposed
  • Where did you get that idea from.
  • I don't know seems a good place for it

We slept on the roof the following night, and in the morning, we started working. We both got small jobs later that day. Shane got a job as a mechanic and I got a job as a cook to get expierience. First all I did was serve meals in various cafe's (I was surprised those even existed here) Then I got called in as a chef and "invented" pancakes wich soon got insanely popular and everyday for next two weeks I never went a day without cooking at least ten pancakes. meanwhile I heard Shane was doing great on his side too. First he started fixing small stuff then got promoted to ingeneer. After the two weeks we had enough money to buy the location and started working on it. First we both made plans about how we wanted it, then when we were happy with a design we hired constructors or rather a cunstructor. the guy was insane he finnished it all in half's day time then we started working on the interior (don't know how to write it) we bought furniture, tables chairs a bar high chairs and on the second floor we made a small motel. and after three more days work it was all done

  • WE DID IT. I screamed in the night which got me a shoe on the head and a few “shhhhhhhhhh”
  • Now the big question what we naming it?

(The author went into a mental breakdown trying to find a name for the tavern)

  • I don’t know something like, feast of the soldiers.
  • That sounds pretty good. Feast of the soldier.
  • Oh, Shane forgot to ask how’s the shop coming along?

During our stay he had used his ability:

Sun beam

So much that we found out that if you used your ability lots of times the ability would eventually level up. His sun beam ability had reached level 2 while mine was still level 1. The reason why it had reached level two is because he used it to melt and use it like a Oxyacetylene torch or blow torch.

  • Good the money’s coming along nicely. he responds.
  • Glad to hear co-director of the feast of the soldier.
  • Na na na you my friend are the director of this tavern I got to run my own shop.
  • You sure man I kind of need your help. I couldn't run this tavern alone
  • Well, we did arrive here 3 weeks ago, and we both are successful which is not that hard in this kind of city.
  • At least this town doesn’t have any big problems

Though what I didn’t know is that problems were looming my way. And thats why you never say that.

Submitted: November 21, 2021

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