My Personal Opinion of King Richard III

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This is just my personal opinion of The Disappearance of The Two Princes and King Richard III.

I am going to take you back into time when King Edward the Fourth of England who was the eldest son of Lord Richard, Duke of York and Lady Cecily Neville passed away in 1483.


We have to take a good long look at who would most profit at the time in becoming King of England.


King Edward IV leaves two sons, Prince Edward and Prince Richard, Duke of York, but Prince Edward is given a regent as he is too young to reign, so therefore, King Edward IV appoints his youngest brother, Prince Richard to look after England until his son comes of age.


Now look take look at this, Lady Margaret Beaufort, the granddaughter of Lord John Beaufort, eldest son of Prince John of Gaunt, third son of King Edward III has a son, Lord John of Beaufort and he has Lady Margaret Beaufort and she is married to Lord Edmund Tudor, the half brother of King Henry VI of England.


King Henry VI and Lord Edmund Tudor have the same mother, Princess Catherine of Valois, and Lord Edmund Tudor is a devoted Lancasterian.


King Henry VI's last hope was to marry his half brother, Lord Edmund Tudor to the granddaughter of Prince John of Gaunt and therefore the Lancasters would never die.


Henry Tudor was the great-great-grandson of Prince John of Gaunt and therefore the great-great-great-grandson of King Edward III of England.


Lady Margaret Beaufort knew that with the two little Princes out of the way and by funding her son with money from France that he would become King of England by conquering King Richard III in August of 1485.


Lady Margaret Beaufort with Lady Elizabeth Woodville conspired to marry their children, Henry to Princess Elizabeth of York.


King Richard III and two of his most gallant nobles, Lord John Howard, 1st Howard Duke of Norfolk and Lord Devereux were both killed fighting for their king, Richard III.


Lord Stanley who was married to Lady Margaret Beaufort places the crown on his step-son’s head and proclaims Henry Tudor- King of England by conquest not by right.


Something good comes out of something bad, Queen Elizabeth of York gives birth to King Henry VIII and he marries the great-granddaughter of Lord John Howard, 1sr Howard Duke of Norfolk and her name was Queen Anne Boleyn and her mother was Lady Elizabeth Howard who was the granddaughter of Lord John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk and Queen Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII produced the greatest Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth the First.


Finally after so many damn years of fighting the War of Roses comes to an end and faterncide comes to an end.


King Henry IV murders King Richard II, who is his first cousin, and King Edward IV deposed King Henry VI but he dies and his two sons disappear  in 1483 but not at the hands of the youngest son of Lord Richard, Duke of York but under the order of Lady Margaret Beaufort, so that her son, Henry Tudor can become King Henry VII of England.


Submitted: November 10, 2021

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He was a great man

Thu, November 11th, 2021 12:59am


Great English historical piece on the two Princes and the Tower. The book by Alison Weir is fantastic too. You can get it at good bookshops on-line.

Thu, November 11th, 2021 2:35am

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