“My Darkest Hour”

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This is a short story about a women with some unexpected news, moves to another state and learns something dark and sinister is up with her new house.

I moved to South Carolina just a few months after the death of my husband. He had passed away after he got struck head on by an oncoming SUV. 
The driver blatantly drove right through a stop sign. The scene was horrifying. The driver of the SUV sustained minor injuries however my husband already had some bad health problems and this just topped it. It was later determined he had suffered a heart attack right when the accident happened. 
Our dream was to move to South Carolina when we could retire. I worked at a dental office and my husband was a lawyer. He was only 42 at the time. I remember sleeping alone in my house those where the worst few weeks of my life. Waiting for my husband to come home at night only to expect no one. Finally after several conversations with my family it was decided I’d move down south. 
My mother lived in the area. So I wasn’t all alone. I remember moving into the house the real estate agent told me there had been a death in the house but in the fairness of staying in the house she told me that it wasn’t  anything horrible. 
It’s supposed to be mandatory for them to tell you if there was a death In your house or not. I remember not being too upset with this news. But they told me the women who suffered had a similar fate. 
Her husband died at work one day, and she had two kids. She was a wreck and one day she dropped her kids off at her sisters house and went home and they found her dead in the upstairs attic. It was never determined how she died but people say it was the work of someone who broke into her home. I entered the house and walked towards the master bedroom and fell asleep. I had a lot of packing to do. I decided after a nap I would. 
However I had a terrible fever and I saw a women in my dreams weeping. She was on her knees crying over a phone. I remember walking closer to her I could here her muffled cries “No it can’t be..he can’t be dead..he can’t leave me!” I got goosebumps as I approached her. She turned to face me with tears in her eyes. She suddenly let out one of the most horrifying wails I ever did hear and suddenly she was gone. I woke up. I new what I had to do and that was explore the attic. 
I walked over towards the middle of the hallway and opened the hatch as the ladder came down and I entered the attic. To my horror I saw what looked like blood on the walls. It was certain this women was attacked. 
I crawled over towards a lamp that was in the center of the attic, there was a note attached to it. 
“My name is Michelle. I am in trouble. My husband died. I brought my kids to my sisters house and I am being followed by a creature. Something is following me. It has claws and it screams. I am terrified. I got home and I locked myself in my attic. 
This thing started to guard my home. If anyone sees this I cheated on my husband. I heard he was speaking with someone about dark magic? Did he send this thing on me?”
I got chills thinking about it. I googled anything I could about this and what I found out shocked me and terrified me. I read an article that said “father found alive beloved to be dead now accused of killing his wife in a supernatural way.” The father had spoken with a witch who placed a curse upon the girl and a creature that was demonic had ultimately killed the women. But the girl accused of being a witch died suddenly. So the husband was blamed for the murder. It said the creature was never found again. With that I wanted to leave but I could t afford to do I stayed. 
It’s been several months now and I Havnt had anything supernatural happen to me, so I guess it is gone. But however every now and then I will have a bad dream or hear a phone ring in the middle of the night. The other day I heard growling and a bang coming from the attic. I told myself I wasn’t going to go In the attic anymore. I’m looking to re marry. 
A couple weeks ago I had people come to help build a pool. 
They stopped dead in there tracks as they found a giant pentagram buried six feet under the left of my house in the backyard. 
This house deffinetley had secrets and I’m not sure if I want to discover any of them. I still live in the house for now.

Submitted: November 11, 2021

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