Heartbreaker’s Solitaire Part 5- Acceptance and Obsession

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Heartbreaker’s Solitaire- A mental labyrinth of self-punishment, in which I killed off all my aspirations of romance and love for becoming a heartbreaker. Best read in order.

Heartbreaker’s Solitaire Part 5-Acceptance & Obsession  

September 23, 2021


“No. You broke me! Goodbye!”


I lie here confined 

My hands and feet tied

My entire body bound

With nowhere left to hide


My eyes blinded

My lips muted

With so much to see

And so much to say


Dip the feather pen

In the wounds of

His broken heart


Write upon my ropes 

In lost love red

The words that will kill me

The last thing that he said


“You broke me! Goodbye!”


I can never run away

Even in my sweetest dreams 

We both wanted forever 

It was possible we’d find it together 


We don’t know thanks to me

I blew out your affection like a candle 


“You broke me!”


I can no longer hope

I can no longer speak of love

While bound within 

All of these ropes


I broke you

It doesn’t matter

What I meant to do 

I broke you

That’s one thing 

I cannot undo


I’m angered by my actions 

My cruelest dreams

Will humble me

By reminding me of you


Eternally depressed 

Forever obsessed 


The first heart I ever broke

Is my insanity 

Will be the death of me

Will be my hanging rope


I broke a man’s heart

I must live with that


I am a heartbreaker now


I cannot love

In good conscience 


What other words 

Are left to be spoken 

I’m the guilty one

You don’t deserve to be broken


I’ll never feel the same way

About this one word again 


I haven’t suffered like you 

Make no mistake

I’m suffering now

Is everything that I’m going through 

Punishment enough 

To reconcile with you?

Submitted: November 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Prism Persona. All rights reserved.

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