Your Voice

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Laying in the dark  

Waiting for your call 

I lay here peacefully 

Listening to the sounds  

Of the wind 


I lay here in the silence  

Waiting to hear you whisper 

But I hear nothing  

I cant hear you  

You are too silent  

You are mute  


How can you talk so much? 

But yet your voice is soft  

Your voice is still 

It’s quiet  


Why are you talking? 

When I canhear you?  

Why cant I make out anything that you say?  

Are you talking too fast?  

Are you mumbling?  

Are you even talking to me?  


Even if you are talking to me 

Then at least  

Speak louder 

Speak clearly 

And let me hear you  

Submitted: November 11, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Kai Lewis. All rights reserved.

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