My Brother, the Marine

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From my attic room at Cat Island

Across the water I can see Parris Island


As I see the Salt Grass gently waving in the breeze

I start to think about the fact that my brother will be a Marine


To tell you the truth I cannot begin to comprehend

All that could mean


I am very proud of him for wanting to protect me and my Country

But I also know that our lives will change forever and that soon my brother

Could be far away from me


I can see the herons and other water birds swopping and soaring the in the sky

Tomorrow at my brother’s graduation, he will be marching with his arms and legs held high


Last night I walked out on the pier and I knew that my brother and I were watching the same night sky, next year will he be?

Will he be in the USA and somewhere close to me?


He is a strong and fearless Marine and I know he is proud!

I know he has worked hard and long and wants to shout out loud!


For now I will treasure the next 17 days that I have my brother here at home,

I hope and pray that he will be kept safe and not ever have to feel afraid and alone.

Submitted: November 11, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Kai Lewis. All rights reserved.

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