Darkness Inside

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This short story started out as true events, hence the first sentence. As the story grew, so did my inspiration.

Q. Gonzales

I can hear her, endlessly slamming that big piece of wood that separates her room from the rest of the house. I stare at it wondering what goes on behind it. The black paint reminds me of an endless void of darkness that surrounds her space. The silver nob I dared to touch only once sent shivers up my spine, as it was cold as ice.

Occasionally, I walk by and hear the smallest noise. It's quiet as a mouse but sounds like screaming in my ear. I press my ear to the door and feel the presence of the darkness from the door all throughout my body. It feels cold, like the night, and then hot, like the sun. The darkness' cold hands running her icy fingers through my hair. The sun-like heat, running up my sleeves, through my shirt, and into my face.

I want to walk away, but cannot, as I find myself getting pulled into the darkness like a drop of water that can never be found in a wide ocean. My ear still pressed to the hardwood, I can hear the slightest sound.

A dog whimper?


A baby's cry?

That can't be it.

Somehow, the unidentified sound is right on the tip of my tongue. I can feel a vibration, as the darkness swallows me whole.

I have to get away! But how?

This feeling gets stronger as I try to pull harder. I decide to give in. Let the darkness fill my thoughts and my emotions. As I do this, the pressure I feel loosens the grip that it has on my soul. I take this opportunity and step back from the door.

I feel a pain in my chest as I feel hot air exit my lungs while cool air enters. The pain feels like a thousand knives slowly pushing its way into my heart. The pressure feels like an elephant sitting on my chest, about to crush my ribcage.

For some reason, the knives and the elephant released the pain from my body. The feeling was so sudden. I opened my eyes and noticed I was 10 feet from the door. Suddenly, I had an urge to go back into the darkness. It was once again pulling me in! I tried to fight the urge and turn away, but all I could do was stand my ground and stare at the door.

Surprisingly, I felt... nothing. Not even a shred of fear. I can hear a ringing all around me. The ringing gradually gets louder and more painful. It feels like my eardrums could burst at any moment. The pain is too overwhelming.

I pass out.

I wake up in a dark room. It's pitch black. The only light is coming from the corners of a door. Once I notice it, I feel a cold wind blow across my skin and through my hair. Without thinking, I begin walking toward it. Like someone is pushing my body forward. Could it possibly be the wind? As I get closer, I can feel hot air pushing its way into my lungs. But that can't be right. It's freezing right now. It feels like there are a hundred icebergs surrounding me. Without hesitation, I put my hand on the silver nob.

As I do this, my eyes open. I wake up in a cold sweat. I feel the warm comfort of the sheets on my skin. I sit up and look about my room, waiting for my eyes to clear up. I take a deep breath as I realize it was all a dream. I turn and put my bare feet on the carpet. The comforting, fluffy feeling on my toes that were already warm for being under the sheets for so long. 

I walk out of my room and my blood runs cold. The worst thing I could've seen fills my eyes. In front of me, I see the color black - it smells like paint. My hands begin to tremble as I see the silver nob from my unearthly nightmare.

My vision goes black.


Submitted: November 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Q. Gonzales. All rights reserved.

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olive tree

Dude that was insanely good. Chilling.

At first I thought you were describing me (jokes),

and then it became apparent the protagonist WAS the girl in the room, looking out from within,

And the imagery used perfectly encapsulates the prison of depression.

If I have any criticism it’s that the similes were strange - but that’s a style thing and doesn’t detract from the story at all.

Well done!

Thu, November 11th, 2021 11:38pm

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