Chapter Prologue : Introduction

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Throughout this writing, animals are referred to as “who” and “whom” as if they are people – which they are...

There are on Okinawa alone many thousands of stray, abandoned, or feral cats and dogs.  Most were turned out from their homes for various reasons, abandoned by moving or departing foreigners, families who relocated, etc.  Many were born feral, descendants of those who were lost or abandoned generations ago.

Often, these animals have no understanding of the world outside their former safe homes, and cannot find food, shelter, or needed medicines.  House pets don’t understand human roads and cars, and are often injured horribly and left to suffer, or are killed outright.  Others die of sickness or starvation shortly after their abandonment.  Those who live past their first few days begin their new life by eating whatever garbage they can find.  Animals who have never had to fight for a meal find themselves easy prey, savaged by the teeth and claws of strong, experienced predators.  Carelessly abandoned house cats or dogs can’t comprehend why they are no longer in their home with their former families, warm and dry.  They simply sit and wait for their beloved owners to come pick them up, and it doesn’t happen.

The inspiration for this book began with the antics, love, and long life of an abandoned kitten named Anna (eventually, Queen Anna).  The urge to write was furthered by our care for a formerly-abused dog whose spine was broken when struck by a car, and who not only recovered but lived a long, full, and happy second life with us.  The purpose for this book is to raise awareness and draw attention to the easily-domesticated nature of lost, abandoned, and largely ignored cats and dogs who will otherwise never know health, care, and a full belly unless they become adopted, or are at least cared for by concerned individuals and animal protection groups.

Though the emphasis in this book is on cats, with whom I have the most experience, the feelings apply to all the abandoned souls who are essentially ignored or even unfairly despised as mere pests, struggling daily to live on the fringes of our human society.

While a few lines touch on the emptiness left by death, I try to present cats and their lives as being something the reader can identify with, relate to, and perhaps even seek to foster.  I try to present cats – in fact, our cats – that were once feral or lost as the playful, thoughtful, and loving social creatures they are when given a chance to flourish in health with an adoptive family.  I want to give the reader a reason to adopt a cat or dog by presenting a little bit of their positive side.

If this little volume can attract even one reader to adopt and care for an otherwise hopeless animal, I will consider it worth the time it took to write, arrange, and publish the book.

Though my wife and I can’t take care of every lost animal, at least we can contribute to the awareness of their situations through efforts like this...


G. Breyette

Okinawa Japan

July 2021

Submitted: November 12, 2021

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