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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: PleiadomeBooks

It was in a lot of pain. After it dies, what happens?

Photo by Julia Kadel

It was marked until death, and, whatever it was, was dying. Slowly, for years, it was tortured by it's own mind, and by hell itself. It's legs were always in pain, and felt like they could curl up like an old witch in water. It was almost like they were sprinkling water onto the old witches legs, and torturing her slowly with that method.
It felt amazing to the thing, yet also felt painful. The most painful feeling of it's mind. The thing knew it's sweet time was coming to an end soon, and it was content with that.
The pain got unbearable at times, and other times, it was okay with dying from all the trouble the clown had caused.
At times, she would grab the clown, and it would be one of the best moments of it's dreadful, vile life.
There was a time within the past year that not everything was so bad, but thinking now, it said it was all bad, and those memories were mistaken by earlier memories.
All hope was lost; there was no stopping her inevitable death.
The death of a gruesome murder.
The death of a painful experiment.
The pain would cease, and it would be the victory of a lifetime, and memories lost. The memories were lost only because she died in her sleep.
A peaceful slumber, she rested in, and in her dream, she was gazing out of the skyscraper windows. She looked down at the city below, and the sun was setting, making a relaxing tone.
A peaceful sight sprung through the variety of windows as orange light gazed at her around other buildings that were not nearly as tall as the one she was in, but was high enough for the light to just peep at her.
She felt the light brush her arm. She noticed she was wearing a long gown in attire. It was black in color. The night was drawing nearer, and she walked from the room. The hallway of the huge office-like building was somewhat dark. There was a single, fluorescent light that was on on the ceiling of the somewhat crammed hallway. The side that the girl was on, was dark, however. She found bathroom signs, and walked into the lady's.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror, studying the scar tissue, but didn't realize she was dead even then. It was like to her, it had always been there. Or maybe her mind....
She pulled at the bags underneath her eyes.
'Bang!' She heard from behind her. Before she could turn around, she saw a gruesome figure standing behind her through the reflection of the next mirror over.
It's features were orange and red, and it's meat showed, drowsed in a thick liquid resembling blood.
It pounced on her, and it's sharp fangs tore at her flesh.
It had made something out of her with it's teeth, for she was basically in a real, vivid dream, and couldn't necessarily die.
When she got back up, she stumbled around the bathroom. The white bathroom was now now bloodstained, and more blood continued to leak out of her. Her stomach was hanging out of her torso, and all her muscle and skin were dangling off of her arms and legs.
The pain she felt was unnecessary but true. All those memories of her legs being in pain, and felt like she could just shrivel up and die came back. She realized life was just a dream, and this was another test.
She realized she was dead.
She realized this was the true reality, and that she was always in these depths; being made into something else.
Experiment pass.

Submitted: November 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 hangingman99. All rights reserved.

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