Tempest Of Tears

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about the tears I cried for what I’d done. I hope you all enjoy the metaphorical language.

Tempest Of Tears 

10-28-21 5:16 am


Letters were sent

And letters came

Between our ships

It was all the same


To me who’d always 

Sailed alone

Passing many islands 

Never calling one my home


Never trusting things I found to be

In the mist or shadows 

Never turning around to see

You sailing ever closer to me


And in the cool of the ocean air

I turned around but didn’t clearly see

I shot a red flare to see what was there

Who could possibly be following me 


Friendly sails caught but one ember

All because I didn’t remember 

That as many times as I’d been at sea

You had been there helping me


Flames began to engulf the mast

Your plight only growing more dire 

A glint of light cut through my mask

I turned to see your ship on fire 


Desperate lifesavers thrown in the dark

Never came close enough to you

Buckets of water tossed from afar

Not sure what I thought that was going to do 


Eyes the color of unreachable dreams

That I never stopped to see

Glaring with tears for three wasted years

Deserve better than me


As the fire faded

And your ship sank deeper

It shattered on the ocean floor

When the sun arose

I looked around and realized 

You weren’t there anymore 


All at once the sky and sea

The wind and water all agreed 


Tumultuous winds dealt me harsh beatings

Flinging me against the deck, the rails & wheel 

Foaming waves flooded my throat 

When I screamed out all the pain I’d feel 


Thunder clapped and roared 

Filled with vengeful delight 

Delirium over took me

At last the time was right 


Calling when I couldn’t be heard 

Searching when there was nothing to find 

Stumbling around trying to reach for 

Someone I had left behind 


Lightning struck me into the waves

Into the void and cold

The sun hid away it’s warmth

And hypothermia took hold


I was drowning

I could not breathe 

But my life refused to leave

Something short of devastation

An endless state of suffocation 


Here below the wind and rain 

Trying to swim

Is fruitless and in vain


For the damage I’ve dealt you

That I failed to see

I’ll be trapped within 

The unrelenting sea


For all the pain and wasted years

I will drown

But never die

In a tempest of tears

Submitted: November 12, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Prism Persona. All rights reserved.

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