The Woodcreek Village 2

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With a week of vacation in a summer cabin in mind, Sarah, Amy, Adam, and Carter set out ready for some fun. Things haven't been exciting since they graduated a year ago, but this week will make up for that. What could go wrong after a night of partying?

Sequel to The Woodcreek Village.

Table of Contents

The Fun Starts Here

Sitting nervously in the passenger seat of a speeding red sedan sits Sarah. As the car glides down the single road surrounded by trees, s... Read Chapter

Calm Waters

After some hours, Carter is ready to actually get involved with the fun. He’s gotten them a reasonable distance away and now wants to..... Read Chapter


Sarah dreams about the day she met Amy. Her parents had just died, and the town didn’t really know where to put Sarah. Her parents by n... Read Chapter

Unsure Night

Amy doesn’t know what to do, feeling the stress building. Nick is still in the water, Carter in her arms...bleeding, and Sarah is on th... Read Chapter

Alone...Before Morning

A strong gust of wind startles Sarah awake. When she opens her eyes, darkness greets her. This immediately sends her heart racing. It tak... Read Chapter

The Hole in the Ridge

After being here for so long, Gerald and Amber have become somewhat familiar with…parts of the forest. They’ve learned to avoid c... Read Chapter


Sarah follows behind Gerald, peering around at the little forest. She doesn’t understand how she has yet to see an animal...or insect f... Read Chapter


Ashley turns her attention away from everyone. They now know that Sarah and her friends landing here has awakened that Monster. She wonde... Read Chapter

Living With It

Ashley can't manage to fall asleep now. After listening to Sarah cry herself to stirred her own memories of four years ago.…... Read Chapter

Stop Living in the Past

Ashley jerks away from Ally after they are far enough from Erica. "What are we now!". Her anger hasn't subsided in the least bit. They ar... Read Chapter

Another Active Night

"Rooooaaarr!!!!". Sarah jumps awake, hearing that roar again. She bolts up from her pile right into Ashley's hand. Ashley moves her h... Read Chapter

Unexpected Surprise

Once Gerald makes it up, he sees everyone hurrying down the tunnel, and an idea hits him. "Wait.". When he exits, the rest are crouched a... Read Chapter

Tears and Rage

Over the years, voices have randomly spoken to Sofia, but never at night. That voice, Sofia recognized. Ashley couldn’t possibly be her... Read Chapter

Unhappy Reunion

"Was this going on before?". Sofia lowers her eyes to look at them when neither Gerald nor Erica responds. They both look hurt that she'd... Read Chapter

Sarah's Impression

What Sarah just witnessed...shocked her into silence. All the arguing...and hostility makes some sort of sense to her now. The six of the... Read Chapter


Ally, Ashley, Shawn, Gerald, Amber, and Erica walk lightly behind Sofia and Sarah as they move across the nearly dark forest. Neither one... Read Chapter

A Village

With the morning finally greeting the forest, a small village comes into view. Curiosity grows over the group seeing it. Sofia lets out a... Read Chapter

Reuniting the Sisters

"Finally back.". Amy emerges from the large hut, hearing someone approach. Sofia usually returned just before sunrise, so she's...nervous... Read Chapter

Boiling Over

Sofia drops down on one of the tree stumps outside her hut. She stares at the ground as Nick’s death replays in her mind. No matter wha... Read Chapter

Talking it Through

Amber ecstatically laughs as all that replays in her mind. This has become her favorite fight over any reality TV she’s seen. Pure gold... Read Chapter

Patching Up

Feeling she’s...resolved some of that, Sofia turns to Sarah before looking at Amy and Carter. “I’m sorry you guys had to witness al... Read Chapter

Making Amends

When Sofia has the wound closed, she begins the task of bandaging the stitches. Dread sets in, knowing that now she has to face the other... Read Chapter

Giving Some Answers

Sofia trembles shaking off Shawn’s hold, before pacing a little. She hopes it’ll help push the pain out of her quicker. Since she’s... Read Chapter

The Talk

Gerald shakes his head at the little slab of wood Sofia just used to separate them. The others are already moving to where the food is, b... Read Chapter

A Soaking in the Pond

Sofia’s eyes jet to the left of the hut, hearing the sloshing sand. Erica pauses the moment she locks eyes with her. Whatever she came ... Read Chapter

Remaining Questions

Ashley smirks. “I want my question now.” - When Sofia’s muscles start to flex, Ashley lets the moment linger. This squirming she’... Read Chapter

Ready to Make Plans

Sarah wakes and smiles. Her blurry eyes can just make out Amy lying before her. Unlike the tent at that camp, the hut feels more like a h... Read Chapter

The History of Shawn and Sofia

Shawn watches Sofia for a moment. He can tell she’s serious about...what she just said. Sarah, Amy, and Carter being here let Shawn kno... Read Chapter

Sticky Relationships

“I almost thought you were lying calling ‘him’ your friend.”. Sofia turns around, seeing Erica..and the others staring at her... Read Chapter

Truths and Plans

Erica touches Gerald’s shoulder. She doesn’t understand what image he has saved of Sofia in his head...but he needs to know. “Geral... Read Chapter

The Full Picture

They all watched Sofia disappear into her hut before looking at one another. Sofia...never really led them, so they shouldn’t be surpri... Read Chapter


The cottage...the garden...and the flowers...are gone. Ash is the only thing that remains inside the gate. Somehow...the fence itself is ... Read Chapter


Amber hasn’t moved from her slightly uncomfortable seat by the door. She doesn’t have a need to. Basically, whatever the others find ... Read Chapter

Run Ins

After sprinting for...some minutes, Gerald, Carter, Erica, and Shawn blindly run into Amber, Amy, and Sarah. Sarah grabs hold of Amy ... Read Chapter

Survive Until Night

Sofia wakes on her hands and knees, and her eyes quickly scan for this odd position she’s in. She’s being propped up by vines wrapped... Read Chapter

Thoughts of a Day Wasted

Amy sits between Sarah and Carter on one of the sofas. She’s trying to keep herself from feeling too down. Sofia has been missing all d... Read Chapter

Half of a Plan

Ashley jumps to her feet, drawing everyone’s attention. She has finally cracked part of the problem. She catches herself before forgett... Read Chapter

The Need to Leave

Cold. Sofia tries to move as she wakes, but something is firmly holding her in place. She shudders, hoping it’s night. Those vines…So... Read Chapter

The Price

Ally, Sarah, and Erica appear...stopping next to Amber. They’ve been searching through the thinned forest between here and the enormous... Read Chapter

Time to Go

Sarah glances over her shoulder, wondering what the others are staring at. She scrambles away, seeing some kind of translucent figure sta... Read Chapter

Change in Plans

At the harbor, Ashley rubs her temples. Sending the mouthy ones away gave her a chance to breathe. She watches Shawn, Gerald and Carter c... Read Chapter

Plan B

Sofia grits her teeth as she swims beneath the boat….. She had forgotten about her...recent injuries, but the water is giving her a tho... Read Chapter

Us vs Monster vs Creature

A few trips are all they manage to get before...the Monster appears…not standing where Sofia had hoped. She gazes up at the roaring thi... Read Chapter

Making Our Escape

“We feel you need to witness this, Vessel.”. “Argh!”. Sofia can’t keep from crying out anymore. Leonard isn’t holding bac... Read Chapter


They finally reach the yacht, and Ashley climbs on the rear platform first before helping Shawn with Sofia. As they take a moment to catc... Read Chapter

Set Free

At this point, Sofia has been fighting for way too long. Her eyes open and close every two seconds, as the worst pain she’s been in sin... Read Chapter

When the Wind Blows

“Dammit, why have we stopped?”. Ashley rests against the table as another tired wave hits her. Amy and Sarah went to check the sails.... Read Chapter