The Paralegal

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Willow Mills never took her education seriously when she was a kid. When she started going to high school, she wanted to go to college, but her teachers told her that she could not go to college. Willow knew that it was her fault that her teachers did not have faith in her going to college. After Willow graduated high school, she went to adult education. Willow wants to be able to pass the ACT.
Willow’s friend Emily encouraged her to take the ACT. Willow took the ACT test and was surprised by her test results. Willow gets into Columbia University
Willow is an outcast to the other students. Willow is going to prove that everyone has a right to an education regardless of their challenges.

Table of Contents

August 1994

Willow has a hard time at middle school
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New Year 1995

Willow has to have hip surgery.
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Willow is taking homeschool.
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New Year 1996

Willow went back to school
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