Losing Our Privacy & Identity

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It started with a theft of a diary . . .

The Forced Separation of Human Society


By Alexander Guinevere Kern




About a month ago I bought a large book on Abandoned Malls for research, which book showed many photos of the deteriorated remains of what were once bastions of commerce.  Yet, they were something else in addition. My friends, family and I LOVED going to Columbia Mall!  Far more than simple purchasing was going on. It was one of our favorite family meeting places for gourmet coffee, gourmet baked goods, organic food and wine, marvelous meals from many restaurants in the Food Courts, gaily decorated stores for Christmas and other holidays, Santa visits for the kids, and photos with the Easter Bunny. We ladies donned our sports shoes and Mall walked for exercise. Christmas shopping was tedious and exhausting with children, nevertheless, fun. They had a bright and charming carousal.  How many times I watched my children ride and enjoy it!


As I read the book on Abandoned Malls, I became so depressed I had to close it and lie down.


I am sure huge Malls still exist and profit, but barely.  I wonder what archeologists will say of these collapsing structures in the future.


Then I thought of Baltimore City, where I lived for 12 years. I visited many churches, seeking a home. Most of the very robust, old, established places of worship, hewn of rock and stone, were boarded up. Yes, it is true. No services, no people gathering. Several churches were still open, with a maximum of 40 congregants, later reduced to 9 or 10 within the first 8 years I lived there. NONE of them had Sunday school classes, for no children attended.


My former church in Silver Spring, where I grew up, had a Sunday School classroom for every grade in school!


And now, the COVID 19 Pandemic, the quarantining, the isolation, the fear, the depression, the mistrust. No people *gathering* without masks - and still they must "distance." Social "distancing." Empty Malls, Empty Churches, no safe places to commune, party or gather and be social.


I know the devil, all too well. Patterns and cycles are his specialty. Unless you are accustomed to recognizing them. Which I am. Slowly, but surely, Mankind is being disconnected from God, and from one another. Fear and loneliness and isolation are rampant. Do tell me, then, where ARE people gathering for socializing? Actually gathering?  Talking, sharing, laughing, telling our stories, supporting one another, holding each other's hands, walking each other home, taking in a movie, or going out to dinner, playing sports. Yes, there are still churches and places of worship, most of which hold services online. Yes, we talk to people we cannot see in person or hug or hold or cheer or solace effectively. If it were only the pandemic, I would have said, these happen. One hundred years ago, The "Spanish Flu" manifested. But I was bewildered back in 2006 when I found long ago established churches of various faiths had shut their doors, permanently. Then the Malls, empty and wrecked, void of human breath and presence, then the Pandemic - when the vaccinated are threatened by the unvaccinated and vice-versa.  The rage against those who eschew the inoculation we were told was 90+ effective against COVID 19. And after six months, are not so effective as once claimed.


I see the pattern. Do you? I stare at the Black Apple on my Mac, with the bite taken out of it, and I wonder what has replaced the vital and healthy, wonderful interactions of person to person gatherings, which most people need.


Illusive and hidden bondings and communications go on between people. Most never notice it. We even carry on a conversation with our hands, and our Souls are always talking. Souls have one another at night, while we dream.  Who do we have?


And as for patterns and cycles - I noted, after careful reviewing of my memories, something happened back in 1985, before I ever knew a thing about computers. I don’t even know if an early form existed.


I was married to a man who violated my privacy in every way possible. He was a devotee of DAK magazine, which offered technologies and devices of all sorts, for wannabe Spies.  My ex used these devices to SPY on me and other people.  He even shared with his coworkers a recording he had made of the couple upstairs “making love.” My, my, he thought that was hilarious.


He stole my diary once we were divorced, took out all the steamy pages and, back then, Xeroxed them and passed them around to his idiot compadres at the office where he held a reasonably high position and where I was FORCED to work since my Unemployment Insurance was about to run out in two weeks. Like many people, I’d lost my secure job in an industry wide Recession in 1991. With my long resume, I should have been able to find employment anywhere. I wound up even applying at McDonalds! I would have taken any job.


But no, the only opening was at HIS company, and of course, in that tense and competitive season, I just happened to get the one job available. Then he tormented me by stealing my diary when he was supposed to be picking up our daughter for visitation.


HE INVADED MY PRIVACY. He and his friends, whose names I did not know, read my most private thoughts, then tortured me with their unwanted commentary in the hallways. I did not know those people, had no reciprocal informatio about THEM.  Hidden names but familiar faces. I was afraid to go to the Ladies Restroom, lest I run in to one of his pals, who would taunt and provoke me with recitations from my own private Journals.


In my last marriage, my husband was a computer expert. I did not know one whit about computers.  I learned, slowly, and not well. I caught him with a page up on MY computer, which showed all the passwords my daughter and I used.


He later became sexually obsessed with my daughter.  He bugged our upstairs telephone so he could overhear her conversations when he was downstairs in his office.


I found in his desk drawer a clutch of those old recording cartridges, and I listened to them, after all of his disgusting shenanigans, including catching him with magazines showing naked underage girls. Those mags were purchased in Amsterdam, IIRC.


They were tapes of him listening to, quizzing and recording, other people, often coworkers. A number of those people were not well versed in the English language and did not understand what he was asking. He was nearly giving them the beat down, because he felt this or that one had stolen a file folder from him!  I am sure they had NO idea he was recording them.


His brother came to visit us, when I was in poor health and not a very good hostess.


I nearly lost my marbles when I opened my bathroom door after a shower, wearing my bathrobe and a towel around my wet hair. There was my Brother In Law, taking photos of me, which he them EMAILED to his family in Germany in a matter of seconds.


I wanted to die, right then and there. I had not even MET those people! He was in my PRIVATE house, coming out of my bathroom, and the man took a photo of me and sent it to people unknown to me in a few seconds. My ex’s family lived in Germany and France.


I felt so violated I wanted to send him back to Germany.


On and on the PRIVACY INVASIONS continued. As noted above, all of the early privacy invasions were accomplished with minor technology. Still extremely embarrassing and humiliating and outright cruel. And they were only a portent of what would come to be a serious problem for all of us, whether people are willing to admit it or not.


For the Light Beings of Heaven are always watching on their precious Flat Screens and even in their A.I. Minds. Devils, too, and no, I'm not crazy.


Now we have the Internet and too many Privacy Invading Hackers to count, far too many Data Miners active and stealing our every Internet activity for tremendous profit.


One family member said to me, cavalierly, “There’s no such thing as privacy anymore,” as if that was Holy Writ.


We give up so easily what our soldiers and Founders tried to protect.


Submitted: November 13, 2021

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