A Collection of Drabble

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of Drabble.


I have an adulterous relationship with her. She is carrying now—my baby. I am a sadist. Hail Marquis De Sade! I want her husband to die in an accident so that I can live and ecstasy her.



I was traveling in the bus. On the front of the bus were images of Gods. There was one of infant Jesus and Mother Mary. To my surprise, adjunct to it was an image of a Hindu God. Yes, religion is so strange and surprising.


I met her on the bus. She was in her mid 50’s, buxom, big boobed and wearing a white Sari with yellow linings. My body shivered with sex. I had an uncontrollable erection. Her forehead was smeared with vermillion making her all the more erotic. Yes, what a sexy encounter.

A Tale

Sometimes it’s brown, sometimes yellowish…sometimes it comes out with a spluttering sound; sometimes there are huge chunks, sometimes cinder pieces, sometimes it flows like milk. Yes! What I am I talking about ….Oh Shit!


God Dies

Can you imagine or fathom that? Yes! God dies! When the floods pillaged the temple, God was over thrown and there God lay covered with grime. What a nasty bitter end to God.



I was in Trivandrum airport on the 14th of August. The airport was splayed with huge ribbons hanging across the ceiling, colored saffron, white and green. I was taken aback. Then slowly light dawned upon me that it was India’s independence.



I was trying to filch money from my wife’s bag. To my ironic surprise, there was only one sanitary napkin.



After the dastardly floods in Kerala, God was floating grotesque with its already gigantic belly swollen all the more…It was God, yes, it had a trunk.


Amazing Grace

This is what happened in my life. I used to read horoscopes. One day they would say: things are not going in your favor and on other days they would proudly proclaim: this is your lucky day: you are going to get a windfall. To my ironic fate nothing of the things they said was true. Today I read the Bible and prayed sincerely to my Lord Christ. I got a small windfall as a starter. Yes, taste and see that the Lord is good.


An old man in my village passed away. All his sons and daughters in the US came to attend the funeral. In the obituary column: they put their credentials and their residence: thus we have: Sarah Seattle, Johnny Texas: Ruben California. I smiled in comic irony.


Borges is my all time favorite writer. In a dream I saw him writing a book. To my surprise: the pen was a claw and all the letters in the book were fangs. In the dream, Borges was gently squeezing my neck with his claws.


More than anything on this earth: I value my name being written in the book of life. Write it boldly and with capital fonts. Oh God, make it a pleasant writing.


You lie still like a Serpent. Then you crawl around slithering all the way and then you seize your prey.

The Phallus

Call yourself: God …!  You sleep most of the time. When awake, you last for minutes and then die.


I was in the airport and was using a trolley to move my suitcase and to my irony I gazed at its handle. On it was stuck an advert. Kerala’s Communist govt. moving ahead all the way to success, 2 years completed. I gazed at the ad and smiled at Marx.


From my chair on the flight, I moved to the restroom. At its entrance, I was greeted by smiling, pretty airhostess. I could see the outline of her svelte legs through her stockings. I admired the away her hips flowed like a Greek urn. Adrenalin raced inside me. I thought of pulling her inside and raping her. Alas, it was all imagination.

Dream Journal

Early morning I had a strange dream. I can’t interpret its meaning. I dreamed of a search made by the police. In the dream they are extracting fleshy pieces of beef and searching for human remains. In the end of the dream, they find pieces of human meat. Then I woke up.


Quixaphor is a new figure of speech coined from Metaphor and Quixote. An example of a Quixaphor is Dicktionary coined from Dick and Dictionary. Another example is Sexicon coined from Sex and Lexicon. Dicktonary is a metaphoric dissemination of sperm. Sexicon is excess of amorousness. 

Submitted: November 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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