Pass The Looking Glass, Alice

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Old poem saved here.

Pass the Looking Glass, Alice


By Alexander Guinevere Kern


11/ 1994


I traced my tongue on the mirror

She answered: “Cold.”


I flirted with eyelashes, eyes -

She hissed, “Liar, Lies.”


I matched finger tips, welding whorls.

“False Fingerprints,” she cried.


“You’re a Known Fugitive

From Inner Truth.  My Presence

Sparks you Animate. You are the dead

Narcissa, how frequently you sneak

To see us, reuniting the twins

The Schizoid Sisters,

Your Muse, the split-coin consciousness

Of you. Of You!”


I grinned, took in her tombstone teeth.

“Drop dead,” I said, “Scalpel, please -

To Siamese cleave my Cerebral Sibling.”


The Smiling sink received her splintered shrieks

The Shattered Shell

Of me, of me, of me


Of me.

Submitted: November 13, 2021

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